Which papercraft model would you like to download?




What’s papercraft?” you ask?

Well, that’s when (in this case ;o)  you print a page of parts (preferably on some thicker paper) cut them out and fold them, and then glue them together to make your very own 3D paper model of your favourite game/anime/movie character/whatever you like!

There are a lot of websites where you can find free templates to download and build, including my own one of course which you’re visiting right now. ;o)

Currently, I have two-hundred-and-twenty-three (223) free papercraft models in stock for you! :o) Select one of the Download categories above or in the Site map to the right to find the model you wish to download (if it’s not in one of the obvious categories, try the miscellaneous section).

If you want to contact me, or send me a picture of your finished paper model for the hall of fame, you can send me an e-mail at ninjatoes@home.nl and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Have fun building!

  1. You should do a half life one paper model!

  2. hola, desearia las plantillas del lobo que sale en la portada de la pagina, gracias

  3. Hello, regarding GeoCities, does anyone know of any websites which have an archive of the old GeoCities homepages? Regards

  4. Zebulun Malzon

    Can i do one of your papercrafts without thicker paper we dont have any currently

    • Yes! You can definitely do papercraft with regular printer paper too.
      I think it is a bit easier with thicker paper because it is a little stiffer and it holds the shape you want to give it better (like when you pre-shape / curve the paper a round a pen for example.
      And of course, the final papercraft model will be stronger if you use thicker paper.
      So although I do recommend picking up some thicker paper (they usually have different thicknesses at any office supply shop or where you buy your regular printer paper) just take your time and have fun! ;o)

  5. Good Night,
    Do You Have A Diorama For My Diecast?
    I Need The Garage One

  6. Hi ninjatoes! I am the one that asked about the nintendo 64 fox papercraft last year. I had a question about the corbak paper crafts. He removed 95% of all of his paper crafts, and I was wondering if you had Sonic, or blaze the cat, or any other corbak papercraft. I found a version of Sonic, but it’s not the one that is shown online(papercraft paradise, or paperkraft.net) . I really wanted to make those characters, but they are gone. I tried to download an archived link, but the file was corrupted. :(

    • I’m afraid I can’t possibly save every papercraft that I find online and I don’t know Corbak personally to ask him either… But did you try the Wayback Machine? If you find the URL for the specific blogposts of the papercrafts you want, you can try looking for an archived version of it and see if the downloads still work.

      NOTE: because Corbak put them on Mediafire though, it won’t work if you just click the download link from an archived blogpost of course, you have to copy+paste the Mediafire download links into the address bar of your browser to see if the live version still exists. But it seems to work for Sonic: https://web.archive.org/web/20140517221708/http://corbak-papercraft.blogspot.com/

      So maybe you can find the other ones as well? Otherwise, try looking for Corbak’s email or something like that to ask him directly, or if you can’t find it or he doesn’t respond, there will probably be other websites that took Corbak’s papercrafts to put on their own website if you look hard enough.

      I’m sorry that I can’t really help you better than this, I hope you can find the papercrafts you want!

      • Thanks! I tried the web archive and I could only get a few. But I found some other corbak paper crafts on other websites. OOH! I had a question. Why do paper crafts on the internet keep getting removed? It seems to be a common theme. 🤔

  7. good afternoon,
    Do you have the Sanrio papercraft? (。 ^ ▽ ^)
    I am missing some (cinnamoroll, badzt maru, kuromi, etc)
    (I am using google translator)

    • Hello! I think you mean the papercraft characters from the official Sanrio website from a few years ago, right: https://www.sanrio-ponponjump.com/programs/craft/?

      Unfortunately they were part of sort of a summer campaign, and when the campaign ended, the papercraft download links were gone too…

      I described in a blogpost how I managed to find download links for 11 of them (there where 22 in total, each week or so a new one replacing the earlier one) using the Wayback Machine:

      You can scroll down and still download some of them, but especially the ones you mention, I couldn’t find working download links for after the campaign ended unfortunately…

      I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, maybe you will find one or two that work and that you still don’t have so you can still get them. And don’t give up looking and asking around online from time to time, they were veru popular so there’s a good chance Sanrio fans saved the complete set and would be willing to share them! Or maybe you can even ask the Sanrio company through their website explaining your question?

      Good luck and have fun!

    • UPDATE
      Check the post I mentioned with the list of Sanrio papercrafts I mentioned earlier, hopefully it’s a nice surprise:

      (I kept trying with the Wayback Machine, and tried changing the numbers links from the working Wayback ones (because the the download links were basically just renumbered each time during the campaign; it worked for almost all of them, except the first one, but I hope you’ll like all the other ones that you can still download now including the ones you were looking for! ;o)

  8. Hey Hey, i saw that you made on amazing Walrus class submarine in cad? I have a teacher that is retiring who went and worked on 3 sub classes and I would really like to 3D-print the model for him because of this. i was wondering if you could help me out with the STL file?

    Kind Regards,


    • Ah I actual did model it in 3D in SketchUp first, but only to unfold it into 2D parts with Pepakura Designer to make it into a papercraft, and I only kept the 2D papercraft parts to share on my website here… Pretty much all I have for you now are the papercraft files you can download here: https://ninjatoes.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/royal-netherlands-navy-walrus-class-submarine/ sorry… :o(

      But what I did at the time was order an official scale model drawing of the Walrus submarine class from the ministry of Defence: https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/modelbouwtekeningen/bestelformulier

      It’s €15 including shipping to an adress in The Netherlands, and you’ll get the drawing you see in the background of this photo:

      I scanned it (it’s a big drawing so I had to scan it in pieces and then “stitch” it back together in Photoshop, but for a fee you could also have it scanned at a print shop) and then I imported all the views and cross-sections in the same scale into SketchUp so I could basically “trace” all the shapes and parts from the drawing like you can see in the top-left panel of this image:

      Because I was making it into a papercraft my version wasn’t 100% accurate but it actually wasn’t too difficult making the 3D model using the scanned drawings as guides! :o) If you want to 3D print it, I think there are tools/plugins that will let you convert a SketchUp file into an .stl file…?

      I’m very sorry that I can’t help you better than this, but I hope maybe it’s an idea to try to do it the same way…?

      • Damian Klaassen

        Thank you very much for taking the time to explain this to me. However I think I will make a papercraft version for myself just for fun. And maybe buy the official replica of the site you recommended for my teacher. Again thank you very much!!!

        • I hope you’ll enjoy building the papercraft! Like all papercrafts, some parts can be quite tricky so take your time and have fun!

          And I hope I didn’t explain it in a confusing way, but the modelbouwtekeningen that you can buy from het Ministerie van Defensie are just that: referentie-tekeningen van de boten, *geen* modellen of replica’s van de boten helaas…!

  9. I was thinking aboit making a model but i couldn’t find it anywhere so i thought i would make it myself.
    Just one problem…
    I Don’t know how to make templates.
    I was hoping you you could give me some advice :p

    • Well it can be as easy or as difficult as you want, actually! ;o)

      Sometimes I make the papercrafts / templates just by hand; I just try to break down a complex shape to simpler shapes in my head, and then try to imagine what that 3D part would look as a 2D papercraft part like when you unfold it, and then I draw that 2D shape on a piece of paper. Usually I have to fix it a bit (it’s a bit trial and error usually;o) but I make my Advance Wars papercrafts that way, and some other ones like the Batmobile, Going Merry boat, Star Wars TIE Fighter or more recently a Star Trek shuttlecraft. I can’t really make a dedicated tutorial or anything, but on my papercraft weblog you can see work in progress posts that show what I mean:

      Most people that get into papercraft nowadays though like to use a program called Pepakura Designer: https://tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/

      It can take a digital 3D model, and then the tool will unfold it into 2D parts to make a papercraft template. The unfolding is actually the easy part that way, the hardest / most time consuming part is making the 3D model. You can use existing ones, or make your own of course, and they can be as complex / detailed or as simple as you want too!

      3D modelling is a whole art in itself, but for papercraft you really don’t need very complex 3D models (it will only make the papercraft difficult to make too – although maybe you like challenging papercrafts? ;o)

      The real “trick” is to just take your time playing around and learning the possibilities by making your own templates, and of course building papercrafts too! That way you get to learn using the 3D tools (you can use almost any (free) 3D program you like, and they all have their own options and for most of them you can find a lot of tips and tricks online already) and things that work well and not so well for a papercraft model.

      If you look at some of the work in progress posts on my weblog again for the paeprcrafts that I made using Pepakura Designer, you can see some of the things I like to do; usually I like to break down combined shapes into simpler, separate ones, but that’s just me really. To be honest, it’s really just a personal choice how you should make a 3D model that you want to unfold in Pepakura Designer; like I said, you can make a very simpel 3D model for a very simple papercraft, or a very detailed one for a very challenging on.

      Like I said, unfolding the 3D model in Pepakura Designer after making one is actually the easy step, and you can try out Pepakura Designer for free! (if you want to save your unfolded 3D model, you will have to buy a keycode; although you can print your work (as a PDf file as well ;o) to try it out!

      I’m sorry that I can’t really help you better than this, but I hope I gave you some ideas. The most important tip I can give though is to take your time and enjoy yourself! That way even if things feel difficult, you can persevere! Papercraft doesn’t need to be difficult, but often it takes a lot of time and people give up because of it… :o(

      Have fun! ;o)

  10. Hello sir my name anak esde

    can i use your papercraft for my youtube video please? thank you

    • Yes you can use my papercrafts for that, as long as you explain to people that it is a free fanwork that they can download it for free as well if they like it. If you send me a link once the video is done, I would love to show it on my papercraft WIP weblog if you would like that? ;o)

      Have fun building and making the video!

  11. Hi! Apparently there was a nintendo 64 Fox mccloud from 2008 floating around, and all the links are down. Do you happen to have it?

  12. Thank you so much for keeping this site alive all these years. Papercraft Museum is dead and it sucks cuz there were sooo many ideas I wanted to follow. I had quite a time making Kurt Zisa from Kingdom Hearts. XD

    • Yes, unfortunately many fun papercraft websites are not really active anymore, but I do still enjoy making paper models, so it’s easy to keep doing it. ;o) If you search around, you can still find a lot of old ones though, and still many new ones too of course! Kurt Zisa was quite challenging with its six arms, so I’m happy you had the opportunity to make it! Thank you for your comment, and have fun papercrafting! :o)

  13. ok so i have had this idea for a couple months now im creating a papercrafting hub wordpress site can i have your permission to use your projects and would you like to help create it? Its like the site on which you can find anything… soon, at least!

    • I think that would be really nice! If it really would become a site where people can go to search through a lot of papercrafts from all kinds of different websites, I think people would definitely find it very convenient and fun! :o)

      I remember sites like that in the past, like http://www.papercraftmuseum.com/ but it will be a really *BIG* project…! And I’m afraid I really can’t offer to help you with it, sorry… :o(

      All I can say is: if you want to go for it, then yeah, absolutely! ;o) But *please* don’t stress out about it or anything: just keep it fun for yourself. So many people have wanted to make a nice papercraft website but it’s so easy to get disappointed because it’s *so much* work… I think if you try to make a huge “database” with all the papercrafts you can find all at once, you will become frustrated very fast… So if you want to do it, do it at a normal pace whenever you have the time and feel like it! ;o)

      Another important thing I do want to mention, is try not to upload all the papercrafts you find from active sites to the Papercrafting Hub itself: taking myself for example, I would absolutely be okay with you using the pictures from my website to show people what the papercraft looks like, but then provide a link to the post on my website here, instead of letting people download them directly from the Papercrafting Hub of course…

      A lot of papercrafters became very disappointed when they noticed people didn’t visit their website anymore because their papercrafts were just uploaded on other websites… I guess sometimes it’s a grey area because sometimes it’s not even clear who made a certain papercraft if you don’t know it/them, or their website is still up but they don’t post anymore… A lot of times websites with older papercrafts, the website doesn’t even exist anymore or the download links have expired and then people would actually would have liked somebody to have backed up the papercraft somewhere else… I guess try to think about this and be kind to people that create the papercrafts, most of them would rather have you link to their websites instead of offering their papercrafts for download on another website, especially if they’re still active.

      Oh and another thing is I noticed a spelling mistake: where it says “PEPKARA VIEWER” papercrafts I think you mean Pepakura Viewer. It’s named after the tool which you can download from this website: https://tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/index.html

      A lot of papercrafters use that tool to create papercrafts from digital 3D models (especially video game characters) and almost every papercrafter that likes to find papercrafts online will know what Pepakura is so I think it’s a good thing to have on the Papercrafting Hub. Maybe you can add a part telling new people that “Pepakura papercrafts come in a special file format (with a .pdo file extension) that are created in Pepakura Designer, and that can be opened with Pepakura Viewer (often when people get surprised when the program asks a password, it’s because they are mistakingly trying to open the papercraft file in the Designer version: the Viewer will open the .pdo file without asking for a password). The .pdo file kind of serves as instruction file itself: it offers a 3D view of the model, and you can see where each part is supposed to go on the model. Unfortunately, the Pepakura programs are only available for Windows computers so people that don’t have a Windows computer will have to ask a friend for example if they could print the parts for them, and will have to do without help building it except maybe some pictures of the finished model…

      I’m sorry I really can’t offer to help you with this *big* project, although I think it would be very impressive to have a new site where you could find all kinds of papercrafts in one place and it would be really nice for people looking for papercrafts of course. Keep it fun, I think that’s the most important thing about papercraft! :o)

      greetz ninjatoes

  14. I officially just finished my second Zelda Ocarina Of Time papercraft!!!

  15. also if this is helpful if you do the sonic ones do the sonic rush adventure sprites i love those ones and there more boxy and easy to make but still no one has made them please do especially blaze, burning blaze, and marine

    • Hello! I’m afraid I can’t promise to make any specific papercrafts, because making papercrafts is just a hobby of mine that I can only do in my spare time of course. ;o) In the other comment I mentioned some links that I could remember from the top of my head, but I think there are a lot more to find! Don’t give up looking, even if it’s frustrating that you can’t access many of them. I think there are a lot of simple ones like “Cubees” that are REALLY boxy, or sometimes a bit more 3D and nicer shaped (although the boxy ones often work as a simple shaped paper toy for artists to add really nice artwork onto and make them into some really cute looking Sonic characters! :o)

  16. Yeah i like sonic too and no one makes models that are actually accessible

  17. Hey could you make sonic ones as my computer can only handle pdfs so your site is the only one i can use so if you could make sonic ones (Specifically a Marine the Raccoon one) that would be awesome thanks!

    • Hello! I think because a lot of Sonic papercrafts are created from the actual game models, a lot of them are shared in the *.PDO format of Pepakura Designer (which can unfold digital 3D models into 2D papercraft pieces). If you have a Windows computer, you can download the free Pepakura Viewer (the two tools are bundled together) to open .*PDO files from: https://tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/index.html

      Alternatively, maybe can sometimes ask a friend or family member to convert some *.PDO files by “printing” them as PDF files for you, or maybe you can ask if it’s okay to use the Pepakura tool on a computer at school/work to do so? Often though, papercrafts made with Pepakura are pretty tricky, and it’s difficult to understand how to assemble them if you can’t look at the 3D view in Pepakura Viewer…

      But I think there are quite a few Sonic papercrafts that are shared in PDF or even JPG or other image formats! You probably already knew, but Arbys released some simple Sonic papercrafts the past few weeks: https://arbys.com/papercraft

      And of course there are some pretty old but still really nice papercrafts from the official Sega Sonic channel:

      Sonic Gear is hosting some simple Sonic papercrafts on their own webspace:

      And like I said, I think if you search around a bit you will find many more (as frustrating as it might be to sometimes find a really nice Sonic papercraft, only to find out you can’t open it if you don’t have the right tool… :o( DeviantArt is a large website where people share artwork that they make, and I remember seeing Sonic papercrafts there from time to time like https://www.deviantart.com/cheetor182/art/SONIC-PAPERCRAFT-DOWNLOAD-154845065 so it’s worth doing some searches there (and on Google too of course ;o)
      Somebody did make a Marine there: https://www.deviantart.com/coralcalypso/art/Marine-the-Raccoon-papercraft-brown-eyes-293922405 but it’s a very boxy one and I can’t remember if I ever saw a more realistic looking one…?

      I’m sorry to say that I can’t promise to make any specific papercrafts really… :o( Papercraft is only a hobby of mine and I already have so many ideas that I already can’t possibly make them all… But I do hope you will find some nice Sonic papercrafts to make, don’t give up looking and have fun!

  18. LizardlyMatters

    holy doG i’m unspeakably shocked and relieved there’s still a pepakura blog still active in 2020, I thought all of them had gone defunct by 2016. You have my utmost appreciation, ser

    • What can I say? I still love papercraft after all this time! And a lot of other people still do of course. ;o)

      I think in the time of PaperKraft.net, Nintendo Papercraft and PaperPokés, it was also a time of video game extraction becoming widely known, which was a papercraft gold mine combined with Pepakura Designer of course. But I think a lot of the enthustiastic papercrafters back then were quite young, with a lot more spare time on their hands back then, and they undoubtedly have different priorities now. ;o) But they already made so many more papercrafts than you could ever build of course, and there are still a lot of people besides me that make new ones! ;o) Have fun!

  19. Love the Lego especially.. I can appreciate Life gets in the way, but do you have plans or already have the minifigures available in outline only. So it can be coloured in prior to making them please?

    • Hi there! I’m happy to hear you like my LEGO papercrafts! The closest thing I have to an outline-only version, is the LEGO Ghost minifig: https://ninjatoes.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/lego-ghost/

      Most of its parts are white so it’s exactly what you mean I think, except his head: for that it will probably be easiest to take a different head like from one of the Forestmen and remove the color in an image program (Photoshop or Gimp can open PDF files, or you can convert the PDF file to BMP files with an online tool like https://www.zamzar.com/convert/pdf-to-bmp/ first to make it easier to work with). Make sure the head with the color removed has the same scale as the original head with the Ghost! I hope this helps, have fun!

  20. Are there going to be more lego designs ? Buildable options for bricks 1×1 1×2 1×3 2×2 2×3 2×4 2×2 slope would be awesome to be able to build a house for the paper figs. Would love to see hotdog guy Mr gold bumblebee girl brick boy and girl and a option to stick together … In in love w. Thr paper lego and some of the groups I’m in people are going crazy over them as well.

    And Minecraft items..

    • Hi there! I’m a big LEGO fan, so there will definitely be more LEGO papercrafts! ;o) Mostly minifigs probably, but maybe the odd brick here and there as well. I can’t promise you anytime soon though, since life keeps getting in the way of papercrafting big time…

      There are actually quite a lot of Minecraft papercrafts available actually, mostly simple characters (but sometimes also a bit more complex like a fully articulated Steve, some farm scenery or a whole house)

      But there are really lots more if you search around a bit. Sorry that I can’t promise you anything, but I hope you understand it’s only a hobby of mine to make papercrafts. ;o) Have fun!

