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Link, Sora and Yuna by cdncarlie

18-05-2013: This Ocarina of Time adult Link was the first papercraft model where cdncarlie coloured all the white edges of the paper to get rid of the “white lines” on the final paper model.

Despite the extra time it took, she really likes the result and I think you’ll have to agree that it looks really good! ;o)

Ocarina of Time Link wasn’t the first papercraft model cdncarlie built though: two other paper models of mine that she built are Kingdom Hearts’ Sora and Final Fantasy X-2′s Yunapicture | picture

Yuna is actually an old model already, from March 2009, and at the time, it was the most difficult model cdncarlie did so far!

She gave Yuna away as a gift, but she feels that with all the papercrafting experience she has now (in her DeviantArt gallery, you can see lots more papercraft models she built: link !) she could do an even better job now! ;o)

cdncarlie is a bit of a perfectionist, so she would also like to fix Sora’s Kingdom Key keyblade (it looks a bit crooked) but the problem is that she already gave that one away as a gift too…! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by William

12-05-2013: William sent me another picture, showing some new papercraft models he made since last time! ;o)

In the background, right next to Beast Ganon, is my very own Menu Link, the adult version from Ocarina of Time!

And in the top left, you can see the Moon from Majora’s Mask!

It actually took William quite some time to track that one down, because there were different versions at one time, but most of the original download links are gone now… :o(

And once William finally did manage to find a working download link, it turned out the template was incomplete, so he had to improvise and use one of the pages twice to make a complete Moon!

So that was a bit troublesome, but luckily William was able to overcome the problem with some smart thinking. ;o)

Most of the other paper models in the picture are the ones William already showed us before, except maybe one: I think the “Donkey Kong” poster on the wall in the background might actually not be just a poster, but the papercraft diorama piece made by Linkdude101 on Nintendo Papercraft!

16-10-2012: As you can see in this picture, William from Sweden made several more papercraft models since last time, including my own young Princess Zelda!

The other, new paper models you can see are made by billybob884:

  • Nintendo 64 logo (link)
  • Ganon in his beast-form (link)

Especially that last one took up much of his spare time the last three months, but if you see this group picture, you’ll agree that it was time well spent! ;o)

26-03-2012: William built not one, but two new models since last time: picture

The first one is young Link, who was just minding his own business, no doubt on his way to the next adventure, when a big bully suddenly blocked the road (read: bookshelf).

That big bully was of course Ganondorf, but even though he’s almost twice as big as young Link, I think he’s going to regret bullying Link like that… ;o)

04-01-2012: William from Sweden found my papercraft webpage by accident, but he liked the paper models so much that he decided to try it out himself!

These are the two paper models he built: picture

One is Majora’s Mask, and it’s hard to see, but he even made a small loop on its back so he can hang it on his wall.

I know what you’re thinking of course, but I think William doesn’t have to be afraid of Majora‘s evil powers in the mask: Fierce Deity Link will deal with Majora if he tries anything suspicous! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Keyblade Danbo by Sabi3293

25-04-2013: Look at this cute little papercraft scene built by Sabine from Germany: it’s the cute little cardboard robot “Danbo“, wanting to be a Keyblade wielding hero like Sora from Kingdom Hearts! ;o)

My own papercraft Sora that Danbo got the Keyblade from to play with can be found here, and Danbo himself is a character from the Japanese manga “Yotsuba&!

The cute cardboard robot made his appearance in chapter 12 of the manga and quickly became very popular on the internet, and many people have made their own papercraft version of him!

Sabine says she can’t remember exactly where she got the moveable papercraft Danbo that she built, but she thinks it might be the one made by yuiiwae, who you can find on DeviantArt here: link

And while you’re on DeviantArt, have a look at the other papercraft models that Sabine built in her own gallery, and of course her polymer clay figures and other artwork too: link ;o)

Thank you for letting Danbo play with a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model! ;o)

Young princess Zelda by DanteSagittariKnight

21-04-2013: This wonderful version of young princess Zelda was built by DanteSagittariKnight from Chile!

