One Piece “Going Merry”

007002 One Piece “Going Merry” (06-08-2004)
from: One Piece anime series /  size: ± 14 cm x 5,5 cm x 13,5 cm

parts (878 kB ZIP file)
instructions (1,04 MB ZIP file)

Repaint by chiohunpp (?):
parts + instructions (3,00 MB ZIP file)

Picasa webalbum

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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    • Thank you for the compliment! The “Going Merry” was one of the first “serious” papercraft models I made, all by hand, and I still like it too! ;o)

  1. thanks you so much!

  2. i want to try this, amazing

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like it! ;o)

      You can download the parts and instructions to print and make it yourself. Many of the parts are very small, so it’s not a very easy model, but if you’re careful and take your time and fold and shape each part properly before glueing them together, I’m sure you can do it!

      Have fun!

  3. hello!
    I’m look for a 3d model of the going merry, anything can help me, it’s for a crazy proyect in RC model. Have you this model in a 3D render or plans to help me?
    I think this can be cool in RC

    • The paper model I made was all done by hand, so I didn’t use a 3D model. One Piece is a very popular anime though, so I’m sure that if you search around a bit, you will be able to find 3D models of the “Going Merry”, but I don’t know if they will be free to download…

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