  21. request some more lego minifigures
    hotdog guy
    mr gold
    some of the cmf
    chima characters with removable head gear/facemasks

    minecraft creeper and steve maybe steve parrot to sit on his shoulder

    a 1×1 1×2 1×3 1×6 — 2×2 – 2×4 bricks
    a 2×2 sloped brick would be awesome to build a paper house to go along with a figure

    • Thanks for your message, I’m happy to hear you like my LEGO papercraft! At the moment, I’m afraid I don’t really have the time to do a lot of papercraft at all, though… :o( But I really like them too, and I will definitely make some more of them in future, I just can’t promise you when exactly or which ones… (there are just so many I’d love to do! ;o)

      I did make a 1×2 brick and 1×2 plate before as part of my papercraft LEGO Ghost minifig:

      They’re white/uncoloured, so you can easily colour the templates or print them on coloured/patterned paper too. ;o)

      With a bit of work, you could cut and paste the template parts together into other basic bricks and plates, just be sure to test-adjust-test-adjust-etc. so that they will fit together properly! ;o)

      It would be super cool to make all the parts for a relative small and simple set like the 6592 Vacation Hideaway set and be able to build it out of papercraft! Even that has a lot of different parts already though, and it would be HUGE in the scale of my papercraft minifigs… ;o)

    • First you can choose of which category you want to download a papercraft (like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, miscellaneous, etc.) by clicking the logos above or at the top of the page or in the list on the right side.

      In each category there are posts for each papercraft that I made, and in the posts will be the download links for the parts and instructions.

      Clicking the download links will either open a PDF file with the papercraft parts to save to your computer and print, or a ZIP-file with the papercraft parts inside as a jpg image file.

      I hope this explains things, have fun building!

  22. U should make all the characters of bleach and naruto shippuden

    • I’ve actually always wanted to papercraft some Naruto characters, but I never got around to it with all the other papercrafts I also wanted to do, sorry… :oX At the moment I even have less time I’m afraid, but if you search around online, you can find some pretty nice Bleach and Naruto papercrafts already! ;o)

  23. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for all these wonderful papercraft models. I discovered Pepakura through your blog and now I love it. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  24. HI! I just wanted to say that I really like your page!!
    Greetings from: https://decubeeyalgomas.blogspot.com

    • …and to have people discover your own papercraft weblog with neat Cubees of Grimm, Xena, Ice Age and even Gilligan’s Island, I hope! ;o) Have fun papercrafting!

  25. B Christopher Tucker

    I have really liked your BSG collection.
    I was wondering if you have plans to make the Viper MK-VII, Stealth Viper (Blackbird/”Laura”), Stealth star (the first Stealth Viper). or the Raptor any time?
    I think that these would be a great addition to your collection.

    • I would love to make some more BSG papercrafts, but I always have so many ideas, and especially at the moment I have so little time unfortunately, so I can’t promise if/when I might do so, sorry…! :o(

  26. Hey, just wanted to say keep up the good work. I made my first papercraft of your zelda twilight princess link model years ago when I was in middle school. Glad to see you’re still doing papercraft. Cheers.

    • Yes, although I don’t have a lot of spare time anymore, I do still love papercraft, and I definitely want to make new ones when I can! ;o)

      It’s great to hear that you remembered my Twilight Link, I hope you enjoyed building it, have fun and all the best!

  27. It’s fun

  28. Hi Ninjatoes, Dont know if you remember myself, but i redesigned one of your Lego models some time ago into Captain America and also Bane from Batman?
    I was wanting to ask if you had any plans to potentially try and design a Batman to go with your collection? As it would only require you to design a new helmet as the rest of the body could simply be re-drawn???
    With the film being out and friends knowing about the models i have made in the past (All my models have been gifted to multiple children within my family and friendship group!) I am being asked if it would be possible to make a Batman!!
    Redesign of the body would be easy, but i have no skills or abilities when it comes to designing new parts for the models.
    Your help and advice would be appreciated

    Kind regards


    • Sure I remember you! And I’m happy to hear your friends liked your redraws! I get asked a lot to make specific papercrafts, including a LEGO Batman. ;o) And you know I’m a big LEGO fan ánd a big Batman fan, so I’d love to make one, but papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and especially lately, I’ve been really swamped with other things, so I hardly have any time at the moment I’m afraid to make new papercrafts, because it really does take me a lot of time… So I’m afraid that I can’t promise you that I will be able to make a LEGO Batman anytime soon, sorry… :o(

  29. Jose Martin Lozano Avila

    Hola te saludo y te agradesco por tus madelos de papel. Gracias a esos modelos Yo los transformo en diseños de aluminio (modelos hechos con latas de aluminio.) Como el alcon milenario.

  30. Kevin Lantigua

    Hey Ninjatoes! Im currently building wolf link, and im having trouble with parts 49-64. Do you have any tips or perhaps a schematic to help? Thank you and keep making awesome models!

    • I’m afraid I don’t have a good tip or good schematic to make it easier, sorry… :o( Only some general tips:

      Firstly, because the teeth are so small, I really recommend having the PDF file open on your computer screen so you can zoom in on the parts: the teeth are small, but each of them has several folding lines that you need to score and fold that you probably can’t see very well on the printed versions!

      Secondly, I think it helps if you “imagine” the shape the teeth need to be in your head: most of them will need to be a 3, 4, 5, etc. sided pyramid shape (a few teeth are different, but if you fold them properly and follow the arrows (and “trial-and-error” a few times, sorry…) you can get it right! ;o)

      Focus on one teeth at a time, and firstly, score and fold all the fold lines and make sure you don’t forget any of them!

      Then look at the arrows on the template, and follow the ones that point to the part itself first: usually it will tell you which glueing flap you need to glue to which edge to get the required pyramid shape.

      It’s difficult, because the parts are small and the shapes are difficult, but I hope you can do it! ;o)

  31. This is sick bro!!!
    Do you have the interceptor version?
    I want to make a drone quad for this baby!!

  32. I love this site. I am glad you keep up with it. I found you a couple of years ago. Actually longer than that because I built the cylon raider 4 years ago. Due to the lack of time, I don’t get to build much, so it is nice to come back here and download more models.

    I have wondered, just how in the heck do you make these? I can’t even imagine how you would begin designing a model from scratch.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your precious works.

    • Thanks for being such a long time fan! I still enjoy papercraft very much too, but like you, I don’t have as much time to enjoy it as much as I used to. ;o)

      I think when it comes to creating my papercrafts, I can break down the papercrafts I make into 3 types:

      1) Sometimes I make them just by hand, directly on a piece of paper (and then I break them apart and scan in the pieces for my websites and to build the final version). My Advance Wars series, Batmobile, Going Merry boat from One Piece, and even the Tie-fighter from Star Wars are made this way. And I actually find this the most fun way! ;o)
      If you browse through old posts on my weblog for when I made the TIE-fighter of Advance Wars papercrafts, you can see some examples: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/search/label/Star%20Wars and http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/search/label/Advance%20Wars

      2) But when I want to make a papercraft from a 3D video game, I try to start with the actual 3D model from the game, because it has the textures, and that way I’m sure it has the right shape and proportions so it looks close to what you see in the game. I like that especially for “old” video games, like my Tomb Raider and Zelda 64 series, because they are quite “blocky”. ;o) But also my Final Fantasy series and other papercrafts started with the actual video game models. For popular games, you can often find tools made by fans that let you extract the 3D data and textures, but to make it into a papercraft model, you usually still need to tweak them a lot in a (free) 3D program because otherwise game models won’t be very suited for papercraft… Once you’re happy with the changes (it’s important to try and unfold them “in your head” already, to imagine how you would build them) I unfold them with a great tool called “Pepakura Designer”: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/index.html
      You can see some examples of how I change the game model to a papercraft model in the work in progress section on my weblog too: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/search/label/Final%20Fantasy

      3) The third type is almost like the second type, except that I start the 3D models from scratch. I usually use SketchUp to make the 3D models from scratch, because it’s easy to use and 3D models for papercraft don’t need to be very difficult. I made the Nintendo Zapper gun and my LEGO minifigs that way for example. You can see some work in progress including how I break down the complex shapes into simpler ones to make them easier to unfold in Pepakura Designer on my weblog again: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/search/label/LEGO

      Have fun papercrafting! ;o)

  33. hallo, been looking for star trek papercraft pattern and found this awesome site. Thank you. This site really helps :)

  34. Congratulations man,the papercrafts models are very good !
    Saudações do Brasil !

  35. Hi, a love your papercraft from Final Fantasy VII; Yuffie and Cloud!!!
    How do you do this amazing templates?!!!
    Now , I ‘m building , I’m excited because I had a lot of time looking templates for this great game. thank God and to you!!!! when I finished , I will show you my work Yuffie and Cloud.
    I want Sephiroth template and the other characters of the game, the protagonists: Barret , Sid , Red XIII, Aeries , Vincent , Cai Sith , Tifa and also a Chocobo . Too much to ask , I know, but … Remember in 2016 will the remake of FFVII PS1 to PS4 . Everyone will want these templates … My group of friends know your page… Regards.

  36. Todo esta buenisimo lo que no entiendo es porque esta de one piece y no de Fairy tail :cc

  37. Rafael Bermúdez Suárez

    COOKIE RUN Papercraft!!!

    I share some beautiful and rare designs video game called “COOKIE RUN”.
    There are 6 different models.

    Thanks for your attention and publish it in its great page. Below I leave my download link, it is completely safe and hope you find it useful.

    Greetings and wish them well.

    Best regards.
    Rafael Bermúdez Suárez

    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://copy.com/gv3dYu60rnVmS9MY

  38. Todo esta poquísimo lo que no entiendo es porque no está la princesa zelda :'(

  39. The page is very good but should have a random button pops out to you randomly papercraft

    • I like that idea! ;o) I can link to a “random post” with a link like this: https://ninjatoes.wordpress.com/?random, but includes the entire sites, not just the papercraft downloads.

      WordPress.com isn’t as freely customizable as Blogger or WordPress.org and I don’t see a method on how to make a “random papercraft” link right now, but when I do, I’ll definitely include it on my site! ;o)

      Thanks for the tip!

  40. I subscribed! I really love your paper craft! I hope to build Wolf Link (I have tried this when I first started out a few years ago) and Midna! I made the Zelda model in your collection which I would like to email you sometime!

    • I’m happy to hear you like my papercraft works! ;o) I made wolf Link quite a few years ago already, but he’s still one of my most challenging models I think, so take your time if you decide to go for it and don’t try to rush it, because it has many tiny and tricky parts…!

      I have a “hall of fame” section where I can post the pictures of my papercrafts that other people built; I always love to see other people’s works so feel free to send me a picture if you like that. ;o)

      Have fun!

      • Cool! I will do that very soon! I did The Majora’s Mask but because i made it over a year ago it has fallen apart, but that one was very easy so I would make another!

  41. Cool that you’re still doing what you’re doing, I have comments on your fierce deity link page under 5 different names from 2009, I’m dude, spongebob says says says says says, sumo toes, ROBOT, and mr. l, man that was like 6 years ago, I was like 11 or 12.

    • Welcome back! ;o) Yes, I still enjoy papercrafting, but I don’t have as much time as I used to have to make new ones… But I’ll keep making them as long as I enjoy it of course! ;o) It’s great to see you still remember building Fierce Deity Link too, have fun in your current endeavours!

  42. Wow, glad to see that you are alive! I appreciate your works. Keep papercrafting! :D

  43. do you have slam dunk anime papercrafts?

  44. Great work!! very like it (paper).. love it thanks for ur content

  45. Is it possible to request a paper craft? I have been looking all over for final fantasy warrior of light ex mode from Dissidia but I can’t seem to find out at all.

    • Is it possible to request a paper craft? I have been looking all over for final fantasy warrior of light ex mode from Dissidia but I can’t seem to find out at all.

      I’m afraid not, sorry… Papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and I already have so many ideas, that I can’t promise to make a specific papercraft… :o(

      There are a lot of other papercrafters though, many of which who also like Final Fantasy. So don’t give up looking!

  46. Hello, Ninjatoes

    I was wandering if you could help me out. I’ve extracted a model from the FF:CC game but my pepakura designer doesn’t open it.
    I tried to join the objects that are separated but that didn’t work either. I reduced the number of faces/triangles to half, extracted in other formats such as .dae but my pepakura closes as soon as I try to open my file. Don’t know if is just my software or what..
    If you could help me or know someone..please!

    • Also, you don’t happen to have the models you posted years ago, do you?

      • That one was made by a person called Ignatius, and I didn’t post the models, I only put up a link to their website; unfortunately, it looks like Ignatius has closed his papercraft weblog instead of leaving the models up, so you should try if you can find a way to contact him, or try if you can find somebody who uploaded them on their own website or something…

        Sorry I can’t help you better than this! :o(

        • Didn’t find his contact anywhere.. but found some of the models elsewhere. But I still wanted that boat though. And I was unsucessful ripping that game properly.

    • I think if you put it in a folder *without* the mtl file it might work. Also, try converting the tga files to bmp or jpg. The more basic the better.

      Still, all is not well with the 3D model, really… :o( Ripping 3D models from video games is often not perfect, and it can take a lot of work to fix all the issues in a 3D program first before you should try to unfold it in Pepakura Designer. So it’s important not to skip that step, it’s the most important one! ;o)

      • Yeah… I’ll arrange the pose and try to simplify the mesh before unfolding.. just testing de file so I don’t waste time with something that doesn’t work. Unfortunately I’m not very skilled with that so the final pdo is a mess..but still foldable..somehow. Pepakura lvl expert for assembling.

        There are methods I could use but involves UV remapping. That I cannot do :(

        But thanks for the help! It worked!

  47. Hello NinjaToes. I’m a paper craft fan and I was wondering if I could get you go ahead to sell some 3D models that I’ve made on my ETSY shop.

    I can’t offer money as I have none, and in my current situation it would be impossible for me to pay for royalties, but I could include links on my etsy page to whatever websites and social media you’re affiliated with.

    Would love to hear back from you.

  48. Andrew Beranek

    is there any chance I could download your F-15 (red one) from Advance Wars? Or is it still available somewhere?
    Thank you for your time.

  49. QueenOfMirkwood

    Do you know where I could find some characters from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings?

  50. I would really like to get the plans of your Panhard Armoured Car.

    • I haven’t made a papercraft Panhard armoured car myself, but I think you mean the one that I featured here: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/2011/10/dl-very-detailed-papercraft-panhard.html

      That one was made by Ervins Ernstreits, who posted the download links for the free versions (there was also a commercial version he made for the GPM-0295 magazine) on this forum: http://www.kartonwork.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13747&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=81

      Unfortunately, as you can see, it was posted several years ago already, and the downloads on the filehost have expired since then… :o( Because it’s not my model, you’ll have to try to contact the creator “ervins” to see if they’re still available (if you search around a bit, you’ll find some pictures of the bottom of the front page of the templates with an e-mail adress:

      Or try to find “ervins panhard” on other sites of people that have uploaded the files to their own websites… I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this, I hope you’ll be able to get the templates!

  51. Can u make more zelda papercraft models THEY ARE AMAZING make sure its not to hard like a monkey u find in the first dungeon in zelda twighlight princess

    • Hi there! I’m happy to hear you like my Zelda papercrafts! ;o) I will definitely make more of them in the future, but I can’t promise you when or which ones exactly, sorry…!

      There are lots more Zelda papercrafts on other websites too, though; have a look around and I’m sure you will find some neat ones that aren’t too difficult, have fun!

  52. ZeldaTheSwordsman

    Perhaps you could turn your attention to Jurassic Park?

  53. Chancellor Cole is looking neater than ever! Or… naughtier than ever? Either way, great job on the paper model!

  54. nice i think ill try etsutan’s paperccraft .I’ve already build some here’s the link http://louie1105.deviantart.com/

  55. hi , do you create any IJN battleships ?

  56. Have you ever considered making sketch tutorials yourself? It would be a great help!

    • I’m not sure what you mean exactly by Sketch tutorials? On some of my older papercraft models, I tried to make little schematics as extra help for the extra difficult parts, but normally, for my newer papercraft models I make step-by-step instructions using the pictures I take during the build.

    • All the papercraft models I made myself are available from this website, but I haven’t made a Gohan yet, so I’m afraid I don’t have the files for it, sorry…

      If you can only download the Gohan model you found as Pepakura PDO file, you have to download and install the latest version of the free Pepakura Viewer (link) to open it.

      If you can’t use the free Pepakura Viewer on your current computer/device, maybe you can use a computer at school/work to “print” the Pepakura PDO file as a PDF file with a free PDF printer? Or try contacting the creator of the paper model to ask if they are willing to share the model as a PDF file?

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this…!

  57. You can hang the papercraft of gohan in parts of pdf please

    • All the papercraft models I made myself are available from this website, but I haven’t made a Gohan yet, so I’m afraid I don’t have the files for it, sorry…

      If you can only download the Gohan model you found as Pepakura PDO file, you have to download and install the latest version of the free Pepakura Viewer (link) to open it.

      If you can’t use the free Pepakura Viewer on your current computer/device, maybe you can use a computer at school/work to “print” the Pepakura PDO file as a PDF file with a free PDF printer? Or try contacting the creator of the paper model to ask if they are willing to share the model as a PDF file?

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this…!

  58. why you make the papercraft printable models in zip files?

    • Sometimes I find it easier to make ZIP-files instead of PDF-files. The ZIP-files aren’t the actual printable models though, those are *inside* the ZIP-files. Most computers already have a tool to open ZIP-files, but if yours doesn’t, you can find many free ones online, like 7-ZIP.

      Simply download the ZIP-file and then double-click it like you would do any file to open it, and then it will automatically create a folder with the actual printable model files. They will be in a simple JPG image files that pretty much every image viewer can open and print.

  59. Do you think Nintendo will make an Advance Wars for the 3ds? I hope so.

    • I would love a new Advance Wars game too! Especially in the classic AW style, so if it were up to me, they could basically just make a new Nintendo DS game for the 3DS. ;o)

  60. i sugest to make a helicopter and bomber helicopter papercrafts

    • You mean for my Advance Wars papercraft series? Yes, I will definitely make the helicopter (and all the other!) units for the armies too, but it’s really an ongoing project, so it may be a long time before I get around to it…!

  61. how i like u advance wars papercrafts

    • Hi there! Thank you for your comment, I’m happy to hear you like my Advance Wars papercrafts. I’m still a big fan of the series, and I’ll keep making new ones from time to time. ;o)

  62. I just started 2 tie fighters, have you done Darth Vaders tie fighter? I want to do escorts for vader to hang in my man cave…

    • Although I’m actually a big sci-fi fan, for some reason I haven’t made many Star Wars models yet… The TIE-fighter is the only “real” Star Wars model I made so far, and I can’t promise if/when I will make Vaders version, sorry… :o(

      There should be one at http://swmodel.ru/load/bumazhnyemodelitehnika/1132-darth-vaders-star-fighter-version-20.html but you need to be a member of the (Russian) forum to see the download links I think…? It’s also a very different style (computermade) but maybe you can find it or another one from another website?