Even though the picture is a bit dark, you can see how DanteSagittariKnight chose not to make sharp folds of all the fold lines on the templates.

As a result, you get a papercraft princess Zelda that’s a bit more smoother looking, and I think it looks great! ;o)

If you want to see more great things, you can visit DanteSagittariKnight’s DeviantArt gallery, where you can see several other papercraft models that he built, and also the drawings he made: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Tomb Raider Legend Lara Croft by Lullaby Blue

19-04-2013: Lullaby Blue kept me up to date (picture 1 | picture 2) on his progress as he was building the papercraft Tomb Raider Legend Lara Croft, and here it is finished! ;o)

To build his paper Lara, he used 120 gsm and the result looks really great as you can see for yourself: picture 3 | picture 4 | picture 5

Just look at how perfectly Lullaby Blue made Lara’s head: picture

I think you’ll agree he really did a fantastic job, and he can be really proud of his papercraft Lara! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Star Trek runabout, Star Wars TIE-fighter and TIE-interceptor re-vamps and Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II and Cylon Raider by Loenf

18-04-2013: Did you know that Loenf likes science-fiction movies and series? Well, maybe all the papercraft models he likes to build should have been a clue! ;o)

This time Loenf built the Star Trek Deep Space Nine runabout, more specifically, the repainted version from Paul McCool!

My originally model was drawn by hand and coloured with aquarel, and it was huge! ;o) Although the repainted version is the same size, Loenf printed it at half that size to make a smaller, 260 mm version: picture 2 | picture 3

And with all his experience as a modeller, Loenf also made a very neat technological looking display stand that really suits the model: picture 4 | picture 5

So yeah, what more to say? It’s a great job by both Paul McCool and Loenf! ;o)

30-11-2012: Here’s a surprise for you! (or maybe not so much, if you have been following Loenf’s papercrafting threads on thread 1 | thread 2 ;o)

Loenf had already re-vamped and built my papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter a little while ago, and he had promised to tidy up the templates he used and share them with the rest of us, but he also made a TIE-interceptor version: picture !

Re-using the modular command pod and wing pylons and making two new wings, the result is really good I think: picture 1 | picture 2 ! ;o)

The TIE-interceptor is an updated version of the TIE-fighter, with more fire power, greater speed and higher maneuverability thanks to the dagger-like wings that also give it its extra menacing look…

Loenf put a lot of work into re-vamping my original, papercraft hand drawn TIE-fighter model and he did a great job so I’m sure you’ll like it! ;o)

The biggest difference in Loenf’s re-vamped models is in the wings, but he also simplified the cockpit interior a bit, and instead of making a movable top hatch, he made it so that you can simply glue it down.

Loenf didn’t re-draw all the glueing tabs, so don’t forget to cut your own! (or create your own method to join the parts together ;o)

You can get the parts and instructions to build Loenf’s re-vamped TIE-fighter and TIE-interceptor directly from my papercraft webpage in my original TIE-fighter post here: link

And Loenf also plans to upload the files to the and Zealot forums: link and link

(you need to be a member there to access the download sections on those forums, though!)

If you do decide to build it, Loenf would love to see the result! ;o)

Have fun building!

03-11-2012: If you already saw Loenf’s work on my papercraft Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark 2 and Cylon Raider, you will not be surprised with the great work he did on my papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter too: picture

Unlike my Battlestar Galactica models though, the parts for my papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter were all drawn by hand and coloured using aquarel.

But because Loenf wanted it to have a computer-made look, he did a lot of work re-drawing and re-painting all the parts on the computer first!

He also modified the wings a bit, making them a little thinner, and reinforcing them with some corrugated cardboard to increase their stiffness.

