The Legend of Zelda King of Red Lions

028004 King of Red Lions (21-08-2006)
from: The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker video game / size: ± 48,5 cm x 16,5 cm x 46,5 cm

parts with fold lines (4,28 MB PDF file)
parts without fold lines (3,68 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,03 MB PDF file)

some extra help on the figurehead: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
alternatives for supporting the mast: 1 | 2

display stand (312 kB PDF file)
instructions (194 kB PDF file)

Sea base by Josh Darrah:
parts + instructions (2,20 MB ZIP-file)

Picasa webalbum

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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  1. What’0s the scale of this papercraft? 1/8,1/72?

    • I didn’t have an exact scale in mind when I made the “King of Red Lions” really; as stated, my own finished version is about 48,5 centimeters (about 19 inches) long x 16,5 cm (6.5 inches) wide x 46,5 cm (18.3 inches) tall, but I really wouldn’t know the “real” size of the King of Red Lions so I don’t know the actual scale of the model, sorry…

  2. hey, do you have a life sized version of the king of red lions?

    • No, sorry; the files on my papercraft webpage here are the only ones I made. I always try to make my papercraft models so that you can easily put them on a desk or on a shelf, and a life-sized “King of Red Lions” would be *huge* of course…! (the only life-sized paper model I made so far is the Nintendo NES Zapper light gun ;o)

  3. It is available papercraft link that match with this model?
    Where can i get it?
    By the way very very! good work congratulations!

    • I’m happy you like my papercraft King of Red Lions boat from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker! ;o)

      I didn’t make a Link to sail it myself, but somebody named Josh Darrah made an alternative display stand once, and also edited an existing papercraft Wind Waker Link made by Chokipeta for a Japanese video game magazine so that he would fit my papercraft King of Red Lions.

      You can see Josh Darrah’s alternative “sea base” and Wind Waker Link in his “hall of fame” entry here:

      Because the alternative “sea base” is Josh’s original creation, you can download it here from my papercraft webpage (either in the King of Red Lions post here or in his “hall of fame entry”) but because his Link is based on a paper model created by Chokipeta, you will have to e-mail Josh and ask if he could send you the templates; you can find Josh’s e-mail adress on the templates for the “sea base”.

      Have fun building!

      • Oh ok!
        Man I am a huge fan of papercraft models and yours are the best, sure i will enjoy building it, and thanks for the info, i am going to contact Josh right now
        Thank you and keep the awesome work.
        Saludos! :)

  4. Hi,
    if i try to download Sea base by Josh Darrah i get an error page :/

    • I’m very sorry; I fixed the link so now it should be okay again (if you keep getting an error, clear your temporary internet files and browser cache, then close all your browser windows and re-start your browser first before trying again).

      Thanks for letting me know, have fun building!

  5. can you make a pdo file?

    • I’m afraid not, no… Although my Zelda models are made using Pepakura Designer, I always do a lot of extra work on the templates after that before I release the final version, so they’re only available as PDF files, sorry…!

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