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this…! :o(

      • Don’t forget, December 18th, that’s all the inspiration you’ll need to do more Star Wars stuff ;-)

        Thanks bro!

  63. is papercraft your life?

    • No, papercraft is really only a hobby of mine that I do in my free time, besides work and all the other things that I’d like to do. ;o)
      (it’s why I can never promise people to do requests for specific paper models, because I simply don’t have the time with all the models I still want to make myself and all the other things I like to do…)

  64. You could make a lego hulk in papercraft
    please please

  65. Wow, it’s been five years since I first visited your website and made the twilight princess link papercraft. Just wanted to drop by, check out the website, and indulge in my middle school nostalgia. Have a nice day :D Oh, and thanks for posting those detailed instructions. those were the best.

    • It’s nice to hear you have such fun memories of making your papercraft Link! ;o) As you grow up, life gets busier of course, but if you like to do some papercraft again sometime, you can find many simple but fun papercraft toys that you can easily do in one evening.

      Or you can still do a bigger project of course, and only work on it when you have the time; that’s the good thing about a hobby, there’s no time pressure and you can work on it or put it aside whenever you feel like it. ;o)

      Have fun!

  66. sorry its just that Camerupt is one of my favorite pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so i was hoping you can make it soon plz.
    btw you have my support and keep up the good work. :)

  67. hey that sharpedo creation was great and can you make a more pokemons like a camerupt

    • Hi there, I’m happy to hear you liked my papercraft Sharpedo! There are a lot of cool Pokémon, but I definitely don’t plan on “paperfying” them all like the http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net/ team wants (although they seem to have some problems with their website at the moment… :(

      Because papercraft is only a hobby of mine, I can’t promise which paper models I will make in the future, or when (even if I do end up making a papercraft Camerupt, you might have to wait a loooong time…! :o( so I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep…

      But the Pokémon is very popular of course, and there are many websites and fans making their own papercraft Pokémon! I can’t remember if somebody already made a papercraft Camerupt, sorry, but keep an eye out and maybe somebody will make it soon! ;o)

      The http://paperkraft.blogspot.com/ weblog is a good website to keep checking back to, because they post many of the new papercraft models that are being made, especially Pokémon.

      A weblog that is often updated with new papercraft Pokémon just PaperPokés is this one: http://jav-papercraft.blogspot.com/

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this, but I hope if somebody hasn’t already made a papercraft Pokémon Camerupt, somebody will soon! ;o)

      Have fun!

  68. can you adjust the brightness of the fold lines on adult link ? The green part of the clothes, sword, hair and face would be what needs adjusted. I just cant see them! :(

  69. He hasn’t posted any parts for it p.s. Why did George Lucas kill him In the first 20 or 30 minutes of the movie in episode 6?

    • The papercraft LEGO Boba Fett from Piromodel is available, it’s just one sheet of parts that you can save/download by clicking the thumbnail of the parts sheet on the page. As for the one from Jouzumania, I think he just made it for himself then…

      Oh, and Boba Fett didn’t die in Episode VI… ;o) I don’t know if he’ll be in any of the new movies, but his escape is in storylines of books that play after Episode VI: it’s not that easy to kill Boba Fett. ;o)

  70. If possible, can you make a Lego Boba Fett figure, just asking

    • I do like LEGO and I do like Star Wars (and Boba Fett is an iconic character! ;o) so it is a paper model that I’d like to make.

      The only thing is, that I have *so many* ideas that I’d still like to make, that I can’t promise that I will ever get around to doing them all, or which ones I will make, and which ones I just won’t have time for… :o(

      I do know there are other people that already made a papercraft LEGO Boba Fett before, though! ;o) Jouzumania made one: http://jouzumania.deviantart.com/art/STAR-WARS-Boba-Fett-Lego-Minifigure-447917757 but I think he made it just for himself…? But maybe I’m wrong, so be sure to check out his newer posts on Deviantart to see if he made an update to release the parts?

      There is one that I know for sure is available though, from Piromodel: http://piromodel.fc2web.com/lego/lego_boba/lego_boba.html

      I’m sorry I can’t definitely promise you to make a papercraft LEGO Boba Fett, but the truth is that even I don’t know yet which paper models I will make in the future…! ;o)

  71. Heeey.. ^_^” I just wanted to ask if you have a DeviantArt account.
    Excuse my english >.<

  72. Hi NT! How’s it going? I was just wondering how long does it usually take you to finish a papercraft? Like say, your Lulu model from Final Fantasy. Also, how are the insides of your projects so neat and, well white?? Mine are always caked in smudged glue :P

    • It’s difficult to give an estimate how long it will take to build one of my paper models, because for me it’s much easier of course because I know exactly how the parts should be shaped and be glued together already. ;o)

      Also, I never really finish building a paper model in one sitting (unless it’s really small and simple of course) and I always have the television on in the background, so I often get distracted. ;o)

      So when I’m building a model like Lulu, I think it will take me about a week, working on it a couple of hours or so every evening, while watching some fun tv-shows. Put your work in a safe place when you feel you’re getting bored of cutting paper for the day, and then you can pick up next time when you feel like it again. That way it might take longer to finish, but it stays fun, and the result will be better. ;o)

      The “trick” with glue is: don’t use too much of it! ;o)

      If you put a lot of glue on the glueing tabs, the glue will get pushed out from under the parts when you press the two parts together, and it will mix with the printer ink on the parts and make a mess… :o(

      Only put a small amount of glue on the glueing tabs, and then spread it out with a piece of scrap piece paper you can cut from the template leftovers or something like that. That way the glueing tabs will be “tacky” to glue on the next part, but it won’t make a mess.

      The best way to keep your paper models clean, is to take your time of course, and if you get any glue or anything on your fingers (like when you’re doing a white part after lots of black parts…) be sure to wipe them off! ;o)

      I hope these tips help, have fun building!

      • Oh that was fast, hi! Thanks, you’re really helpful :D Cool, it usually takes me twice as long… Hey I watch TV too! That is, if you count watching on a computer…?
        So, put just enough glue to work? Like a flat little smear? What if you need more time to try and squeeze the tab into position?

        ( Nice smileys :o) )

        Oh and uh this is kinda minor but I think there’s a flap missing from part 62 of wolf link

        • Well like I said, don’t worry about speed: it’s better to take a little longer and get a better result than rushing it just to be done faster… :o(

          How much glue *exactly* you should use is really something you have to work out from experience. It’s best not to use too much glue, but like you say, you also need some time to move the parts in the exact right position. So just like with most things really, it’s a matter of finding the right balance.

          I think you’re right about the missing glueing tab on part 62 of wolf Link, I think I overlooked it when making the templates… Luckily like you say it’s a minor fault (instead of forgetting a whole piece for example, or forgetting to mirror them when needed… ;o) and with papercraft, it’s easy for people to add an extra glueing tab if the creator of the template forgot one of course. Well spotted though! ;o)

  73. Hey! Im having trouble with the king of red lions part 76 is really tricky to put in the hull without it caving in on me. Do you have any tips? Iwould really appreciate that

    • Wow, if you’re at part 76, you’re already very far! ;o) So I hope you will be able to get past this point and finish your papercraft “King of Red Lions” to your liking!

      Do you mean the hull caves in when you try to put on part 76, or that part 76 itself caves in?

      If the hull caves in, I don’t really have a good tip, sorry… :o( Only to be careful, and don’t use too much force! Glue together the front of part 76, then apply a good amount of glue to the glueing tabs, and then gently push it in place on the white area on the deck of the boat.

      If part 76 itself caves in, maybe you can cut out some “reinforcement” strips out of some cardboard? maybe one of them down the center is enough, and/or maybe you can add two more from the cornerpoints as well?

      One side of the strengthening ribs needs to be as high as the center front of part 76, and for the other side, you can measure the height of the white area. And for the length you can measure an imaginary line from the center front to the opposite edge of part 76. Take your time to make the strengthening ribs the correct shape, because the inside of the hull is a bit slanted/sloped of course!

      It’s difficult to explain in words, so I made a little schematic in my Picasa webalbums, and hopefully then you will understand better: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ZA7CRtcioFgsxc5mTmzSu9MTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink

      Make sure part 76 is strong enough, because it will carry the weight of the mast and the sails, and they’re quite heavy…!

      If you read about it, you will know that many people needed to strengthen the mast on the inside (putting cardboard or even chopsticks in it ;o) to prevent it from buckling under the weight of the sail. It’s best to make most parts from thicker paper, but maybe to keep the weight down, you can print the sail parts on normal, thinner paper? But even then, you might have to reinforce the mast, if you haven’t built those parts already.

      I hope these tips help so you’ll be able to finish your papercraft “King of Red Lions”, good luck and take your time and have fun!

  74. Can you post the PDO files instead of PDF? And the lineless version of the models… Thank you!

    • Although many of the papercraft models I made are created with the help of Pepakura Designer, the PDO file is never the finished version; after unfolding, test building and correcting the model sometimes multiple times, I gather all the separate fixed and correct parts and make one Photoshop (raster image) file with of them, and that’s really the only version of the paper models on my webpage… (I make them into a PDF files so they’re easy to share online)

      “Lineless” versions only exist of some of my older models: they were made with Pepakura Designer v.1, which only let you use black fold lines (or no fold lines). But since Pepakura Designer v.2, it’s possible to choose any colour you want for the fold lines, so you can “blend in” the colours of the fold lines with the colours of the parts (sometimes even if they’re very visible in the PDF file, they will blend in much better in the printed version; if they’re still too visible, you can use a coloured pencil to colour over the lines).

      So for me, it’s much easier now to make just one version, with fold lines that blend in with the parts’ colours (otherwise I’d have to make all the same fixes twice in Photoshop on the lineless and lined version, and it saves half the webspace from my webhost ;o)

      I’m sorry to have to disappoint you on both questions… If you really want to build completely lineless models you can look on other papercraft websites though, I know some people still use that method, and then they’re usually PDO files too! ;o) (if you have PDO files that aren’t protected with a password, you can use the shareware version of Pepakura Designer (without having to buy a registration key) to get rid of the lines and print the models as lineless versions as well! ;o)

  75. I love your papercraft models!

  76. can you make a kirito?

  77. yeah I’ve been trying to find a mega man template

  78. do mega man

  79. Aayce Zamarippa

    Hey ninjatoes do you know if there are any papercraft models from games on the Wii U? I’m curious in the polygon count and how complex and cool-looking a papercraft model of them would be.

    • If you mean papercraft models that use the actual 3D models from Wii U games as basis, I’m not sure to be honest; I can’t name any from the top of my head right now, but there are so many papercraft models being made nowadays that I don’t know all of them of course, so you should definitely keep looking out for it! ;o)

      But really, the game system doesn’t always say much about the polycount or just the overall complexity of the models; sometimes game developers deliberately keep their game and models very simple, even though the system is capable of much more. The iOS game Tengami will be available on the Wii U too, and its models and papercraft model is very simple: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/2014/04/tengami-papercraft-pop-up-gate-contest.html

      Some games on “old” systems also have a very high polycount already, maybe higher even than many Wii U games will have. ;o)

      And of course, not all papercraft models from video games are made using the actual 3D game models: often make an “interpretation” for a papercraft model of the video game characters which are usually very cool too, but the “polycount” of the video game models isn’t an issue then of course.

      And even if you have a very complex game model with a high polycount, then papercrafters will often tweak it because all those tiny little polygons won’t make for a very fun to build papercraft model… You can really make a papercraft model as simple or as complex as you want, regardless of what game (or movie or cartoon or whatever) it’s from! If you like very big and complex papercraft models, I think you can already find a lot of them, and then maybe in some time, there will start to be more papercraft models from Wii U games too! ;o)

      Have fun!

  80. Congratulations for your art!

    Please, would you tell me where is the model of this: http://dannynvrr.deviantart.com/art/Papercraft-Psi-The-Psychology-Symbol-286538808


    • I made that paper model very quickly (in SketchUp, you can make a 3D text of the symbol, save it as a 3D model, and then unfold it with Pepakura Designer) as one-time thing, so I never put it on my website, sorry… :o(

      The person whose DeviantArt page it is made it from the files I sent him back then; it was a long time ago, but maybe he still has them…?

  81. Hey there Ninjatoes! I am here to say that I have started a YouTube channel, where I will be doing videos on papercrafts! If you check out my channel, I have already done a video on your Adult Link! I also put a link to here for ya so that people could check out your work!

    I have to say, you have really inspired me. The past 2 years of my life would have been really lame if I didn’t have a passion for gaming papercrafts!

    So mainly, could you give me a shoutout for my channel? It would be so greatly appreciated.

    GruffySquirrel64, your biggest fan!

  82. John Anderson

    Do you know if there are any papercrafts based off of Miis? I’ve always wanted to make one, but have never found a template.

  83. hey guy, could you make a lego batman? that would be so awesome

    • You could really make any LEGO minifig out of paper of course, but papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and I have many other ideas as well of course, so I can’t promise you that I will ever get around to making a paper Batman minifig, sorry…! :o(

  84. Kevinlantigua

    Hello again ninjatoes! I seem to be having a little trouble with your papercraft mario. I dont want to mess up on gluing the cap to the head. Can you please give me some tips on how to do it effectively? Your help would be greatly appreiciated. Thank you.

    • The head has a big, white piece, that forms the top of the head and gives it its shape: the important thing is to make sure to shape the bottom of the cap to that same size and shape before trying to glue it on.

      In the instructions I glue the head to the body first before glueing on the cap, but maybe you can also glue the cap to head first; that way, you could try to reach reach the glueing tabs on the cap from the hole in the “neck”? (you can make the hole on the white piece on top of the head bigger, as long as you still have a rim wide around the edge of the head enough to glue the glueing tabs of the cap to).

      Apply glue to the glueing tabs on the bottom of the cap, and then carefully press it on top of the head. you probably won’t get all the glueing tabs right at once, so try to start at the front, make sure they are glued on properly (aligned with the edge of the head, maybe you can use the back end of a spoon to push between the cap and the head at the back so you can push down on the glueing tabs at the front of the cap).

      Then apply some glue to the glueing tabs next to the ones at the front, and then do the same for those; keep doing one or two glueing tabs at a time until you reach the last one; just take your time! ;o)

      I hope I you understand what I mean; it’s really difficult to explain how to assemble a paper model in just words, but I hope with the parts in front of you and the step-by-step pictures in the instructions you can figure it out!

  85. The majora’s mask link sucks can u make a young link and this time from ocarina of time

  86. Can you make a papercraft of Ferrari F1 2012 like the size of you Mclaren F1 I really love and appreciate your work and I know It’s difficult to wok in but I am pleasing you to make a Ferrari F1 2012 like the size of your Mclaren F1 Thank You.

    • I haven’t made a papercraft McLaren F1 myself, so I think you must have seen it in my Twitter/Facebook feed or on my “update/feature” weblog?

      There are many papercrafting Formula 1 fans, so I don’t know exactly which one you mean, but if you can find it back, you should find the link to the creator’s own website where you can download the model;

      usually there is some contact information or an option to leave a comment so you can ask if they can make a papercraft Ferrari F1 2012 too?

      I hope you can contact the creator of the papercraft McLaren F1 you found!

  87. Hey I love your work of the CR-X! but I dont know if you will make the paper of the honda 88′ hatchback?

  88. These look fantastic and great fun to build! Can you order in different characters if you don’t have them in stock?

  89. hi i love your models, can you make super sonic, ninja turtles ,thundercats and some marvel heroes i did love to have

  90. hey ninjatoes :). Would you mind helping me? I’m having trouble with Twilight Princess Link’s hair. The step by step picture instructions aren’t enough help with gluing parts 62 and 63 to 61. Could you give me some tips on it? I would greatly appreciate that

    • Twilight Link’s hair is basically made from flat pieces that are shaped and layered to create the idea of hair, so it can be a bit confusing I think;

      First, make sure you’ve shaped and glued part 61 just like in step 62 of the instructions of course!

      Parts 62 and 63 are two of those pieces, that you need to glue underneath part 61 to get the layering effect: if you look at the top left side of part 61 (just left of the valley fold line), you’ll see there’s kind of a “chunk” out of it with a 90 degree angle with a glueing tab, that’s the corner where you should glue part 62 to with the small glueing tab sticking out of the right of it (the rest of part 62 doesn’t glue anywhere yet in this step!)

      For part 63, you have to look at the right side of part 61, where there’s a small triangular part sticking up next to a straight edge: simply glue the one glueing tab sticking out on the left of part 63 underneath that straight edge and that’s it for that part! (the rest of part 63 doesn’t glue anwhere yet in this step ;o)

      Shape the parts for the hair to get a nice layering effect and to make it look good against the face/head.

      It’s very difficult to explain papercraft in words, especially parts like these, so I’ve made a little schematic: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/xBXQk3FmGyDaOTeZTLWf8dMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0

      I hope with this explanation and the little schematic it you’ll be able to figure out how to glue these three parts together, but of course I’m afraid I can’t do this for all the parts… :o( But keep in mind how the parts for the hair are layered, and keep examining the parts and the instructions to figure out how the parts should be shaped and glued together (and now you know that layered parts sometimes only glue on in just one or two places! ;o)

      But since you already got this far on a pretty challenging model, I’m sure you can do it! ;o) Good luck and have fun!

      • Thanks ninjatoes and yeah it was pretty challenging especially with the hands but your tutorial on making small paper cylinders helped me on that. This also helped me slit as well! Keep making awesome papercraft models ;) K.L.

  91. GruffySquirrel

    Hi there Ninjatoes!

    Recently, I was attempting to rip the textures of an Ice and regular Keese from Ocarina of Time with Lemmy’s Plugin and failed badly. -_-

    I started out using 1964, and followed many website’s instructions, but it still didn’t work in the slightest. So then I tried using Project64 and then that didn’t work! I tried for days, but I eventually figured out that the websites to download P64 and 1964 I was using had Malware and ultimately corrupted a bunch of files.

    Note my parents have used Avast! Antivirus for years and had no problem, so as you can guess, they were extremely mad when they figured out about it.

    So all I am asking is, can you please give me links to a safe virus-free version of 1964? (I prefer it over PJ64)

    And if you can, I need a bit more help!
    My PC is using Windows 7 64-bit by the way.

    Thanks, and continue your awesome Advance Wars models! ;)

    • I’m glad you like my Advance Wars models! ;o) The great thing for me about those is that I can make them by hand directly with paper, instead of having to do a lot of computerwork first and I don’t need to worry about downloading viruses or malware with files I don’t know…!