Not surprisingly, he did a great job, as you can see for yourself: picture 2 | picture 3

Loenf’s has also uploaded some more pictures of his re-drawn TIE-fighter (and lots more great papercraft models he built!) to his Loenforama site: link

Loenf also posted his re-drawn TIE-fighter pictures in the Paper Modelers forum: link (you need to be a member there to see the attached pictures, though)

29-01-2011: After his fantastic build of my Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.2 model, Loenf now also made the Cylon Raider: picture 1

Here’s another picture of the two together: picture 2

He found the wings a little bit difficult to build, he says, but I think they look great now, and here are some more pictures to prove it! ;o)
picture 3 | picture 4 | picture 5

Update: if you want to see more pictures of Loenf’s Viper Mk.2 and Cylon Raider, you can visit his Loenforama website, with several more papercraft dioramas from series like Aliens, Star Trek, Star Wars and more!

14-01-2011: It’s his first build of this year, he says, but I’m sure Loenf has built “a few” paper models before…! ;o)

His Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II build looks simply amazing! Here are some pictures: picture 1picture 2

It was done by Loenf, and not only did he a fantastic job building it, he also modified the cockpit so you can look inside!

He used transparant foil for the canopy, and built the cockpit interior himself completely from scratch!

Here are some close-ups of the cockpit and engines:
picture 3 | picture 4

You can read a bit more about his modifications on, but you can’t view the pictures there unless you are a member, unfortunately…

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Sora by Thiago

14-04-2013: This papercraft Sora was built by Thiago, and as you can see in the picture, he did a great job! ;o)

But that’s not surprising I think, because if you take a look at Thiago’s DeviantArt gallery, you can see he’s had lot of practice building other papercraft models too: link ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Going Merry family by KiwiK

12-04-2013: Looking at the picture above, it seems like KiwiK is working on building a whole fleet of papercraft One Piece boats and Strawhat Pirates crew! ;o)

In the picture you can see:

  • my own papercraft “Going Merry” (link)
  • the “Mini Merry II” by chiohunpp (link)
  • the bigger “Going Merry” from Paper-Replika (part 1 | part 2 | part 3)
  • scaled down versions of Usopp, Nico Robin, Luffy and Roronoa Zoro (not available from the original site anymore, unfortunately: link :o(
  • Nami paper toy Cubee from Muranaka (link)
  • Tony Tony Chopper paper toy from Kobico (link)

Obviously, Paper-Replika’s “Going Merry” isn’t finished yet, but KiwiK seems to be a big One Piece fan, so I don’t think that will take very long! ;o)

Here’s another picture of my own papercraft “Going Merry” together with chiohunpp’s “Mini Merry II“: picture 2

And here you can see some of the more detailed parts of the “Going Merry“: picture 3

And if you’re still not done admiring KiwiK’s papercraft builds, you can visit their DeviantArt gallery too, with even more papercraft models: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ (and other people’s! ;o) papercraft models!

Ocarina of Time adult Link by Metallica005

08-04-2013: Although my papercraft Ocarina of Time adult Link has “only” 57 parts (including the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword), Metallica005 says it felt like there were 100! ;o)

It took him 8 hours to fold and glue them all together, but with the experience he has in making cosplay props (as you can see on his DeviantArt page: link), it’s no surprise that his papercraft Link turned out great too!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Kim Possible by Diq

23-02-2013: Although even a papercraft Kim Possible isn’t afraid of anything, in this picture made by Diq Blind she does look a bit… cautious with a tiger standing so close behind her… ;o)

Luckily, it’s only Tigger, the stuffed toy tiger from the Winnie the Pooh books; Kim really doesn’t have to worry about being eaten by him, but he could end up driving her crazy with his constant bouncing around on his tail… ;o)

The papercraft Tigger was made by Brandon, but unfortunately, it looks like he deactivated his DeviantArt account some time ago… :o(

You can still see an archived version though, and with some creativity you can still find the download links: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

“Going Merry” by Ioana

08-03-2013: You can tell Ioana really loves the “Going Merry”, because she took the time and effort to do such a great job to build this papercraft version!

