Which papercraft model would you like to download?




What’s papercraft?” you ask?

Well, that’s when (in this case ;o)  you print a page of parts (preferably on some thicker paper) cut them out and fold them, and then glue them together to make your very own 3D paper model of your favourite game/anime/movie character/whatever you like!

There are a lot of websites where you can find free templates to download and build, including my own one of course which you’re visiting right now. ;o)

Currently, I have one-hundred-and-sixty-one (161) models in stock for you. Select one of the Categories above or in the sidebar to the right to find the model you wish to download (if it’s not in one of the obvious categories, try the miscellaneous section).

If you want to contact me, or send me a picture of your finished paper model for the hall of fame, you can send me an e-mail at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have fun building!

  1. can you make a kirito?

  2. yeah I’ve been trying to find a mega man template

  3. do mega man

  4. Aayce Zamarippa

    Hey ninjatoes do you know if there are any papercraft models from games on the Wii U? I’m curious in the polygon count and how complex and cool-looking a papercraft model of them would be.

    • If you mean papercraft models that use the actual 3D models from Wii U games as basis, I’m not sure to be honest; I can’t name any from the top of my head right now, but there are so many papercraft models being made nowadays that I don’t know all of them of course, so you should definitely keep looking out for it! ;o)

      But really, the game system doesn’t always say much about the polycount or just the overall complexity of the models; sometimes game developers deliberately keep their game and models very simple, even though the system is capable of much more. The iOS game Tengami will be available on the Wii U too, and its models and papercraft model is very simple:

      Some games on “old” systems also have a very high polycount already, maybe higher even than many Wii U games will have. ;o)

      And of course, not all papercraft models from video games are made using the actual 3D game models: often make an “interpretation” for a papercraft model of the video game characters which are usually very cool too, but the “polycount” of the video game models isn’t an issue then of course.

      And even if you have a very complex game model with a high polycount, then papercrafters will often tweak it because all those tiny little polygons won’t make for a very fun to build papercraft model… You can really make a papercraft model as simple or as complex as you want, regardless of what game (or movie or cartoon or whatever) it’s from! If you like very big and complex papercraft models, I think you can already find a lot of them, and then maybe in some time, there will start to be more papercraft models from Wii U games too! ;o)

      Have fun!

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