      Because the truth is of course, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee you a 100% virus/malware free download location for any files, especially with fanmade files and programs like emulators; they were not made by big companies, and although many fans mean well and just want to share the joy they have with emulators playing their favourite old games again, sometimes they simply don’t know themselves if their file is infected with a virus or a malware… :o(

      Of course you already know that you should always scan any file you want to download with the newest and updated version of your anti-virus and anti-malware scanner, but even then they can’t catch every threat unfortunately, so you should always try to find a “trusted” download location; which like I said is a bit of a problem with fanmade programs like emulators of course… :o(

      There are some “bigger” emulation sites that people trust more than just downloading it from “somebody’s blog”, but it’s still a “download at your own risk!” situation, really…

      I often make a special “system restore point” before making big changes to my system (like downloading and/or installing a file that I only trust 99%) so that if anything goes wrong, I can restore my system to before installing/running the program I just downloaded (just uninstalling a program will often still leave traces of it on your computer, especially if it was malware!)

      Most Nintendo 64 emulators were made many years ago, so most of them will be 32-bits, and I don’t know if you’ll be able to find a true 64-bits version (it’s a bit ironic really ;o) but normally, 32-bits programs will run fine on Windows 7 64-bits thanks to the built-in compatibility.

      As for the troubles with extracting the textures themselves, sometimes they are there, but maybe you just don’t recognize them at first; especially “glowing” textures like “fire” and “ice” or interchangeable textures are often just black-and-white when you open them in their original, “raw” *.bmp form.

      I didn’t work on making the games of course, but when I made the Koume and Kotake witches for instance, their “icy” and “fiery” hair was just a black-and-white texture, and I guess the N64’s engine would overlay the ice and fiery glow in real-time during play, so I had to colour my own textures (while the normal textures like Koume’s and Kotake’s clothing were in normal colours).

      The same goes for Link’s tunic: when extracted, it was just black-and-white, and I guess the game makes it green (or red or blue for the Goron or Zora tunic versions) when needed.

      I hope you can understand that I don’t want to tell you “download it from website X and you’ll be fine” and then it turns out that website still infected your computer… :o(

      There are some tutorials on the the Nintendo Papercraft Forums (both the new one and the old one) but even though most people there are just simple Nintendo fans and papercrafters themselves just like you and me and really don’t intend to harm anybody, sometimes they just don’t know whether a website or download is infected with a virus or malware themselves when they mention it…

      I’m sorry about the demoralizing (and even a bit scary…) speech, and I’m sure you already know all this… I hope you can find a good, uninfected emulator you can use, maybe you can ask your parents to help you if they’re good with recognizing sites you can trust more than others, but like I said, I’m afraid I can’t give you a guaranteed safe option…! :o(

  92. Can you please make a Roxas (from kingdom hearts) model
    I made the Sora one you have here its awesome

    • Thank you for the compliment about my papercraft Sora, I’m happy that you like it so much! ;o)

      I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan too, and I’d love to make more papercraft models from the games, but papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and I really can’t promise which models I will make in the future, sorry…! :o(

  93. Entretenido y el cual desarrolla nuestra paciencia en algo tan hermoso como la manualidad y la construcción de cosas que nos despiertan nuestra niñez.

  94. nice site i am goign to make a zelda papercraft

    • I hope you like it! Some paper Zelda models are quite challenging but take your time and have fun! ;o)

      • Yes i know but i downloaded the one with the lines but thats no problem… Check out my blog also ihavelagg.wordpress.com

        • Nice! Ik had nog niet door dat je ook gewoon Nederlands spreekt, haha! Het is een vrij nieuwe site zie ik? Veel plezier met je website! (en met de papieren bouwplaten natuurlijk! ;o)

          • Ja het is een nieuwe site. En bedankt! Ik probeer dagelijks mijn site te voorzien van nieuws, wat niet altijd lukt maar ik probeer het wel.

            • Elke dag met een nieuwtje komen is ook moeilijk en veel werk natuurlijk, dus als het niet lukt, dan geeft dat natuurlijk niet, zo lang je er maar lol in blijft hebben! ;o)

              Ik ben blij dat je m’n papercraft website zo leuk vindt, er zijn er natuurlijk nog veel meer, met bouwplaten van allerlei video games! ;o)

              Have fun!

              • Kan je mij op je site linken ?

                • Hoewel veel van m’n eigen bouwplaten (en die van anderen! ;o) over video games gaan, is mijn website niet echt een tech/video game site, het is echt een papercraft site; als je een keer een mooie post hebt over papercraft (zelf gemaakt of gebouwd of ergens gevonden die ik nog niet kende) dan kan ik er wel een post over maken op mijn weblog: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/

                  Of als je één van de bouwplaten van mijn eigen website hier hebt gebouwd kan ik hem in de “hall of fame” zetten, dan zet ik er altijd ook een link bij als iemand een eigen website heeft natuurlijk!

                  • Oke, mijn plan is dan om informatie te zoeken rond unieke bouwplaten. Als ik wat heb gevonden scrhijf ik naar je

                    • Prima hoor, als het maar echt iets te maken heeft met bouwplaten en niet alleen over video games in het algemeen kan ik het wel via een post op mijn weblog linken!

                      (als het maar niet over scans of downloads van commerciële (niet-gratis) bouwplaten gaat natuurlijk hè; het is leuk om gratis dingen te downloaden, maar dan wel écht gratis bouwplaten van de originele website, zoals die van de League of Legends “Snowdown Showdown!” ;o)

                    • Hahaha ja natuurlijk

          • Ik zal wel eens wat over je site schrijven

  95. Gilles-Philippe Morin

    Nothing really important here, but just to inform you that in the five social buttons above the top menu, the Flickr button redirects to your Blogger blog.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Yeah I know; I use WordPress.com because it is very easy for me, but it’s not as freely customizable as WordPress.org

      The blog theme I’m using only has buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, not for Blogspot, but because I don’t have a Flickr account (my pictures are on Blogspot’s Picasa which got integrated into Google+ some time ago) I used that button to link to my Blogspot weblog. ;o)

      • Gilles-Philippe Morin

        Ah, alright! I thought you had bought the customization feature… I had never seen those buttons so I thought you had made them…

        As another subject, I see you have ads on your Blogger blog but not on this WordPress blog. Have you ever considered WordAds?

        • I like the Google Ads because they’re not really very annoying I think (as long as you don’t put them *everywhere* or right in between the text like some people do… :o(

          But WordPress.com doesn’t allow Google Ads, and for WordAds, I think you need to get a domain name somewhere first, and then you have to upgrade your account to be able to use that domain name with WordPress.com before you can use WordAds if I understand correctly; but papercraft is just a hobby of mine, so I’m trying to use only free options. ;o)

          • Gilles-Philippe Morin

            Ah, you’re right! Although ninjatoes.nl would be a cool domain ;¬)

            And I perfectly understand for the “GoogleAds all the things!” mentality some webmasters have… The most annoying moment is when you want to download a file and you have to find out which one of the “Download” ads is the real one… meh.

  96. oh my god thank you sooo much ^^

  97. Can you make Sephiroth (final fantasy VII) ??

    • Oh, please PDF File or ZIP if it’s possible, my Computer just can open this…

    • I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, so I’d love to make a papercraft Sephiroth in the future, but I have so many ideas and only so much spare time (papercraft is just a hobby of mine! ;o), so I can’t promise you that I will get around to it (and I definitely can’t promise you when…)

      But there are many other papercrafting Final Fantasy fans, and Sephiroth is a very popular character of course, so there are already a few that you might like:

      Dissidia version from Ace Crafts: http://thelastinlineagain.blogspot.com/2013/02/dissidia-012-final-fantasy-sephiroth-kh.html

      And Ace Crafts also has a “chibi” version from Itadaki Street:

      Another Dissidia version from Pepabysmal:

      Classic FF7 Overworld versions from Kaizo Papercraft: http://kaizopapercraft.blogspot.com/2008/12/sephipalooza.html

      Sane Person also made a classic FF7 Overworld Sephiroth:

      And you can probably find some more if you look around on different papercraft or Final Fantasy fansites! ;o)

      Of course I can’t control wht file format other papercrafters use, but normally you only need a small tool to open them: sometimes the files are in RAR format, but that is just like a ZIP file, you only need to find a tool that can open both RAR and ZIP files (like WinRAR itself, but that is a shareware/trial program with advertisements if you keep using it after certain time without buying a registration key; 7-Zip for instance is free and can open many different, often used ZIP-like files, and you can find many other free tools like that if you look around a bit).

      Because many people use Pepakura Designer to make their paper models nowadays, they often keep the model in the Pepakura PDO file format; you can get the free Pepakura Viewer to open those, but it only works on Windows computers…

      Sometimes there are also PDF files for people that don’t have a Windows computer, but not always; but maybe if you can’t open the files, you can ask a friend to try it on their computer, or maybe you can try at school/work (ask first if it’s okay to download files like this okay! ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better than this right now, but I hope you will be able to build a nice papercraft Sephiroth that you’ll like!

  98. Hey NinjaToes, I love your job and I wanted to ask you a favor;
    I’m starting to make some cosplays and I wanted to make a Solid Snake one, but I needed this mask: http://letourbillonenchant.deviantart.com/art/Metal-Gear-Solid-Snake-Mask-LTE-T-Papercraft-344043570 Sadly the guy that created this content have the computer crashed and lost all of his files. If you have this papercraft file and could reupload it, I would be very thankful. Thanks for the attention and keep the awesome job!

    • Hi there! I’m very happy you like my papercraft works! ;o)

      I do remember seeing the Solid Snake mask, but unfortunately, I never downloaded it myself…

      It does look like you could download it at some point, but unfortunately, you can see an archived version of the page, but the download itself wasn’t archived it seems: https://web.archive.org/web/20130322221435/http://letourbillonenchant.deviantart.com/art/Metal-Gear-Solid-Snake-Mask-LTE-T-Papercraft-344043570 ….:o(

      So I’m afraid I can’t help you with getting that file, although other people might have downloaded and still have it of course, so maybe you could still find it on other websites…?

      You could also try looking for other, small scale Solid Snake paper models and scale up just the head, like this one that’s on Nintendo Papercraft: http://nintendo-papercraft.com/snake/

      It has an unlocked Pepakura “PDO” file, so if you’re on a Windows computer, you can download the Pepakura Designer tool: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/designer.html and then open the “PDO” file and then you can very easily change the scale in the 2D Menu -> Change Scale (if the parts get too big for a regular sheet of paper, don’t worry about it, because you can glue them back together after printing of course ;o)

      You do need the Pepakura Designer though (with the free version, you can’t save your work, but you can scale and print the model without problems) because the Pepakura Viewer doesn’t have that option!

      Of course you can do the same with PDF of JPG files if you can find a papercraft Solid Snake that you like better that doesn’t have a PDO file, it’s just a matter of changing the scale while printing (or opening the file in an image editing program and scale the parts you need up before printing.

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this, I hope you can find the mask you want on a different site or that you can find another one you like…!

  99. Hi, Ninjatoes! Well, I know how to extract files from n64 games now. (Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time).

    But I can’t seem to find a good way to put the file into Pepakura without using 3DS Max. (Wayyy too much $$$) Have any ideas?


    • I’m guessing you are talking about “changing” (converting) VRML *.wrl files to another, more common 3D file format (like Wavefront *.obj)?

      To be honest, I don’t really like telling people what kind of software they should use, because there are so many different ones, and I don’t want people to get mad because they don’t like the one I suggest because it’s difficult or annoying to use for them, or worse, if things go wrong and it messes up their files or even their computer…! :o(

      But I do know many people from the Nintendo Papercraft forums like to use Blender: http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/ because it is free and you can find lots of help on how to use it if you need to! ;o)

      And I think since a few versions ago, importing VRML got officially supported in Blender (before that, you had to download and install a separate plugin to be able to import VRML files). So if you want to try out Blender, get the latest version from the official Blender.org website and then look under the “File -> Import -> X3D Extensible (.x3d/.wrl)” menu buttons.

      There are alternatives of course, but I can’t really find many free alternatives for converting VRML files right now, sorry (usually smart whizkids often make small tools like that ;o)

      On the old Nintendo Papercraft forums, Navi is talking about AccuTrans3D which supports many different file formats, including VRML *.wrl: http://www.zapotlanejo.info/Nintendopapercraftforum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=665 (it’s a shareware software, so it’s not *completely* free!)

      But there are many more options that you can find if you look around online of course, and only you should decide which ones you want to use…! ;o)

      On The Nintendo Papercraft forums (old and new) you can find lots of information from people that have hit the same bumps as you while trying to make their own papercraft models, so you can often find the answer already if you search around there.

      And the same goes for specific software you are using: many people use the same software of course, and often you can find lots of help on support forums reading through the old posts of people that have had the same issues as yourself already. ;o)

      I hope this helps, have fun!

  100. Where do you buy your Tesa glue ive looked everywhere :’o(

    • The glue I always use is the regular TESA All-purpose glue in a bottle, because here in the Netherlands, it is actually one of the most common brands of glue.

      Here in the Netherlands, you can buy it at almost any store, like office supply stores, department stores, craft stores, often even toy shops in their crafts department, etc…

      On their website, you can see their TESA glue and other products are available in many different countries: link but I really wouldn’t know in which stores exactly or anything, sorry… :o(

      But in other countries, other brands of glue might be much more common and readily available: I know in the USA for example, people often choose “Elmer’s” glue or “Aleene’s Tacky Glue”, which I think if I’m correct are white PVA glues. In Germany and other countries, many people seem to like “Uhu” as a brand, and there are many others of course!

      Many people even like to use simple carpenter’s wood glue, which seems to work very well!

      So the best tip I can give you I think, is not to worry if you can’t find the exact same brand that I use, but look for a different brand that you can easily find where you live. You can try asking around a bit to see what kind of glue other people where you live like to use, and buy a bottle to see if you like it too (and because it’s just paper of course, many glues will do the job just fine! ;o)

      I hope you can find a good glue to use (and I’m sure you will!), have fun!

  101. hey ninjatoes can u make a tektite from Ocarina of time


    • I’m a big Zelda fan, so I will definitely make more Legend of Zelda papercraft models in the future, but I can’t promise anybody to make specific models, sorry…! (I never know which models I’ll end up making myself until I actually start making them ;o)

  102. What is up guys? We would like to make an anouncement!

    PaperSpiral Papercraft is a website for fans of Wizard101 and Pirate101 to have access to the templates and PDO files for their favorite spells/characters/whatever they like!

    So far we have Variants of the Shark and Bat spells, and also 3 different colors of ghosts!

    And trust us, we love Ninjatoes and everything that he does so this is not really intended for him to lose popularity. So yeah!

    Here is the link to our page. Happy Crafting!


    -Lightcard (Designer) and Gruffynutters1656 (Test Builder)

    Or contact us at


  103. Hey Ninjatoes! You have a large knowledge of other papercrafter’s creations, so I need your help. My dad wants me to make him a Mazinger Z. However I search everywhere and no matter which one I find I need to print it in colored cardstock or I need Pepakura Viewer for the instructions or sometimes even both. I ask him if instead he wants a Saint Seya papercraft helmet or something of the sort and he insists on Mazinger! I show him a different Mazinger (Like Great Mazinger or Mazinkaiser) and he insists on the Mazinger from PaperInvaders. I showed him a few chibi Mazinger papercrafts and because they are easy they also mean less of a headache on me. Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this!

    • I’m not sure what it is you wanted to ask me, really…? ;o)

      If you want to build a paper model that has to be printed on coloured paper, the answer is easy of course: try to find some coloured paper in the appropriate colours! ;o)

      Alternatively, having a quick look at Paperinvader’s model, you can also open the PDF file in a program like Photoshop or Gimp, and because it looks like the parts are only outlines (not solid white parts), you could make a new “layer” in the file on which you create appropriately coloured blocks underneath the lines from the parts. That way you basically create coloured parts to print (make sure you don’t accidentally scale the parts or pages or anything.

      I’m not really at home in the Mazinger Z series so I don’t know all the different versions and robots, but sometimes I do come across paper models like a chibi-SD version here:

      pictures: http://shirokumatawagoto.web.fc2.com/mazinger_z.html
      parts: http://shirokumatawagoto.web.fc2.com/t_mazinger_z.html

      Or very simple paper toys like this “hako” version: http://cutandglue.dlcsistemas.com/

      Or even simpler from http://tjaizue.blogspot.com/2012/08/mazinger-z.html or http://minipapercraft.blogspot.com/2012/04/mazinger-z.html

      There are also commercial kits of course, they can usually be found on Japanese sites of course. You could also try searching with Japanese search terms: マジンガーZ ペーパークラフト (that’s “Mazinger Z papercraft” in Japanese).

      If you use Google’s image search, you can copy+paste the text, and see in the pictures if it is what you’re looking for. You won’t always find a download link, and it can be difficult to navigate the websites you find, but sometimes you can find some really neat models that way!

      I’m afraid I can’t really help you better than this I think, but maybe you can use one of the Mazinger Z models you already found and give them some colour yourself, or maybe you’ll come across a good, new one yet!

      Have fun!

      • Much thanks! I didn’t know that Gimp could be used for that, I use it to design papercrafts on Pixel Papercraft but didn’t know I could recolor PDF files. I will try that. I found a good place to print in card-stock and it’s about $1 a page in colored card-stock. So that’s great if I need it. Either way you helped me!

  104. Thank you ^.^

  105. Can you make a Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru papercraft?

  106. poderia ter algum do minecraft eu agradeceria muito ;)

    • I haven’t made any papercraft MineCraft models myself, but I do know some other MineCraft papercraft websites, like:

      Pixel Paper Craft: http://pixelpapercraft.com/
      Minecraft Papercraft Mania: http://mcpapercraft.webs.com/apps/photos/
      FPSX Games: http://www.fps-x-games.com/search/label/Papercraft

      But those are only a few, and if you search around on the internet a bit (just use the search terms “minecraft papercraft”) you can find a lot more! ;o)

      Many of those sites have pre-made MineCraft papercraft toys, that you only have to print, cut out, fold and glue together, but there are also some tools that let you make your own MineCraft papercraft toy.

      I made a post about it on my papercraft weblog some time ago, one of them was made by an official company for the iPad or iPhone, but others work directly from your internet browser window:

      If you look around a bit more on my weblog there, you can find more posts about MineCraft papercraft but like I said, there are lots of people making MineCraft papercraft toys, so they’re easily found online on other websites too so I hope you can find (or make ;o) some you like!

      Have fun!

  107. Hey Ninjatoes! I have quick papercraft question, where do you buy your ink and card stock? I know some places that carry card stock of your recommended type, unfortunately I do not own any ink. I have a printer just lying around sadly no ink or toner. I’m stuck getting charged 50¢ a page at a library when you think of it isn’t too much but my parents say ink and toner is very expensive (which it is) but I’m limited to the library’s hours and you can’t print in card stock at a library, just normal printer paper (slightly strong but not strong enough).