In the end, it took her about 20 hours, but in her own words, it was “totally worth it”! ;o)

The “Going Merry” that Ioana built is the repainted version by chiohunpp and as you can see in the second picture, she even made the rigging for the mast from a real piece of string: picture 2

If you want to see some more pictures of Iona’s papercraft “Going Merry” and also her origami and other artworks, have a look at her own sites here:

Ioana’s DeviantArt gallery | Ioana’s Learn 2 Origami website

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II by Josip

18-02-2013: Another papercraft Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II for the hall of fame! ;o)

This one was built by Josip: he said he found it fairly difficult to build, but now thatit’s finished, it’s beautiful and he’s very proud of it!

And I think he’s right to be proud, because from the pictures he sent me, it looks like he did a great job building it! picture 2

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Zelda models by Jose Vazquez

15-02-2013: Jose built my papercraft Twilight Link before, but as you can see, this time he made some changes so he could put his arm in a different position!

This way, Link can be in a more relaxed stance (maybe a bit too relaxed even…? ;o)

Jose also opened up the top of the sheath on Link’s back, so the Master Sword can be put inside: picture

Why he needed to do that? Well, it’s so that Link can also use other weapons like this Ball and Chain from the Paper Zelda website: picture

It’s a good thing it’s only made from paper, because otherwise getting hit by that thing would cause some serious headaches…! ;o)

18-11-2012: Here’s another Ocarina of Time adult/Menu Link), this time built by Jose Vazquez: picture

As you can see, Jose even made it so that he can put the Hylian Shield on Link’s back and the Master Sword into the scabbard.

Adult/Menu Link is not the first paper model that Jose built: some other papercraft models of mine that he built include Epona and Link, Twilight Link, Zora armor Link (which he modified a bit just like Toni Müller did) and even Super Smash Bros. Melee Link!

Jose also built lots of paper models from other people too, like another Ocarina of Time Link (from Icthus7), a Hylian Knight (from Nintendo Papercraft) and a recoloured Twilight Princess > Skyward Sword Link (from Paper Zelda): group picture

You can also see a few videos of Jose’s builds on his YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out: link

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Majora’s Mask by Burusai & ShinigamiVermont

03-02-2013: Burusai made this papercraft Majora’s Mask and picture together with her friend ShinigamiVermont!

The way it seems to be floating in mid air makes the already mesmerizing eyes look even more eerie

I hope they know what they’re doing, because even if it’s two against one, the powers of Majora’s Mask aren’t to trifled with…! ;o)

If you want to see more of Burusai’s and ShinigamiVermont’s artwork, you can check out their DeviantArt galleries: Burusai | ShinigamiVermont

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

TIE-fighter by Axel

05-02-2013: Axel sent me few pictures of the papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter that he finished last Friday!

As you can see, Axel built my hand drawn version, and he says it could have been a bit more polished, but he did a great job building it and he likes the result! ;o)

Here’s a picture from the back, with a view of the solar ionization reactor and the Twin Ion Engines that give the TIE-fighter its name: picture

And here’s another, very special picture: picture ;o)

Industrial Light & Magic look out, you’re not the only ones doing special effects for Star Wars anymore! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


Majora’s Mask & Clocktown Schnauzer by rebeccartist

29-01-2013: rebeccartist took up papercraft as a hobby about two years ago, and one of the paper models she built since then is my Majora’s Mask!

Originally, she built the mask in black and white, but she used acrylic paint togive it its mesmerizing colours! ;o)

Another one of the paper models that rebeccartist built so far, is the Clocktown Schnauzer; that one was a bit difficult to build she says, maybe because it’s quite small?