    • I always buy my ink and cardstock from the same office supply store in the city where I live where I also get my regular paper and other office supplies; stores that carry regular printer paper, usually have different kinds of paper of course, or they can order it for you when you ask.

      Ink/toner can be expensive, so I really don’t print out lots of paper models every day either of course, that would become unaffordable…! ;o)

      For paper, the basic rule is usually very simple: the thicker/heavier the paper, the more expensive it normally is. I always use 200 gsm (grams per square meter) paper, which is about 2.5x as thick as regular printer paper (which is usually about 75-80 gsm). But if you only use 120-160 gsm paper (1.5x-2x as thick) like other people do, it’s less expensive of course, so you can make a choice in that.

      Most printers can handle thicker paper (depending on the printer type, usually you just have to put it in the regular paper tray, but sometimes you have to feed thicker paper manually through a special, separate access tray) and not all printers can handle *really* thick paper of course…

      Printers at public places like libraries are normally loaded with just cheap, regular printer paper of course, but if you bring your own paper that’s not *too* thick, the people that work there are usually more than willing to let you use your thicker paper if the printer can handle it. If you know the type of printer they have, maybe you can find out beforehand what thicknesses it can handle, but otherwise you might waste just one sheet of paper, though. Do ask beforehand if you can try it out though, because otherwise they might get cross if your thicker paper blocks up the printer! (even though it normally won’t break the printer of course)

      If you don’t have a good, offline shop near where you live (many big department stores also sell office supplies nowadays for pretty good prices) you can also buy paper/cardstock and printer ink/toner online in webshops nowadays of course, and sometimes you can actually get very deals!

      But although with webshops, it’s nice and easy to compare prices from as many shops as you can so you can see where you can get the best deal, but you have to make sure you can trust the webshop of course. So whenever I buy something online, even if their price is a little higher, I still choose a “big”, well-known webshop that I know I can trust has a quality product from a well-known brand instead of another webshop that is cheaper but that I don’t know and can’t find nothing about…

      I’m afraid since I’m fortunate enough that I can buy my paper and ink very easily where I live, I don’t really have a webshop or anything that I can recommend… But like I said, if you have the opportunity, try looking in different shops near where you live, where you get your regular office supplies, department stores or other stores where you know or think they might sell ink and paper.

      And if you do want to buy them online, compare the prices (don’t forget to include shipping costs, it can be very different in different webshops!) and make sure you can trust the webshop. Maybe your parents can help you, I’m sure they bought things online too and maybe they know a good webshop already that carries ink and paper too!

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you any better, but I hope you can find a good bargain! ;o)

  108. Thank you! I appreciate it!!!

  109. Please make a Solid Snake papercaft!!! If so try to make the Solid Snake from Metal Gear Soild 1 or 4!!?!? Thanks ninjatoes ;-D it would be great!

  110. Hi! I’m a giant Kingdom Hearts fan and I was wondering if you could do a Riku or Roxas model because I want to give my friends a gift. Thanks!

    • Papercraft is justy a hobby of mine, and there are really so many papercraft models I would like to do in the future! ;o)

      I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan myself, and I definitely want to make more Kingdom Hearts paper models in the future, but I’m afraid I can’t promise you when exactly, or which ones, sorry… :o(

  111. Dear Ninjatoes,
    I made your Mario Papercraft model for the bithday of my little sither.
    Im going to make a donkeykong cake with all mario figures next to the cake.
    So i like to put a Yoshi down their.
    And your papercrafts are so nice and with good instructions.:)

    TNX, ….I hope:)

  112. A random Papercrafter

    Dear Ninjatoes, I know you can’t promise what model you will make, but I have a idea:
    Normal Lara Croft from tomb raider 1. I can’t find it anywhere…….

    • Well because I’m a big Tomb Raider fan myself, and especially from the classic ones, I definitely want to make a TR1 Lara some day too! ;o)

      But yeah, I really can’t promise when, because I have so many other ideas as well. But there are other people that made papercraft Laras in the past, from Tomb Raider 1. I don’t know them all of course, but here are some that I can remember from the top of my head:

      Sascha is also a big Tomb Raider fan and made lots of paper models from different games, including several from Tomb Raider 1: http://saschacraft.blogspot.com/search/label/Tomb%20Raider%201

      And Orcberto had a papercraft website including several Tomb Raider models on Geocities, and when Geocities stopped their webpage service, his website was one of the many that got archived and saved: http://www.geocities.ws/orcberto/galeria/lara/lcga.html ;o)

      Maybe you will like the models from those sites, have fun!

  113. you should make minecraft anti plant virus mod check it out at ssundee’s mod showcase youtube pleas make it because the kinght bug is my favorite bug in the mod

    • Papercraft is just a hobby of mine, so I really can’t promise which models I will do in the future…!

      You can find a lot of people making papercraft MineCraft models on lots of websites already, but I’m afraid can’t remember if anybody made some from the mod you mention from the top of my head, sorry… :o(

  114. You should make a jack the skeleton paper craft

    • I do like Tim Burton’s work, so you never know if I’ll make my own papercraft Jack Skellington, but I really can’t promise you which papercraft models I’ll make in the future I’m afraid…!

      But you don’t really have to wait and see though, because other people did already make a papercraft Jack Skellington, like Chamoo232:

      She had to put all her papercraft models in one big package so it’s a big download, but the other models are pretty neat too (a lot from other series, but from A Nightmare Before Christmas there’s also the Mayor from Halloween Town and Zero ghost dog! ;o)

      There are also simpler paper toys of Jack, like this Cubee one:

      And of course you can probably find some more than I could remember from the top of my head, so I hope you can find one you like! ;o)

      Have fun!

  115. Can you try to make a Twilight Princess and/or Ocarina of Time Tektite?

    I can’t find any anywhere! So i’m assuming no one has made one yet. *sigh*

    And maybe a normal OoT Keese too. (There’s only a Fire Keese.)

    And i’m not trying to be one of those little request hogs since i’m a papercraft designer for Pixel Papercraft, but I don’t have the files to make one even.

    But keep up the work! I love all of your models!

    • Yeah, there are a lot of people making papercraft Zelda models, but there also *so many* characters and enemies in the Zelda series, that there are still lots and lots of characters and enemies that aren’t “paperfied” yet…

      I don’t remember seeing a papercraft Tektite or regular OoT Keese yet either to be honest, and since you already looked, I guess you’re right and nobody made it yet… :o(

      And I totally understand people asking me to make their favourite model of course, but although I’m a big fan of the Zelda series too, I really don’t know which models I’ll make in the future, so I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep…

      But like I said, there are a lot of papercrafters that are a big fan of the Zelda series too, so maybe the Tektite and regular Keese will be made sometime! ;o) (but I can’t promise you that I will definitely make them anytime soon, sorry!)

    • I do have suggestion for you, if you make papercrafts for pixel papercrafts like do, I would suggest editing a spider model on a Minecraft texture pack website or texture pack application, you can edit the spider and make it look like a Tektite. So do not feel discouraged if nobody has made a Tektite, you can be the first!

      • All i’m having trouble with doing is finding a way to rip the files for Ocarina of Time. (It’s much simpler with Minecraft) Most ROMs don’t have .zip or .rar files, so if anybody could give me a link (hehe) to a OoT or MM ROM or 3d model ripping application that is compatible with pepakura or paint,
        it would be greatly appreciated.

        I plan to be the first one to create a OoT/MM Tektite and Keese! (And most possibly more after that.)

        • Cool, I am the first one to make all the tunics that Link uses in Ocarina of time into a papercraft on Pixel Papercraft. I also made the Link fom Four Swords and Dark Link, however I do not know of any ripping programs, I would recommend GIMP if you want to make the Tektite or Keese into a papercraft on Pixel Papercraft, so if you are going to do that, get the spider and bat file from your minecraft.jar then use a skin editing website or program to edit the spider and bat. After that email the files to yourself for safekeeping then watch the GIMP tutorial on Pixel Papercraft, the GIMP tutorial will show how you can turn the bat and spider into a papercraft. Unfortunately I can’t help you if you want the original OoT or TP Tektite or Keese textures, however to save you the skin editing you can search for an OoT mod or TP for your Mnecraft game or simply just a Legend of Zelda mod most of the LoZ mods would have an edited version of the bat or spider to have a Keese and Tektite.

        • ROM images are actually intended as a back-up for your own video games in case they break down: with modern video games that are on CD-ROMs or DVDs, it’s easy to make a back-up yourself of course, but for older games that came on cartridges, you need a special back-up devices like “Doctor V64” or “Mr. Backup Z64”, that let you plug in the cartridge so you can copy the data.

          So although many people have put other people’s ROM images online nowadays, I’m afraid I can’t give you any links to download them, sorry… :o(

          The program that many people use to extract the 3D models from Nintendo 64 video games is a fan-made emulator called “Nemu64”: it has a special graphics plugin that lets the emulator save the complete 3D scene that’s on the game screen in VRML 3D file format, that you can open and convert with some 3D programs to a more common 3D file format.

          After that, you can edit/rebuild the 3D model you want in a 3D program like Blender, SketchUp, Metasequoia (or any other really ;o) that can save it in a 3D file format you can unfold it in Pepakura Designer.

          So although the 3D graphics from the Nintendo 64 are considered “old” and “easy” nowadays of course, it still onvolves a lot of steps to make them into a good 3D model, and you do need some special programs other than just Pepakura and Paint (if you have the time, you can learn everything you need just by playing around a bit with the programs though: you don’t have to become a 3D animation wizzkid just to make a 3D model for papercraft! ;o)

          There are a lot of other people talking about extracting 3D models and papercraft on emulation forums, papercraft forums and on video game fan forums, so you can find a lot of information online nowadays! ;o)

          It takes a lot of time to read through all the forums and all the posts, and sometimes it can be frustrating if it doesn’t sem to work on your computer how they describe it, but once you understand the different steps and and get the right tools working, it’s not difficult anymore! ;o)

          • Ok! Thanks! But are you able to extract files from an SD card if you saved your Ocarina of Time data on Wii from Virtual Console? (Which I do)

            • The models I use are from the Nintendo 64 version, I don’t know about extracting the game data and/or 3D models from a Virtual Console SD card to be honest, sorry…

              But like I said, there are always many papercrafters and other game fans trying to extract game data from their favourite video game, so it’s worth a shot looking at fan and papercraft forums. The Nintendo Papercraft site for instance has a forum section too: link where people often ask questions like that, but I don’t know if they have any experience with it either…?

              I hope you can find an answer to your question (maybe on Nintendo Papercraft or maybe on another forum of course!), good luck and have fun!

            • Actually you can’t extract that from the SD card, the Virtual Console data is just the game data, not any of the texture files. Although I think it may have the texture files because I may be contradicting myself but, who knows… You can try because I haven’t tried myself.

  116. Someone can help me with assassin cross armor?

    like this picture please!

    • I don’t remember if anybody might have made a papercraft Assassin Cross armor already from the top of my head, and I’m afraid I can’t promise you I will make it myself, but if somebody does remember seeing it already, I hope they can give you a link…!

      I’m sorry I can’t help you myself, I hope you can find what you’re looking for!

  117. Ninjatoes, I love all of your papercrafts and I am working on Young Link right now. There are some parts on him that are hard and that makes sense because this is my first model that is not minecraft! There is one model I have been looking for, and it is Mario from Super Mario 64. But when ever I find one, I can’t make the model because it needs a downloader and I am using my moms computer.

    • Zeldafan#64

      You remind me od myself a lot, I’m 11 and I have a big pile of Minecraft papercrafts on my table and Ninjatoes’ Adult Link is my first model. Good luck on Young Link!

      • Thanks! His body, part of his right arm, head (Cap and hair not connected but assembled), and the tip of the sword are done.

    • Zeldafan#64

      I also use my mother’s computer, my mother’s computer is an iMac, if yours is too, I do recommend going to the App Store and downloading The Unarchiver, you can view most files with this application so I do recommend using it.

    • Hi there, I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying papercraft so much! ;o)

      Most papercraft models have some easy, but also more tricky parts, so take your time figuring out how to fold them, and if you think you got it but aren’t sure, you can try it without glue first, so you can always still change it (check the fold lines and fold it another way) if you need to.

      If you haven’t found it already, there’s a very nice video tutorial on the Yamaha website that explains the basic papercraft techniques, I’m sure you already know most or all of them already, but here’s the link anyway: http://global.yamaha-motor.com/yamahastyle/entertainment/papercraft/howto/0002.html

      I’m afraid I don’t know much about MAC computers because I have a Windows computer myself, but just like Zeldafan#64 there are many other MAC users that also enjoy papercraft so with a bit of searching I’m sure you can also find MAC specific papercraft help online if you need to! ;o)

      It can be troublesome if you can’t use download hosts, because many papercrafters use them because they don’t have (enough) webspace on their own website…

      If your mom is willing, maybe she can have a look at the file you want to download and verify that the filehost that they use is not a malicious/bad site (still, *always* have a good, up to date anti-virus software on your computer and always have it check any file you download with it!!) and she can download it for you?

      Some filehosts like 4Shared require you to make a free account first which is annoying, but with others, it’s just like downloading from a regular site.

      Nowadays thoguh, a lot of papercrafters also release their paper models directly in the Pepakura PDO file format (Pepakura Designer is a tool to create papercraft models) and they can only be opened with the Pepakura Viewer that you can download and use for free, but that program will only work on Windows computers I’m afraid, not on MACs… :o(

      Sometimes if you can find an e-mail adress on the webpage or if you can leave a comment, you can try contacting the creator explaining your situation and sometimes they can convert the Pepakura PDO file to a PDF file for you and send it to you directly, so you can still get and print the files (like for this paper model that I’m sure you already found: http://paperlegendpapercrafts.blogspot.com/2012/11/super-mario-64-mario.html)

      Or maybe you can ask a friend that has a Windows computer to download and convert the files for you if needed; with a “virtual PDF printer” like CutePDF or PrimoPDF (there are many different free ones) you can “print” PDO files to PDF files with the free Pepakura Viewer! ;o)

      (or maybe you can ask a teacher at school if you could use a school computer to download the files and ask them if they can install Pepakura Viewer and a “virtual PDF printer” to convert the files if the files are in PDO format?)

      (a lot of papercraft models in PDO file format don’t have separate instructions though, so if you can’t use the PDO file, you have to look at the finished pictures that you can find, and try to figure it out by looking at the fold lines yourself…!)

      Of course the easiest way if you can just download a PDF file yourself! ;o) There are many different papercraft Mario models of course (he’s very popular! ;o) but I’m afraid I don’t know all the ones that have PDF files instead of PDO files, or which sites use file hosts and which ones not of course…

      I do know on Nintendo Papercraft, some files are hosted on their own webspace so you should be able to download them like the Mario 64 head: http://www.nintendopapercraft.com/2009/05/super-mario-64-head.html but depending who made the model, they also link to the creator’s website instead…

      I did make a papercraft Mario myself some time ago, and DrakerDG also made one that you can download in PDF format, and there’s another old one that I remember, and although they are not specifically from Mario 64, you can download them directly and they have the same classic look so maybe you will like them anyway:

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better than this, but I hope you will be able to find a real papercraft Mario 64 that you can download and build without problems, or that you can ask a friend to download/print it for you…!

      Have fun!

  118. thank’ brother…..
    i like this model…………..

  119. how to download this part…..please….?

    • To download one of my models, you can click one of the buttons above, or in the “Papercraft categories” list on the right side of my papercraft webpage (depending on whether you want to make a papercraft Advance Wars unit, a Zelda character, a Star Trek spaceship, or whatever ;o)

      After you’ve chosen one of the different categories, you’ll see a list of models with pictures and the download links for the parts and instructions that you can download.

      Most of my models are in PDF format, so you will need a PDF reader to open them (many computers often already have the free Adobe PDF Reader installed, but you can choose a different one if you like of course.

      Some models come as a ZIP file, to open those you will need an “unzipping” tool; again most computers already have one, but if you don’t already, you can download a free one like 7-Zip, or another one that you like better.

      Hopefully this explains things a bit so you can download the paper model you want, have fun building! ;o)

  120. luv ya work :)

  121. Hey i am looking for stormtrooper paper craft …pl help…

  122. i wonder why don’t you post mario’s enemies like goombas, koopas, and bowser?
    anyway, i really like your work and look forward for your new models

    • That’s really just a matter of lack of time; papercraft is just a hobby of mine, and I have so many ideas for paper models, and so little time to do them… ;o)

      I did already make Mario: link and I’d love to make some more Mario characters and enemies in the future, but I can’t promise you when or which ones exactly, sorry…!

      Nowadays, there are lots of people that like to make paper models of their favourite video games though, and you can already find a lot of Mario ones, including enemies! ;o) A good place to start is Nintendo Papercraft: link but if you look around a bit on other papercraft and video game website, you can find *lots* more papercraft models from the Mario series to keep you busy!

      Have fun!

  123. Thank you! Now to end the interview, I need your permission to upload some of your papercrafts to my website. Can I have permission to upload the following papercrafts: Feirce Deity Link, Young Link, and Majora’s Mask?

  124. Hello! I love your models especially the fact that you make them PDF’s. It makes it so easier to print and download especially because I use an iMac. I am going to try to print out your OOT Adult Link and your Young Link along with Young Zelda and Ganondorf (not to mention Oni Link).

    So thank you for everything. For entertaining me for hours making the papaercrafts. I need to ask you some questions for my blog though. Feel free to answer them I really want an interview with “One of the best papercrafters ever” on my blog.
    1. How long have you had this website?
    2. What do you feel would be the hardest papercraft to build or even design?
    3. What is your favorite videogame?
    4. What would you say is your favorite papercraft out of all the website?
    5. What got you interested or inspired you to make the blog or start designing papaercrafts?
    6. Would you consider yourself a papercraft addict?
    That’s it thank you! Also, I need help finding papercraft websites (especially Zelda ones) that use PDF’s and only PDF’s. Because using them is so much easier for time’s sake. Once again thank you for ringing entertainment to me and others alike.

    • Thank you for all the compliments! ;o) I always have a lot of fun making my papercraft models, and it’s nice to hear other people enjoy them too of course.

      A lot of people that make papercraft models from video games like the Zelda series use Pepakura Designer as a tool to make them, but often they will also include a PDF version for people that can’t use Pepakura Viewer. Although you can’t always tell beforehand whether it includes a PDF file when you download a ZIP-file or another file package, but even if you can only find a PDO file, sometimes the designer is kind enough to convert it to a PDF file if you leave them a message about it, or maybe you can ask a friend that has a Windows computer to convert the file for you by using a “PDF printer”.

      I’ll try to answer your questions, but I have a habit of getting too excited and talking a lot when it comes to papercraft, so feel free to shorten the answers if they’re too long. ;o)

      1: I’ve been papercrafting ever since I was old enough to handle scissors I guess, but the first paper model I made for other people to download and build too was the Samurai Pizza Cats pizza parlour HQ, which was on August 24, 2002: link

      My parents got me a flatbed scanner for school, so I scanned all the parts I drew by hand, and made my very first website on Lycos (you can still see an archived version of it here: link)

      2: Making a paper model really is the same every time, whether it is a very simple model or a very detailed model, only with a very detailed or complex model, the parts are often smaller and there are a lot more of them of course. But the process is basically the same each time, only more complex models with lots of small parts take more time to create and are normally more difficult to build because really small parts are harder to handle. I think the most challenging model I ever myself so far is Melee Link, because it has *a lot* of *very* small parts…!

      3: I have a lot of favourite video games actually, of course I really like the Zelda series, and Final Fantasy; but if you really want me to choose, I think today I would say I like Tomb Raider 2 the best! (but maybe tomorrow I would give you a different, it’s a really difficult choice! ;o)

      4: Another difficult question, because there are so many paper models out there nowadays! My own personal favourite is still my own young Link from Majora’s Mask, because when I made it, there weren’t a lot of papercraft Zelda models like it yet (can you believe that now?? ;o) and a lot of people told me how much they liked how it looked like he jumped straight from the video game screen into the real world! ;o)

      5: I think the thing that really inspired me was just a piece of paper and the desire to make things from my favourite TV-shows and video games! But once we got connected to the internet, I found lots of papercraft sites with spaceships from movies and series like Star Wars and Star Trek, so I think that (and the scanner I just got ;o) was what put the idea into my head that I could make a website for my own paper models too! ;o)

      6: I think you could call me a papercraft addict, yes: I don’t have as much spare time as I used too of course, but I still absolutely love papercraft, and try to do it as often as I can! ;o)

      I hope you can find more papercraft Zelda models in PDF format! There are a lot of them but like I said, often people pack them together in a ZIP-file so you have to download it first before you can see if there’s a PDF version included, but I’m sure you can find lots more Zelda models in PDF format! ;o)

      Have fun building and with your blog!

      • Thank you very much! The answers are not very long considering how long other papercrafters answered. Due to the length of some of them I couldn’t even upload it due to the amount of characters. I don’t know too much about the techy things about downloading files and that on a computer. If you need help on downloading a game or knowing if its safe to play I’m your man, but because I’m 11 I still have much to learn. Thank you for everything.

  125. Hi, very nice models, working on young link currently.
    would love a (any) goron model, but thats not needed currently. i just started and have plenty of models printed and to be crafted for now =)
    what i would LOVE if your pdfs would have Color overflowing on the gluing tabs.
    that would increase the quality, at least for beginers like myself.

    but all in all, your works are great.

    i started my first builds using pepakura and i feared that your models would be much harder cause of the lack of 3d display of individual parts. but it works realy good.
    the alternating gluingtab layout is REALY great. witth them you can always see where to glue tabs even on dificult parts.

    sorry for the near wall of text XD

    • Hi there, I’m happy to hear you like my paper models so much! ;o)

      Making paper models, deciding how to unfold them, where the glueing tabs are and so on are are really personal preferences I think: everybody does it the way they like best and I don’t think there’s one, best way of course. ;o)

      I never really use the “colour overflow” option because it can make it too difficult to see where the part stops and the glueing tab begins, especially on paper models without fold lines or when the fold lines are blended in with the part colours which I like to do a lot…

      Sometimes I like to “edge-colour” my models (if you don’t know what that is, I made a small video about it here: link).

      Although it’s not particularly meant for the glueing tabs, you can colour those too with a marker or a pencil while you’re doing the edges of course, but it’s only for added insurance of course, because the glueing tabs themselves get covered up anyway when you glue the parts together (while the edges of the paper always stay visible on normal paper models).

      I like the alternating glueing tabs method a lot too, so that’s why I use it so much! ;o) Because they kinda “hook together”, it’s like you say very easy to see how to connect the parts.

      But even so, most paper models do have some difficult parts: most people that built my papercraft young Link say that glueing the hat to the head and hair is quite tricky, so be sure to fold and shape all the parts properly and take your time! (but you should always do that really ;o)

      Zelda is very popular amongst papercrafters, so if you browse the Zelda sections on http://nintendopapercraft.blogspot.com/ or just search around on the many other papercraft websites nowadays you can already find several different Gorons (and tons of other models too of course!) I would definitely like to make one myself too some time, but I’m afraid I can’t promise you when that’ll be…! :o(

      I provided some extra help for young Link, I don’t do that on all my models, but maybe if you get stuck it can help you. But I hope you won’t need it of course, have fun building! ;o)

      • thanks for the tips =)
        somehow i oversaw the goron on nintendopapercraft.
        about the difficulty, i havnt got any big problems with link sofar. the hat was no problem at all.
        the only infuriating part was the bottom of the torso where it connects to the belt. it took forever to fit it good without pushing it too far into the model =)

        im nearly finished, just the legs and equipment to go.
        ill try coloring the parts with a pen on my next model, so thanks for that too.

        keep up the good work and have a nice day =)

        • Ah yes, I changed the way I did the belts on the newer Nintendo 64 Zelda models I made, because I thought it was quite tricky on the models of princess Zelda and young Link too, but I’m glad you managed to get it done! ;o)

          I hope you can finish your papercraft Link without problems now; if you want you can send me a picture when it’s done and I’ll put it in the “hall of fame” for you! (but only if you want to of course, and take your time so you can make your paper Link the best way you can! ;o)

          Have fun building the rest of Link!

  126. I think your work is HELLA KOOL! I would love to see some models of BEN 10 characters. My son & I would BOTH go CRAZY!

  127. Can you please make a shootzone robot papercraft from ThrillVille? Not the kind from robot invasion, but the kind from Hauntings without the pumpkins. :) thanks!

    • Hi there! I really have so many ideas for future paper models, that I already don’t think I’ll ever be able to do them all… ;o)

      I have to say that I never played ThrillVille myself though, and unfortunately, that means that the chance that I’ll end up choosing a paper model from that game is not very big, sorry… :o(

      Most papercrafters are big video game fans too though, so I’m sure there are some Thrillville players amongst them too! ;o) There are many papercraft websites out there nowadays, and maybe somebody will make some models from the game some time (or maybe people already have? ;o)

      Don’t give up looking (I’m afraid I can’t remember seeing any yet, but that doesn’t mean it really definitely doesn’t exist of course!) and if you can’t find any now, keep checking back on big papercraft sites from time to time like Paperkraft.net to see if maybe someone made one!

      Sorry I can’t really help you better than this, I hope you can find what you’re looking for; good luck and have fun!

  128. Damn, a papercraft of Ron Stoppable besides Kim Possible would look just great. ;)
    Hope U find the inspiration to make one some day…

    • A papercraft Ron has been on my to do-list ever since I made Kim of course! ;o) I just have so many ideas for paper models, that I just don’t know when I’ll ever get around to it… There are so many models that I’ve been waiting to do for years already, so I can’t promise when I will finally make Ron or other Kim Possible characters, sorry…! :o(

  129. can you make ichigo from bleach please

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for your message, but papercraft is just a hobby of mine, and I’m afraid I can’t promise you which models I will do in the future exactly, sorry…

      There are other papercrafters that already made different papercraft Ichigos though, like Rexxkentrix: http://rexxkentrix.blogspot.com/ who has lots of papercraft models from Bleach, including Ichigo, and of course if you search around a bit on other papercraft sites, you can probably find some other ones as well! ;o)

      Besides “more realistic” paper models, you can also often find cute, much simpler paper toys, like this one from a person called Cyberdrone: http://cyberdrone.deviantart.com/art/Cubee-Ichigo-Bleach-159624125 or this one, from Kapilefty: http://kapilefty.blogspot.com/2011/08/bleach-ichigo-genetically-altered.html

      And just like with the “more realistic” models, you can probably find more paper toys if you look around too! ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better than this, but I hope you can find a nice papercraft Ichigo from one of the other papercraft sites that you like to build, have fun!

  130. hi there i want to know what kind of glue you use i use stick glue but is really hard to use with little pieces

    • I always use “TESA All-purpose glue” (link, but you can also find a picture in most of the instructions) they come in different size bottles but I alwaysuse the 90 grams one because I find it easy to work with.

      But really, most simple kids craft glues will do for glueing paper together of course: a lot of people use white PVA glue: in America for example many people use Elmer’s glue, or Aleene’s Tacky glue, and in countries like Germany, Uhu is a very popular brand. And a lot of people use carpenter’s / wood glue which also seems to work well.

      I think you’re right about the glue stick, because of the shape it’s not very easy to work with especially on small parts… Most liquid glues come in bottles that have a small opening which works better for that.

      The trick is not to use too much glue, or else you’ll have to hold it too long until it dries: only use a small amount of glue and spread it out and then put on the other part. That way, you should still be able to move it a little bit if needed, but you don’t have to hold it too long. ;o)

      I hope these tips help, have fun papercrafting!

  131. Slashersteve aka Steve marsh

    hi ninja im looking for a licker from resident evil to do do you know where i can find one

    • Hi there!

      Although there are quite a few paper models from the Resident Evil series already, I can’t remember seeing a papercraft “Licker” yet, sorry…

      But I could be wrong of course; if it does already exist it’s probably just difficult to find, maybe on a Resident Evil fan forum or on one of those Chinese or Korean papercraft forums?

      You might go looking for something that doesn’t exist though, but you can always keep an eye out of course in case it pops up some time, or maybe somebody will make it in the future! ;o)

      Sorry I can’t help you! :o(

  132. Slashersteve aka Steve marsh

    hi ninja im looking for the highwind design from final fantasy 7 do you know where i could find one ???? i know kaizo did have one but im unablke to get it and have tried contacting him but to no avail

    • It’s too bad Kaizo won’t respond to your e-mail, because he made *a lot* of neat papercraft models, from Final Fantasy and some others as well… :o(

      I don’t know if he ever made a papercraft Final Fantasy VII Highwind airship though; I know he built one, but I think that’s the one from http://www.sd-sascha.com/site/gb-paper.html (scroll down a bit past the Macross/Robotech models, he actually made 3 different versions)

      Those links should still work, so have fun building!

    • Slashersteve aka Steve marsh

      thanks ninja they are just what i am looking for

  133. Hey Ninjatoes! It’s me again, asking you if you know any websites for Star Wars papercraft I am specifically looking for an AT-AT.

  134. I sent an email to LEGO® requesting that they adopt minifigure papercrafting as a marketing strategy (Yamaha has done the same thing, try googling it), and I got the following response. In it they ask for LEGO fans and papercrafters to contact them and let them know there is support for this approach. PLEASE DO!!!

    They even have a shoutout for Ninjatoes!!!

    Dear Scott,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    I’m sorry, but even though I think your Papercraft Templates would make a brilliant LEGO® activity, we can’t accept your suggestion. I know this might be disappointing to hear, but we have a team of experts in Denmark whose job it is to dream up new LEGO sets, themes and toys. They tell me it takes years to plan everything. They need to test all the new ideas, talk to the factory about how to make them, work out what sort of box is needed and then deliver the new sets to all the shops in 130 countries! This means that there’s a good chance they could already be working on something similar to your idea.

    I’m a fellow papercrafter and a 38 year old fan who was fortunate enought to get a job working for LEGO. I am well aware of some of the awesome papercraft minifigures Ninjatoes and others have created. I know Pepakura well too!

    Please have your friends and colleauges who are LEGO papercraft fans write or email us! This is the next big thing, but we need more marketing data from our fans.

  135. Seriously, you guys are awesome!!

  136. do you know anyone who has made a technoblin from zelda skyward sword

    • There aren’t a lot of papercraft Skyward Sword models yet I’m afraid, and I don’t know if anybody made a Technoblin yet, sorry… (but it could be that I just missed it of course, so don’t give up looking! ;o)

  137. Hello!!! Anyone have the model Iron Man Mark 1 from jp-papercraft? The site is down…

    • I think you’re talking about the paper model on http://jp-papercraft.blogspot.com/2011/09/iron-man-mark-1.html but unfortunately, Jp-papercraft seems to have indeed deleted his entire papercraft weblog… :o(

      With the Google search engine, you can still find some cached versions of the Jp-papercraft weblog like the Jason Voorhees mask that was posted the same month as the Iron Man Mark I suit: link, but I haven’t been able to find a cached version of the Iron Man Mark I suit itself…

      Unfortunately, I don’t think it would do much good anyway, because Jp-papercraft also seems to have deleted all his download files on 4Shared, so it seems he really doesn’t want people downloading his models anymore… :o(

      I think there’s a DeviantArt account from the same person: http://jp-papercraft.deviantart.com/gallery/

      But as you can see, it seems to be the same story: there’s no info (anymore?) so it looks like this person doesn’t want to have anything to do with the paper models he made under the name Jp-papercraft anymore…? :o(

      Because paper models from Iron Man are quite popular and nowadays, there are many sites that upload other people’s models to their own websites or filehosts, maybe you can still find a copy if you look really hard, but I’m afraid I can’t send you the model myself, sorry…

        • When I checked it myself this morning, I actually got the same result as you (“This weblog has been removed”) but it looks like Jp-papercraft is back up now! ;o)

          It seems for the newer models like the Resident Evil zombie mask, the downloads are still working, but the download for the Mark I Iron Man suit still doesn’t seem to be available on 4Shared anymore I guess unfortunately… :o(

          I don’t see an e-mail adress anywhere, but maybe you can leave a comment now on Jp-papercraft’s weblog about it, or leave a message on the shoutbox (Chou is the name of the person behind JP-papercraft, and he seems to reply regularly there).

          I hope you’ll be able to contact him to ask about the Iron Man Mark I suit!

  138. Could you make a Legend Of Zelda OoT Adult Zelda papercraft? The only one I can find has been removed, and I’d really like to make one :(

    • Right now, I’m actually working on an adult Link from Ocarina of Time! ;o) I really like the Legend of Zelda, and I hope to do many more papercraft models from the series, but I’m afraid I can’t promise you if/when I’ll make an adult Zelda too, because I have so many other ideas as well…

      If you find a papercraft model and the original link to it is dead, don’t give up on it, especially if it’s from a popular series like the Legend of Zelda: try to contact the creator about it, and if they don’t respond anymore, often you can still find it uploaded on somebody else’s site.

      I hope you’ll be able to contact the creator so they can still send you the files, or that you’ll be able to find it elsewhere! ;o)

  139. Hello Sir or Madam,

    I realy love your papercraft models and would like to make my own. Do you have any plans for making a tutorial on the design process of making papercrafts.

    • For me, making a good, step by step tutorial on how to make a papercraft model (and not having it turn into a simple 3D tutorial of which there are already tons to be found that already explain things much better than I would ever can ;o) would be very difficult and take a lot of time that I simply don’t have unfortunately…

      There are really many ways to make a papercraft model, either using a computer tool or just by hand: https://ninjatoes.wordpress.com/comment-page-127/#comment-21360

      But I think the most important tip I can give you, is to take your time to learn: build lots of paper models made by other people, and you will gain lots of experience thinking logically, about how flat, 2D paper parts can turn into 3D paper shapes and then vice versa of course, and what kinds of unfolds do work well, and which ones you think don’t, and that’s really all you need to know if you want to make your own paper models! ;o)

      Other than that, it’s really just a matter of trying out your ideas, see if they work, and change them if they don’t. ;o)

      If you want to use a computer tool, just have fun playing around with it first to learn what all the buttons do yourself, instead of mindlessly following a tutorial telling you exactly which buttons to push to get the same result as they did…

      On my papercraft weblog, I often post my “Works in progress”, showing the steps and decisions I take (why I like to break down a complex shape in separate, simpler shapes, how I try to make sure the 3D model’s shapes will be easy to unfold, how I try to unfold the shapes in an easy to build way, etc…) when I’m making a new papercraft model, either by hand or using the computer: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/search/label/Work%20In%20Progress

      It will give you an idea on how I make my paper models, but the best way to learn for everybody I really believe, is to just have fun building other people’s models, learning from them, and then simply start doing.

      Learn from your own “mistakes”, and never be afraid to go back a step to change things if they don’t work. Everything takes time to learn, but it’s just a hobby, so take that time and have fun!

  140. I love your models but can you make more warcraft models

    • I always have lots of different ideas for future papercraft models, but I definitely plan on making more WarCraft models, yes! (but I can’t promise you when exactly… ;o)

  141. WOW. I love your work. Very cute and creative. Thanks for sharing. I will prepare the Final Fantasy. Congratulations and continue to be.

    • Thank you for the compliments! I always enjoy making my paper models, so I’m happy to hear you like them too. ;o)

      I hope you’ll enjoy building the Final Fantasy model, take your time and have fun!

  142. I just finished the papercrafts you sent me Ninjatoes I didn’t finish them right now barely because they were too advanced I just barely got to them. Also could you please please I beg of you tell me how to make papercraft templates because I want to make my own templates without downloading because It’s too difficult and it won’t download because I use an iMac. And because the browser is different it won’t download so please tell me.

    • Making paper models isn’t necessarily very difficult, it just takes lots of time. ;o)

      Like most papercrafters nowadays I think, I often use a program called Pepakura Designer: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/ to unfold a digital 3D model into 2D papercraft parts, but unfortunately, I don’t think it will run on an iMac…

      There are other computer programs that you can use, like SketchUp with a unfold plugin that you can download: http://sites.google.com/site/jimfoltz/sketchup/my-sketchup-plugins/unfold-tool/unfoldtool.zip or this one: http://www.pumpkinpirate.info/flattery/

      Blender has a unfold plugin too if I’m correct: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?101194-Creating-paper-models

      Other people even used MS Excel to calculate the 2D, unfolded pattern of 3D shapes: http://sketchup-p-p.blogspot.com/

      And here’s an old tutorial of somebody who simply uses MS Word: http://web.archive.org/web/20101125205515/http://jleslie48.com/tutorial/tutorial0603mswordpsp60/cs.html

      So as you see, there are many different ways, and some are easier, some are more difficult. And I think if you look around online, you can find many more tips and tutorials on how to make your own papercraft models! ;o)

      But even if you do use a computer program that does a lot of the work for you, it’s important to keep thinking about it yourself!

      Try to imagine yourself what the 3D shape that you want to make will look like when it is folded flat *before* the computer program does it for you.

      That way, you can even make paper models by hand by simply drawing the 2D shapes with a ruler and a pencil! For a lot of people, that’s often even easier than using a computer. ;o)

      For simple shapes (cubes, beams, cylinders, cones…) it really isn’t that difficult, but of course with very complex shapes, maybe you won’t be able to imagine how to unfold it in your head right away.