As you can see, it easily fits in the palm of her hand: picture

Rebeccartist tells me she would like to build lots more papercraft models, so maybe you’ll find them if you visit her DeviantArt gallery in the future: link ? ;o)

And with a nickname like rebeccartist, it won’t surprise you that she likes doing other arts and crafts as well, so you can always take a look at some of the drawings, paintings and even a small woven basket she made! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

King of Red Lions by Artemis-san

05-01-2013: Artemis-san started building her papercraft King of Red Lions boat on New Year’s Eve, and although some parts of it are quite tricky, it only took her a few days to finish! ;o)

And as you can see, she did a really great job too! But what I really like about it, are the pictures she took, making it look like the King of Red Lions is sailing in thin air! ;o)

You can see the pictures in Artemis-san’s DeviantArt gallery here, as well as her other artworks!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


LEGO Ninjago Lloyd ZX re-paint by Balazs

29-12-2012: A lot of people often ask me to make a specific LEGO minifig for my papercraft LEGO minifig series, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the time for that… :o(

Balazs from Hungary however, has re-painted the parts from one of my papercraft LEGO Forestman into a Ninjago Lloyd ZX minifig himself! ;o)

You can see he already did a great job on re-painting all the parts of the body, like the torso, the head, and even the legs!

Balazs hasn’t made the ninja mask and new shoulder piece yet, but he already has plans to modify one of the helmets from my papercraft LEGO astronauts into the ninja mask! ;o)

Balazs sent me the files that he re-painted, so if you want to re-create his papercraft LEGO Ninjago Lloyd ZX so far, you can download the parts to do so here:

Thank you for building (and re-painting ;o) a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Wolf Link by DestinyShirshuXD

16-12-2012: Wanting wolf Link‘s colours to be a bit brighter, DestinyShirshuXD decided to paint over the original textures after building it!

I think the new paintjob looks fantastic, so the extra work DestinyShirshuXD put into it was well worth it! ;o)

To see a much bigger picture and more of DestinyShirshuXD’s papercraft models and other artworks, you can visit her DeviantArt gallery here: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Final Fantasy models and Batman by Stephen

02-12-2012: In the picture above, you can see the first 2 papercraft models Stephen ever made: my Kingdom Hearts version of Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife and my The Animated Series version of Batman!

They’re not the only papercraft models he made, though:

  • Here’s a picture of Final Fantasy VII’s Red XIII (made by Kaizo)
  • And here’s a picture of Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth (also made by Kaizo)

Stephen did a great job building these papercraft models, and I think he’s a big Final Fantasy fan, so these are probably only the tip of the iceberg! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ (and other people’s!) papercraft models!

Clock Town Schnauzer by Jose (R15ABRAHAM)

26-11-2012: This cute paper dog is the Schnauzer that’s always chasing Link near the Clock Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

It was built by Jose, but because Jose doesn’t speak and write English very well, he made a very funny mistake at first in the description of the picture: he called it the dog from Clown Town! ;o)

But actually if you think about it, it’s not *that* strange a mistake, because some of the people that Link meets in Clock Town really do act like clowns sometimes…! ;o)

If you want to see some other papercraft models that Jose built, you can check out his DeviantArt gallery here: link

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Legend of Zelda models by Sean Fogarty

28-11-2012: You can never have too many papercraft Links, Sean must have thought! ;o)

From left to right in the back row you can see a few Links from my own papercraft webpage:

And in the front row, you can see two papercraft Links made by Chokipeta as a bonus gift in the Japanese Nintendo magazine Dengeki some years ago:

  • Wind Waker Link
  • Four Sword Adventures Link

But even though they’re all from different games, as you can see, they’re getting along very nicely! ;o)

14-11-2012: Another group picture of papercraft Link(s): picture

This time it’s Epona Link, Melee Link, and the new Menu Link that I only finished a few days ago!

Epona Link and Melee Link are models that Sean already built earlier, and he only needs to do a few more parts on Menu Link and then he’ll have finished all three regular adult Links I made so far. ;o)

05-11-2012: Now here’s something you don’t see in your average Zelda game…: picture

Ocarina of Time Epona Link, Super Smash Bros. Melee Link, and Majora’s Mask Link have killed a big wolf and are planning to eat its head…?!

But hopefully they will realize that the wolf is actually wolf Link, the alternate form of Twilight Princess Link (“Um, guys…?”) and refrain from eating him…! ;o)

18-10-2012: Sean told me about the new papercraft models he made earlier, and here’s a picture of his 2 favourite models: picture

You’ll recognize them as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Auron, from Final Fantasy X of course. ;o)

They’re both characters that don’t take any nonsense, so it’s a good thing Sean did such a great job building them! ;o)

Update 14-10-2012: Sean tells me he has been quite busy, building two of my most challenging papercraft models (which both happen to be Legend of Zelda models) namely Super Smash Bros. Melee Link and wolf Link!

He also built the black mage Lulu, from Final Fantasy X , but of course he’s still a Zelda fan, so he also built Majora’s Mask and a Spirit Tracks Phantom, from the Paper Zelda website. ;o)

Update 18-08-2012: Sean has been busy building Sora, Cloud and Auron as well! (he tells me Auron is his new, favourite papercraft model! ;o)

Videos of Sora are already on his Youtube channel again (video 1 | video 2) and more videos are on the way! ;o)

Update 12-07-2012: Sean let me know that he made two other papercraft Zelda models besides the two already mentioned!

Before making Twilight Link, he already made Zora armor Link, and after young Link, he also made Oni Link. ;o)

He uploaded a new video of those two here: link

Don’t forget to check out his other videos, he has some tips on building young Link too! ;o)

11-07-2012: Sean told me about a video he made of the papercraft Majora’s Mask young Link that he built!

Here’s a screenshot of it, and the full video can be found here: link

But wait: Sean built Twilight Princess Link too! ;o) That video can be on his Youtube channel as well: link

That one took him about 4 days to make, and I think he did a great job on both of them!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Sora + Zelda models by Angélique

23-11-2012: Angélique showed me this picture of my papercraft Sora that she built, taken on top of her keyboard synthesizer!

Maybe Sora is a bit confused, because a keyboard is completely different from a keyblade of course…! ;o)

Because Angélique normally builds much bigger papercraft models, Sora was a bit more challenging than she was used to, but as you can see, Sora turned out really great nonetheless: picture 2 | picture 3

And now you are all probably dying to see all the other papercraft models built by Angélique?

Well you’re in luck, because she made a whole site dedicated to her papercraft hobby: Papercraft Lilik ! ;o)

If you look in the Zelda section there, you can see a few more of my papercraft models that Angélique built, like Epona and Link, Midna, young Link from Majora’s Mask, young princess Zelda and Twilight Link, but be sure to visit the rest of Angelique’s papercraft weblog as well to see all her other models!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ (and other people’s! ;o) papercraft models!

Zelda models by Ray Tha Man

22-11-2012: I made a few papercraft Links before, but this is the latest one (Ocarina of Time adult/Menu Link), built by Ray Tha Man! ;o)

As you can see, it turned out really great! Ray also built my King of Red Lions earlier: picture

The figurehead was the hardest part on that one, but it looks very good as well! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Skyward Impa by Lisa

20-11-2012: Lisa from Germany built my papercraft young Impa from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

Lisa’s paper Impa turned out really good, but that’s probably because Lisa is so creative: you can see lots of her paintings, drawings and other projects in her DeviantArt gallery: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Aluminium can Batmen by Bob Penikas

07-08-2013: Bob Penikas held a small paper modeling/soda can demo at the Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society (SCAHMS) meeting last march, and another visitor Steven Lloyd made a video of it and posted it on YouTube! ;o)

In it, Bob explains in detail how to go about using a paper model template to create an aluminium can model and he even mentions Batman! ;o)

Bob’s demonstration is posted in 4 parts, here are the links:
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

Have fun watching! ;o)

11-11-2012: The London 2012 Olympic Games Coca Cola can Batman that Bob made served as a prototype for this second version, made from Guiness beer cans.