      But if you simply try it out (draw and test build it the way you think it should be) you can keep adjusting it until you get it right! ;o)

      It takes a lot of time, but the more you do it, the better you get at it of course (but that’s also the case if you use a computer program ;o)

      Good luck and most importantly, take your time to learn and have fun!

  143. it was the summer holidays over at my school and i just found out that the knight model has just been released. wow. it looks pretty awesome. btw any starfox assault arwing papercrafts yet?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like the papercraft LEGO knight! I’m very proud of him too, he turned out great! ;o)

      I don’t recall anybody releasing a new papercraft StarFox Arwing yet I’m afraid, just the old ones…

  144. your paper crafts are so cool!
    all my fav Zelda characters are here! Even the clock town puppy! I’m having a lot of fun making your models! It be also cool if you made Byrne from The legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. Best site for paper crafting is this one!

  145. Can you make MineCraft papercraft if you can’t I can figure it out myself no biggy

  146. can you make dragon ball character? but please make the finger more simple

  147. Sorry if this sounds inconvenient and hard for you to do. But I just cant seem to be able to print out the pagesfor your papercrafts. Could you probably send me an E-mail so could you send me the images of your: easiest Zelda crafts, Mario crafts? I would like to do it myself but I just can’t seem to do it sorr for the inconvenience.

    • One or two times won’t be a bother of course, but I’m afraid I can’t do it each time of for everyone of course, so first, I hope you can check or try some things to see if we can solve your problem that way:

      The files on my webpage are all under direct links, so if you click them, they should automatically start downloading if they’re ZIP-files, asking you where you want to save them, or open directly in a browser window if they’re PDF files (like Mario).

      I tried the Mario download links, and they seem to be working fine. Before you try again, maybe you have to clear your temporary internet files and the internet cache on your computer (sometimes it gets corrupted if you don’t clean it regularly, and then instead of a fresh, renewed webpage, your computers keeps loading the old, corrupted one).

      If left-clicking the download links doesn’t seem to work, try *right*-clicking the link, and choosing “Save as…” directly from the menu that pop-ups. (be sure to remember the destination where you save the file! ;o)

      If you were able to download the files okay, but you’re having trouble opening them, make sure you have the right programs to do so (like I said, my papercraft models are either in ZIP-file format, or in PDF-file format).

      For ZIP-files, you need an unpacking tool: most computers nowadays already have one installed that can de-compress the most popular compressed file formats like ZIP or RAR, but if yours doesn’t, you can find many free ones online like http://www.7-zip.org/

      If you already have an unpacking tool installed on your computer, then when you double-click a ZIP-file, it will ask you a place to unpack the files inside (choose a destination you can remember, like your computer’s desktop).

      The unpacking tool will then create a a new folder, with the de-compress files inside (for my paper models, they will be simple *.jpg image files, which any image viewer should be able to open).

      For PDF files, you need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer. Again, most computers nowadays already have one installed, like http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

      If it is installed properly (don’t forget to update it regularly!), when you click a PDF link on a website, the PDF file will automatically open in your browser window.

      Then you can save it to your computer by clicking the “File”-menu and choosing “Save as..”

      Make sure the unpacking tool and PDF reader of your choice are installed and updated properly, and then everything should work fine really! ;o)

      I hope these tips work, but please let me know if it still doesn’t!

      • It just can’t work.

        • I’m sorry to hear the problem wasn’t solved by these basic tips… :o( I’ll see if I can send you Paper Mario and Majora’s Mask, so I hope the problem isn’t with the programs you need to open them (otherwise it won’t make a difference of course… :o(

          Because all the files and download links seem to be okay, I’m afraid I can’t really help you from this end, but maybe you can try to see if other websites and other ZIP and PDF files give you the same problems, or you can try at a friend’s house or at school/work to see if it works on their computer? Maybe somebody you know that knows a lot about computers can help and solve your download problem?

          If it’s just my webpage, then you can find many more papercraft models on other sites as well, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to build any paper models at all, but of course I hope you can get the problem solved anyway! ;o)

          Good luck and have fun papercrafting!

  148. liesson julius

    why can’t i click on x-men?

  149. can you make a sora model from kingdom hearts 1?

  150. can you make adventure time with finn and Jake paper-crafts because all the other models on the web are too blocky or rar.

    • I’m afraid I can’t promise you that I’ll make Adventure Time models, sorry…

      Most of the Adventure Time models I know are very blocky too; PaperPokés made an Adventure Time model earlier this year as an April Fool’s joke that is a little bit less blocky: http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net/2012/04/adventure-time-papercraft-finn-and-jake.html

      And there’s another one that’s a little less blocky than most Adventure Time models here: http://x3darts.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html

      Maybe you already knew about those, but I guess they’re the least blocky Adventure Time models I can think of, off the top of my head…

      • i tried to but there rar. and i cant download those

        • A *.rar file is in essence the same as a *.zip file, they’re both compressed archives, they just use different ways of compressing the files inside.

          Most computers will already have a file compressing/decompressing tool installed that can handle many different compressed file formats, but if yours doesn’t, you can choose many different ones (like 7-Zip: http://www.7-zip.org/) that you can download and install for free.

          The native tool for *.rar files is WinRAR, which can handle several different compression formats: http://www.rarlab.com/otherfmt.htm but like WinZIP (the native tool for *.zip files: http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/62/) it is a commercial program, so unless you buy a registration code, you will get a pop-up advertisement every time you keep using for free after a number of days.

          If you already have a file archiving tool on your computer, it’s worth checking out which file formats it supports: the *.rar format is quite popular, so most modern file archiving tools will support it, but maybe you need to set to set the file association so it recognizes them (check the help files of your file archiving tool or the FAQ on their website on how to do so).

          greetz ninjatoes

  151. Is there any chance you will make more world of warcraft models

    • The WarCraft model I made so far is from WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos, which was kinda like the prequel of World of WarCraft. ;o) World of WarCraft has lots of neat stuff that would make very nice paper models I think, but with all the other ideas I already have, I really can’t promise you if or when I will finally make a World of WarCraft model…

      I’m sure you already know about the Unofficial World of WarCraft Papercrafts blog? http://wowpapercraft.blogspot.com/

      It has lots of papercraft World of WarCrafts models already, and there are lots more you can find on other papercraft sites as well; I’m sure you’ll be able to find some very nice models already! ;o)

  152. LiessonJulius

    hey i have a request.. can you make naruto? or Kakashi?

  153. nellaarabrab

    You. Are. Amazing!!! I will be making as many of these as I can. My plan: to fill my husband’s desk at work! (*evil laugh).

  154. My eleven year old son loves making your models he has made twilight princess link,zora link,wolf link and he is making king of red lions now

    • I’m happy to hear your son likes my paper models! Papercraft is a fun hobby, but it can be very timeconsuming… ;o)

      The King of Red Lions is a very big model with some parts that are quite difficult, but if he built wolf Link already, I’m sure he can do it (that one is even more challenging with quite a lot of small parts, I think).

      The sail on King is so big, that it causes the mast to bend unless you use extra strong paper for the mast, or if you don’t reinforce the mast on the inside, so remind him to be careful when he comes to that part! ;o)

      (if the mast bends anyway despite reinforcing it, you can also try tying a string from the top of the mast to the base of the figurehead)

      Tell him to have fun building! ;o)

  155. i love your models and i have made majoras mask and oni link but can you make portal and portal 2 papercraft

  156. can you make princess zelda from twilight princess? please! or sheik! pleeeeeaseeee or both!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  157. if you can,can you make a papercraft of kairi from kingdom hearts?

    • A papercraft Kairi is definitely on my “to do”-list as part of my Kingdom Hearts series, but unfortunately, I can’t promise you when I’ll finally get around to making here yet, sorry…

      There are some simple Cubee/hako papercraft toys of her out there, and I thought there was a more “realistic”, detailed version already too, but I think that was just an announcement of sombody planning to make it, and I don’t think it got finished… :o(

      • I am working on donald duck from the first kingdom hearts game, which kairi were you doing?

          • Ah, you have your own papercraft weblog! Once you finish your papercraft Donald Duck, I’ll add your weblog to the links section on my papercraft weblog. ;o)

            Until then, have fun working on Donald! Take your time! ;o)

        • I don’t know which Kairi I’ll make yet, really; I made Sora from Kingdom Hearts II because I liked that version better, but for Kairi, I think all her versions are quite cute. ;o)

          But I’m not working on her right now, though…! I have lots of ideas for paper models, so it might be a long time before I get around to making a paper Kairi…

  158. when is the papercraft Lego black night coming. it looks soooo awesome. hes my Favorite minifig

    • I’m working on the sword and shield right now in SketchUp, they’re the last two pieces I need to make. I will test build them first, but I don’t expect many problems really. ;o)

      Then I will have to make the final templates with all the correct and fixed parts, and then I will build it myself first so I can make the instructions (and then I will have to make the instructions ;o)

      But because I can only work on it off and on, I think it will still take a week or two, three perhaps. You can stay up to date on the progress on my papercraft weblog: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/

      And of course once it’s finished, I’ll post it here on my papercraft webpage too so you can download the parts and instructions to build it. ;o)

  159. What kind of all purpose printer friendly paper would you suggest?

    • I always use 200 gsm (200 grams per square meter) paper, which is about 2.5 times as thick as regular printer paper (that’s usually about 75-80 gsm).

      Most papercrafters use anything between 120-200 gsm. I don’t think the specific brand is important though; try to find a nice brand that does the job and that’s not too expensive. ;o)

      Some people like to use glossy paper or even photopaper, which is always a bit thicker of its own already. It gives the finished model a glossy/shiny finish, but not everybody likes working with it because of the glossy layer.

      So it’s really a personal preference, and the best tip I can give you is to try out which paper you like yourself; maybe if you explain yourself, you can ask the shopkeeper if you can try out a few pages first before buying a whole pack of paper?

      I hope you can find a type of paper that you like, have fun building!

  160. have you seen any dead space 2 or 1 papercraft anywhere?

  161. ninjatoes have you ever sold your papercraft? because im planning to sell mine. if yes how much money did you get for it

    • No, I never sold any of my models, because papercraft is first of all only a hobby of mine that I like to do for fun, and secondly, all the models I made so far are based on characters or other things from video games or TV series, so they’re not really mine to sell. ;o)

  162. please can u make a papercraft of L from death note…hes my favourite character…btw your works are amazingg simply the best

    • I’m afraid I already have so many ideas, that I really can’t promise you whether I’ll make a papercraft Death Note L in the future, sorry…

      There are a lot of Death Note fans, and sometimes people talk about making a paper model of it, but for some reasons there still aren’t many Death Note paper models out there yet… :o(

      There are some simplified paper Cubees (including L) here: http://animepapertoys.blogspot.nl/search/label/DEATH%20NOTE

      Another simple L toy here: http://fav.me/d2vpp0f (looks like this: http://fav.me/d4i6n2e when finished)

      There’s a chibi, “nendoroid”-style Light Yagami floating around too, it shouldn’t be too hard to find with Google or another search engine.

      And of course there are probably others as well, but I don’t know if anybody made a more detailed Lawliet already…?

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better than this, but I hope you will find a nice papercraft L that you’ll like!

  163. okay so i am building the lego captain knoest right at this moment. i build the thing that keeps the head and the brown thing that he wears (part 16). i do a test to see if it fits knoest’s head but it doesnt plz help. oh yeah this is the same guy that asks for the starfox assault arwing.

    • Do you mean the holes on parts 35 and 40 (the brown thing that he wears on his shoulders) is not big enough to fit over the the cylinder that you have to make from 16?

      All the separate parts (arms, legs, head etc.) are made to fit quite tightly together, so they won’t fall apart all the time.

      But because it is only paper of course, you need to use thicker, stronger paper than usual, or else it won’t be strong enough if you take the pieces apart and put them back together all the time.

      I always use 200 gsm (grams per square meter) which is about 2.5 times as thick as regular printer, and with that, the parts are strong enough and the holes are just the right size so the parts fit together very tightly.

      There are two you can solve the problem: you can make the neck (part 16) smaller, or the holes on parts 35 and 50 bigger.

      If you want to make the holes bigger, be careful you don’t cut off *too* much at once and make them *too* big…!

      It’s best to trim them only a little bit at a time, try to see if it fits, and if it doesn’t, you can always cut off a little more, try again, and so on until it fits correctly.

      To make a cylinder thinner, you can glue the end a little bit over the white of the glueing tab (you will have to trim the top a little bit as well until it fits of course).

      To make the walls of a cylinder a little bit wider, colour the edge of the glueing tab in the appropriate colour and then glue on the other end so that it doesn’t completely cover the glueing tab.

      It’s hard to explain in words, but with the parts in front of you I hope you can understand what I mean, it’s really not very difficult.

      Keep working as precise as you can, because there are a lot of parts that need to fit very tightly together on my papercraft LEGO minifigs, but don’t be afraid to adjust the pieces a little bit if you need to to make it work better.

      Good luck and have fun!

  164. is pepakura designer and view free if so how can you download it to your usb stick?

    • Pepakura Viewer is 100% free, so you can use it without restrictions to open and print Pepakura *.pdo files that other people made. You can download the latest version from this page: link (the older versions are at the bottom, but those won’t be able to open *.pdo files that were made with the newer versions of Pepakura Designer!)

      Pepakura Designer, that you can use to make your own papercraft models, is not free, but you can try it out first before you decide to buy it. You can download it from this page: link (again, the older versions are at the bottom, but those won’t be able to open *.pdo files that were made with the newer versions!)

      In the trial/shareware version, all the unfold functions will work, and you can also print your paper model to build it, but without buying a registration key first, you won’t be able to save the *.pdo file you made and you can’t export the unfolded template to save it.

      I remember the old versions (V.1) of Pepakura Designer and Viewer didn’t have an installer so you should be able to run from a USB stick on a Microsoft Windows (neither Pepakura Designer or Viewer will work on a Mac computer) but I haven’t tried it myself to be honest to see if it will work, and like I said before, Pepakura Viewer and Designer V.1 won’t be able to open files that were made using Pepakura Designer V.2 or 3…!

      The newer versions all come with installers if I’m correct, so I think they only work if you install them directly on your computer; but if you want to be sure, you can always ask the people from Tamasoft if there’s also a portable version using the inquiry form on the Pepakura website: link

      • how can you download pepakura designer to a usb stick?

        • The same way you download it to your computer’s hard disk really; but instead of choosing your hard disk (C:/…) you choose your USB stick as a location (check the drive letter under “My Computer”, it’s different on each computer).

          But I think it is not possible to run the latest versions of Pepakura Designer directly from a USB stick: I think they need to be installed on your computer first for them to work.

          You can try the oldest version (Ver.1.1d at the bottom of this page: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/designerhtml )

          Because it doesn’t have an installer, maybe it will work if you download the file to your USB stick, unzip it, and then run the *.exe file, but I’m not sure (if you really want to know, just ask the people from Tamasoft using the inquiry contact form from their site: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/user/support_form.php

          Don’t forget that Pepakura Designer Ver.1.1.d won’t be able to open Pepakura *.pdo files made with version 2 or 3, and that you need to buy a registration key before you can save or export your work (you can unfold and print with the unregistered version, though)

  165. Ninjatoes can you please make a model of Pain from Naruto Shippuuden? Please I really want to make pain, please make a model sir.

    • I’m afraid I already have so many ideas, and only so little time, that I can’t promise to do specific models, sorry… But there are a lot more papercrafters out there nowadays, and I’m sure a lot of them like Naruto too, so maybe somebody will make it some day! ;o)

  166. hi ninjatoes just sayin why isnt the nintendo zapper instructions a pdf? ive downloaded it and it is in photos plz help

    • Because I host all the files to build my papercraft models on my own, personal webspace, I have to be careful not to use up *too much* webspace… Especially for some of my early models, I put the images in ZIP files, because it takes up less webspace.

      But to be honest, all the instructions for all my paper models are in the form of photos, even the PDF ones! ;o)
      If you want to put the photos for the Nintendo Zapper in one file too because you find it more convenient, you can simplu copy+paste them into a Word-file for example, and/or make a PDF yourself with a free PDF printer for example.

  167. (same guy) ninjatoes have you found any starfox arwing assault papercrafts yet?
    p.s i know about the nintendo papercraft website ones

    • No, sorry; I still haven’t found any new Arwing papercraft models… :o(

      • too bad… can you plz plz plz design some starfox assault arwing papercraft templates plz (if you can)

        • I’m afraid I still can’t promise you to do so; there are simply so many paper models that I still want to do, and I really don’t know if I will come around to making a new Arwing some time, sorry…

  168. ninjatoes is the hero of twilight paper-craft hard to make?

    • Most parts aren’t; be sure to take your time and pre-shape (score and fold or bend/curve) the parts before your glue them together. Follow the instructions if you run into trouble, and if you’re not sure about a certain part, try fitting it together without glue first to see if it fits the way you thought.

      I think the most difficult parts are the hands; assemble the fingers one by one by pre-shaping them around a tooohpick first (just recently, somebody asked me about the hands and fingers, you can read about it in the comments on the Twilight Link post: link)

      Yamaha has a very good papercraft tutorial with some general tips and tricks that’s worth checking out: link

      But the most important tip I can give you, is still to take your time, and don’t try to build all of it in one day; although it’s not necessarily a very difficult model, it simply takes time to cut out, shape and glue together all the parts, so when you feel you’ve done enough for the day, store the parts in safe place and continue another time.

      And of course: Have fun! ;o)

  169. wow…. i tried to do this and the colors are in negative -.- wtf?

    • Do you mean you tried to print one of my papercraft models and the colours came out wrong?

      I’m afraid I have no idea what might be causing that… :o( Some of my models are in JPG image format, which pretty much all image viewers should be able to open and print without problems.

      Other models are in PDF format, for which you need a PDF viewer. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have the latest version/update of your PDF viewer, although I don’t know if that would cause any problems really.

      Check your printer settings too (and make sure you have plenty of ink! ;o), and see if other PDF and/or JPG files cause problems too.

      If the colours already look wrong when you open the file before printing it, maybe somebody went wrong downloading it. Delete the temporary internet files and clear the internet cache, close all your browser windows, and then try downloading the files again.

      I hope you can figure out the problem and fix the problem!

  170. hi i cant not download pepakura and i suck on pint and ass loges its just a tutorial den im happy

    (i love your models:D

    • I’m afraid I didn’t understand all of that… (?) but I did get that you can’t use Pepakura Designer?

      Although nowadays, many people use Pepakura Designer (including myself for a lot of my models) to create paper models, it is not the only way of course!

      There are other computer programs that you can use, like SketchUp with a unfold plugin that you can download: link and Blender has a unfold plugin too if I’m correct: link

      Other people even used MS Excel to calculate the 2D, unfolded pattern of 3D shapes: link

      And here’s a tutorial of somebody who simply uses MS Word: link

      So as you see, there are many different ways, and some are easier, some are more difficult. And I think if you look around online, you can find many more tips and tutorials on how to make your own papercraft models! ;o)

      But even if you do use a computer program that does a lot of the work for you, it’s important to keep thinking about it yourself!