With the experience he got from building the prototype Coca Cola Batman, Bob only used one layer for Batman’s cape and made this one a little bit bigger (9 5/8 inches instead of 7 3/4 inches): picture 2picture 3

As you can see, the black Guinness beer cans are very suitable for making an aluminium can Batman!

The gold coloured utility belt was made from a Michelob beer can, and the skin tone of his strong, masculine jaw came from an A&W Root Beer can again.

Bob had only just finished his Guinness Batman (literally!) when he took it and his Coca Cola Batman to a meeting of the Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society (SCAHMS): picture 4

As you can see, the SCAHMS meetings are an event where you can find lots of great miniatures made from all kinds of materials, and Bob tells me got some very good comments on his aluminium can Batmen! ;o)

31-10-2012: Remember those aluminium beverage can papercraft models made by Machaon I told you about a while ago?

Well, those pictures inspired Bob Penikas to make his own aluminium can Batman: picture 1

Bob’s version is made out of London 2012 Olympic Games Coca Cola cans, an A&W root beer can for his skin tone jaw, and a Miller’s beer can for his utility belt!

Bob suggests making him a bit taller than the original to make it easier to make the small parts like the fingers out of aluminium cans instead of paper.

Some parts had to be patched more than he’d like, even though I personally think Coca Cola Batman still looks great! ;o)

Another issue that arose, was that using two layers of aluminium for the cape (front and back) resulted into it being much too heavy and Batman tumbling over: picture 2 :o(

To keep everything together, Bob used Loktite Stik’n Seal Original Waterproof adhesive, but if you know a better alternative, he’s open to suggestions! ;o)

I think Bob did a great job on his Coca Cola Batman, and it’s great to see people inspire each other like this! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model (out of aluminium! ;o)

Cloud, Auron and Batman by amerakat

04-11-2012: In the picture above, you’ll of course recognize Cloud Strife (from Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts) and Auron (from Final Fantasy X).

They were both built by amerakat and as you can see, he did a wonderful job!

It was not the first papercraft model amerakat built though; that was Batman. ;o)

Because amerakat didn’t have any new papercraft tools yet but just used the simple tools that anybody usually has lying around, it was a little bit difficult he says, but after a few hours, his papercraft Batman was finished: picture

And he liked it so much that he decided to keep papercrafting! ;o)

In amerakat’s DeviantArt gallery, you can see some more papercraft models that amerakat built so far, and also his wonderful pencil drawings: link

It’s definitely worth a look, so be sure to check it out! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Epona & Link by Rijali

05-11-2012: Rijali from Indonesia sent me this picture of the papercraft Epona and Link that he built!

He even scaled down the templates a bit by printing them on A5 paper instead of A4 paper!

He says he found it easy to build and when it was finished, it looked great!

I have to agree with him when I see the picture, Rijali really did a great job building Epona and Link! ;o)

Here’s a picture from the other side: picture 2

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Batman by Henry Dig

29-10-2012: Henry Dig from Vietnam built my papercraft BatmanThe New Batman Adventures version!

He did a great job, which is not surprising because he has lots of experience building papercraft models!

In his DeviantArt gallery, you can see a (*much*) bigger picture of papercraft Batman, and lots more pictures of other papercraft models he built: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Paper Mario by Papercraft Indonesia

14-08-2012: Papercraft is very popular in Indonesia (no doubt for a large part thanks to the Paper-Replika website! ;o) and here is more proof!

This picture of my papercraft Mario (and several other papercraft models from various websites! ;o) was posted by PapercraftID (Papercraft Indonesia) some time ago on their Twitter account: link

Although the hands weren’t finished yet in this picture, Papercraft Mario already looks really good I think! ;o)

If you want to see more of PapercraftID‘s pictures, you can look up their Twitter account with posted images here: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

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