      Try to imagine yourself what the 3D shape that you want to make will look like when it is folded flat *before* the computer program does it for you.

      That way, you can even make paper models by hand by simply drawing the 2D shapes with a ruler and a pencil! ;o)

      For simple shapes (cubes, beams, cylinders, cones…) it really isn’t that difficult, but of course with very complex shapes, maybe you won’t be able to imagine how to unfold it in your head right away.

      But if you simply try it out (draw and test build it the way you think it should be) you can keep adjusting it until you get it right! ;o)

      It takes a lot of time, but the more you do it, the better you get at it of course (that’s also the case if you use a computer program ;o)

  171. hi and on youtube plz show how to make papercraft thx

    • There really is so much you could say about making papercraft models, and it would take me so long to try and make and make a good tutorial…

      On my weblog, I have a work in progress section (link) with updates on my both my hand drawn models and the ones I make using Pepakura Designer, which can give you an idea on how I do it (but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only or the best way of course! ;o)

      But papercraft really isn’t as difficult as most people seem to think, and just by playing around and making a few simple models, you’ll quickly understand the logic behind it. ;o)

      On forums like the Nintendo Papercraft forum you can find lots of tips and help too (link) because a lot of people like to make paper models nowadays! ;o)

  172. hi ninjatoes plz do a new Categories wild animals.
    and do a fox plz and wolfes thx
    and thx

    • I do like wild animals, although I haven’t really made any paper ones myself yet (except one or two from video games).

      I can’t promise you which models I will do in the future I’m afraid, but there are many papercrafters out there, and many of them like wild animals too! ;o)

      And some big companies also have a papercraft bonus section on their websites, and animals are very popular: Yamaha for example has a great animal series (link) and so do Konica Minolta (link) Canon (link) and Epson (link).

      The only papercraft wolf I made myself so far is from the Zelda game Twilight Princess: link but there are also more realistic ones from Canon for example: link or from this site: link

      As for a fox, there are many cute paper toy foxes out there already, like the one on this page: link or this one: link

      And Kirin Beverage just added a simple and less cartoony fox to their animal series just a few days ago! link ;o)

      Of course, these are just the ones that I remembered from the top of my hat, so be sure to search around a bit, and I’m sure you can find lots more!

      Have fun!

  173. ninjatoes how many pages does the Nintendo zapper have (just checking because i have quite a short amount of card left) thx

    • same guy who posted this: wait i downloaded it thx gonna build it now

      • Although the NES Zapper is life-sized, you only need 4 sheets of paper to build it (altough if you’re building the lineless version, I do recommend downloading the version with lines as well (although in that case you don’t need to print it of course) so you can check where you need to fold.

        The grey and orange version are the same except for the colours, so you can choose which one you like better (each ZIP file has the 4 sheets for one Zapper gun). Have fun building!

  174. ninjatoes have you seen the real steel paper models? if you have can you post them on your website and also make other models related to real steel aswell (if you can) thx same guy

    • Yes, I know about the papercraft Real Steel Noisy Boy boxing robot from an official site, this is the link: link

      There are both a simple and a more detailed version, both in full colour and in black and white. I posted it on my Twitter account (link) but my papercraft webpage here is really just for my own models. My papercraft weblog (link) is where I post all the daily features (and works in progress and other news).

      I can’t promise you whether I’ll make some Real Steel robots myself, though; I already have so many ideas, that I don’t think the chance is very big, sorry… I seem to remember Paper Replika mentioning on their Facebook page that they were thinking about making one (Atom, I think) but I can’t find the post anymore so I don’t know what happened to it, or if I just imagined it…?? :o(

  175. wow this great figure greetings

  176. I hope you can help me out
    Whenever i edit a model and load up it in metasequoia, the textures get messed up & i know nothing on how to fix textures. If you want i can send you the sample file.

    • For Metasequoia (or any other 3D program) to know how to place the textures on the models, the 3D file will need to have a UV-map (it’s built into the 3D file, and it’s basically a “map” which tells the coordinates how and where the texture file should be placed on the 3D model).

      Often this UV map is not there, or it got messed up (sometimes this happens if you extract 3D models from games for example, because the extraction process isn’t perfect). Unfortunately, you would have to fix the UV map by hand if that is the case…

      The freeware version of Metasequoia doesn’t have a UV Editor, but the shareware version does: link

      Here you can find a Metasequoia texturing tutorial, but you can search around for others too of course: link

      You’ll also have to make sure that the textures are in format that Metasequoia can use (*.bmp or *.jpg for instance, they are very common) and that the right paths are set.

      If your 3D model indeed has textures, press Ctrl+M to bring up the material panel, and you should see the textures listed. Double click them, and next to “Texture” at the bottom of the new panel, click the “Ref” button, and then browse to where you saved the texture files.

      I can’t be sure the problem is one of these two of course, but they’re the most common problems; the second one is easily solved, but the first one is not such an easy fix I’m afraid and requires some experience (and a lot of patience ;o)

      • nevermind
        found that Metasequoia somehow inverted the textures
        just used photoshop and created the mirror image of the texture which fixed the problem

        • Yes, sometimes that happens; when you open a *.obj file in Metasequoia for example (maybe on other filetypes too, but I haven’t tried yet) you have the option the “Invert V of mapping”, that usually fixes it.

          You can also “Flip Right and Left” (if the entire model is mirrored) or “Invert Faces” (if the model is inside out) and of course you can also fix these issues manually yourself after you’ve already opened the file.

          I’m glad to hear it was an easy fix, have fun making your papercraft model!

  177. hey thank you so much for your information i like your all one-hundred-and-seventeen models.

    • Thank you, I’m very happy to hear that of course! I enjoyed making them and I still have a lot of ideas, so I hope to make many more in the future! ;o)

  178. (same guy) i made your link on a horse and it turned out great… you know all the times i asked if there was a starfox assault papercraft arwing, if you can,can YOU make some templates for a starfox assault arwing papercraft, i don’t care about how long it takes.i dont even care if it takes 10 months or 10 years.

    i know your designing a load of papercrafts right now….

    p.s i told my friends about your website now he’s making your papercrafts now :D
    p.p.s do you play minecraft?

    • Hi there!

      I’m glad you like your papercraft Epona and Link! I remember you asking me about a “new version” Arwing before, but I’m afraid I still can’t promise you whether I’ll make one…

      But if you’re willing to wait 10 years, there is a chance that I will, because I’m a big Nintendo fan. ;o)

      But I hope someone will make one earlier than that so you can build it…! ;o) Starfox is still quite popular, and with a lot of Nintendo fans making papercraft models nowadays, there’s a good chance someone will make it, although I don’t know when of course.

      I hope your friend will like my paper models too! ;o)

      I don’t play Minecraft, but I’m sure you already know that there are also a lot of paper models of it? Over on this forum for example: link but there are lots more Minecraft papercraft sites.

      And because the shapes are quite simple, I think there will be many more! ;o)

    • Hi there!

      I’m happy to hear you like your papercraft Epona and Link! I remember you asking me about a “new version” Arwing before, but I’m afraid I still can’t promise you whether I’ll make one…

      But if you’re willing to wait 10 years, there is a chance that I will, because I’m a big Nintendo fan. ;o)

      But I hope someone will make one earlier than that so you can build it…! ;o) Starfox is still quite popular, and with a lot of Nintendo fans making papercraft models nowadays, there’s a good chance someone will make it, although I don’t know when of course.

      I hope your friend will like my paper models too! ;o)

      I don’t play Minecraft, but I’m sure you already know that there are also a lot of paper models of it? Over on this forum for example: link but there are lots more Minecraft papercraft sites.

      And because the shapes are quite simple, I think there will be many more! ;o)

  179. Hey dude…Your awesome… I’ve just finished making your Cloud Strife paper craft. . . Its a bit different from the one you’ve created but I’m satisfied with the way it look.. .

    Do you think you can make Dante of “Devil May Cry 4” papercraft?

    I’ll be happy if you think that you can. . .

    No need to rush, I know that your busy making designs right now. . .

    I just want to thank you for sharing this crafts. .

    Now, my friends want to try making one too. . .

    • I’m happy to hear you like your papercraft Cloud!

      Even though people use the same templates and parts, the paper models will always look a little bit different because you have to cut out and build them by hand, and everybody tries to build them the way they want to of course (that’s why it’s so great that paper is so easy to work with for everybody! ;o)

      You’re right I’m afraid, I can’t promise you if/when I will make a papercraft Dante (I did play the first Devil May Cry game though, and I liked it ;o)

      There was a company called 3Dpaper that made a Devil May Cry 2 Dante some years ago, but it was a commercial, pre-printed kit, and I don’t know if it would be easy to find now anymore…

      (this one is out of stock for example: link)

      • yeah. . . everybody will have a different version of the craft because of doing it by hand. .

        By the way dude, can you tell me the software your using in making your designs? I’m just thinking of making one to, and maybe, I can help you produce some templates. .

        But, if the software is your secret, its fine with me. . hehehehe. . .

        I’m now looking for another craft to start with. .

  180. You should make an Ashe papercraft from FFXII! She was my fav. (:

    • Although Final Fantasy X is my favourite, I really like all the Final Fantasy games, so there’s definately a big chance that I’ll make some characters from the other games as well in the future!

      I can’t promise you which ones or when exactly though, because with all the other ideas I have as well, even I don’t know yet! ;o)

      Other people also enjoy making papercraft models from the Final Fantasy Series of course, and there are some FFXII models but no Ashe yet I’m afraid: link :o(

  181. Could you please make an Odolwa Papercraft? Please.

    • Majora’s Mask is one of my favourite Zelda games, but although I might make a papercraft Odolwa in the future, I’m afraid I can’t promise you if or when exactly right now…

      A person called Sora234 actually did make a papercraft Odolwa before, but when I went to check it, the link seemed to be dead: Masked Jungle Warrior Odolwa… :o(

      But maybe you can contact the Paperzelda (link) members (where it was posted) to ask if they could send you the files? They are very nice people so I’m sure they won’t mind.

      Let me know if you got it!

  182. Hi! Your models are really, really great!!! The most beautiful in the entire web!!! My compliments!!! So, I wanna make you a question! Is it possible make a request about a specific papercraft? I am a big fan of the anime “The Secret of Blue Water”, and I have on my computer some blueprint of the Nautilus, but I don’t know how modeling with 3D programs. If I send you, you could realize papercraft?

    Thanks for te attentions!

    cheers from Italy

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my paper models!

      It takes a lot of time to makeone, though, and because papercraft is only a hobby, I don’t really have a lot of time… :o(

      And I’m afraid I already have so many ideas myself, that I can’t do specific requests for other people as well, sorry…

      Sometimes I make my paper models by hand from blueprints, and sometimes I first make a 3D model that I can then unfold with Pepakura Designer (link)

      There are lots of free 3D programs available nowadays, and if you are willing to take the time learning to use them, you could try making a 3D model to unfold yourself, even though it will be a lot of work…!

      I know two people have started a papercraft Nadia Nautilus that way (link and link) but unfortunately I don’t think they finished it…

      But the images could help you if you want to try it yourself.

      The way by hand is to first use the blueprints to make “ribs” (internal hull structures, kinda like the first pictures in this link: link) in the shape of the hull of the Nautilus, and then bend sheets of paper over them, marking where to cut them with a pencil, and then cut them to size.

      That way, you can step by step cover the hull with paper, until you covered it all. Then you can either colour the cut out shapes you made with pencil/markers/paint etc. or scan them so you can “paint” them with a computer program.

      It’s also a lot of work of course, but for a lot of people it’s easier because they don’t have to learn to use a 3D program.

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you any further with your request, I hope that maybe you can try making it yourself, or that maybe somebody else will make a Nadia Nautilus soon (or maybe I am wrong and one already exists, and you manage to find it! ;o)

  183. (same guy) any starfox papercrafts yet

  184. Thank you for all the papercraft models, especially for those from The Legend of Zelda. My little brother was really happy when I made him one

    • I’m glad your little brother liked your gift! ;o)

      I enjoy making these paper models, and I’m a big Zelda fan myself as well, so I will definitely make some more of them in the future!

  185. Ray "Tha Man" Martin

    Dear Ninjatoes

    the modelmaster3210 account will be deleted andi will make a new account with a facebook account.
    im going to tell you my new name when i creat my new account.

  186. I like your work. It has a very distinct feel to them. The first one I’m gonna try is Majora’s Mask!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my work! ;o)

      Majora’s Mask is not a very difficult model, so if you take your time and take care folding everything, I’m sure you can do it!

      Have fun building!

  187. You do great work, I love your stuff, I wish you or someone would do the ships and characters/main cast of Skies of Arcadia

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my work! ;o)

      I must admit that I never played Skies of Arcadia, but like most Japanese games, it has a very nice visual style. ;o)

      I can’t promise you which paper models I will make in the future (I don’t know myself yet, because I have more ideas than I have time…) so I can’t promise you anything, but I do know some Skies of Arcadia models that some other made already:

      A nice Albatross airship for example can be found on this site: link

      The download link is in line “4: …こちら.” (LZH files are just like ZIP files, most file archivers like WinRar can open them) and the instructions are on this page: link

      Skies of Arcadia Island (link) has a Grendel, Looper and chibi Pow, and I’m sure there are some more Skies of Arcadia models to be found!

    • Wow you have never played Skies of Arcadia? Skies of Arcadia Legends when they ported it to the GC. Skies of Arcadia Legends is one of my favorite RPG’s of all time, loved it! If you have a Wii give it a chance, you won’t regret it : ) if you can get a copy that is, it’s very well loved, and not that easy to get ahold of.

  188. Do you have an upcoming Zelda papercrafts? Yours are always good.

    • Right now, I’m working on some new Advance Wars units which will be finished soon if all goes well.

      I will definitely make more Zelda models in the future, but not right after these AW units I think, because there are so many other models I want to make as well.

      You can stay up to date with my “works in progress” on my papercraft weblog (link) and of course, when I make a new Zelda model, it will become available on my download site here again as usual. ;o)

  189. Thank you so very much for all the effort you have put into your models, and for making them freely available!! My kids and I are very grateful, especially as it’s school holidays here now :-)

  190. A good site! you are master!
    and hope everyone respect the creative, no matter what country you come from^^

  191. did you design all those???? If yes……YOU’re FREAKING AWESOME!!! :D

  192. same guy who wants papercraft starfox assult: have you found anything yet?

  193. the same guy: found anything yet

  194. Just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed your models over the past year and to keep up the great work!

  195. cool new site!!

    • Thanks! The site is really just the same though, I just switched the “theme”. Before, I always had a much lighter theme, so I decided to try a darker one this time. ;o)

  196. When will you release the new Lara papercraft?

    • I finished the test build, and now I’m making the final templates. It’s not a very difficult model so building her won’t take too long, and then, after I’ve made the instructions, she will be released.

      I think it will take me a week or two, so she’ll be done around Christmas time. ;o)

  197. You recently posted a comment about your “Going Merry” papercraft in our webstore.

    Thank you for your message. We are so sorry. We already deleted the item from our catalog. Luckily it was never sold.

    Personally I like papercrafts and will keep following this website.

    Thank you,

    • If you would make it available for free (of course you can’t sell One Piece things for money without permission from the people who created One Piece) and make sure people know it’s a repaint from my free “Going Merry” model, it would be okay with me. ;o)

  198. Hi ninjatoes!
    Firstoff, your models are great!
    Secondly, I was wondering if( only if you have the time and/or want to) you could make a true form midna papercraft template?
    Thank you!

    • Scratch that– how do you make templates? I would love to know, as I would like to try making some of my ideas become real!

      • First of all, thank you for the compliments! ;o)

        Second: I’m a big Zelda fan, so it’s quite possible that I’ll make a true form Midna in future, probably in the same scale and style of my Zora armour and Twilight Links.

        Unfortunately, I can’t really promise you when I will get around to it, because I have so many other ideas too…

        Most people nowadays that make papercraft models from video games, use a tool called Pepakura Designer to unfold a digital 3D model into 2D, papercraft parts you can print and build.

        Although for many games it is possible to extract the actual 3D models from the game (the Nintendo Papercraft forums have a lot more information on this than I can tell you here in this small comment box ;o), if you try to unfold that into a paper model, it would have lots and lots of difficult and small parts, unless you make it very big… :o(

        So I always “rebuild” the original 3D model to make it (I hope ;o) much more fun to build, using 3D program. I usually use Metasequoia, but you can really use any 3D program you’re familiar with for this step, and a lot of people use programs like SketchUp or Blender for example, which both have a lot of tutorials and helpful user forums.

  199. Hi,
    I am in the process of trying to scratch build your Delta Flyer Paper Model out of Scrap Plastic window blinds. In the plans, on page 7, it asks for part 76 to be glued to part 53…but nowhere can I find part 76. Is this a miss print or am I missing a page. I have a total of 10 pages right now.
    Thanks for you help…and great job!

    • 10 pages is correct, the “glue part 76 here” is a misprint like you already suspected: it should say “glue part 67 here”, like on part 52.

      Parts 67 and 72 are glued on to create a bit of a layered effect, as you can see in the fifth picture here: link

      Wow, I’ve never heard anybody making one of my papercraft models out of plastic window blinds; I’d love to see the results when you’re done! ;o)

      Good luck and have fun building!

  200. thx for you models

  201. Dalton Whiteside


    I have looked through much of your papercraft creations, they are astonishing! WOW! You have an amazing talent with paper. I would like to suggest you build Luigis Mansion, Hyrule Castle (both the castle and the gatehouse), and the Mario 64 version of Peaches Castle. These models should be a lot easier to build than characters because you won’t have all of those curves and sharp folds. The nintendo papercraft website has a Hyrule Castle but it is just the keep and it is not accurate to the Oot game. The drawbridge was always one of my most favorite parts of the game! I would love to see these buildings in paper form!

    Thank you

    • Thank you for the compliments, I’m happy to hear you like my papercraft models!

      It would be nice to create the Nintendo castles out of paper, but because I have so many other ideas as well, I can’t promise anything…! ;o)

      Nintendo Papercraft has a simple Hyrule Castle as you already said, but also Peach’s Castle from Paper Mario.

      There are many other papercrafters out there, a lot of which really like video games, so keep an eye out! ;o)

  202. Hii. Ok so I have made the wolf link model and I’m up to the last bit where I just need to glue the back to the front. I’ve done the head and everything. Anyways I’m having alot of trouble gluing him together and it’s just not working. I’ve already destroyed one tab by gluing it and then it ripped off accidentally. Sooo.. I need some advice on what to do. I’ve spent nearly a month working on this and I don’t want to give up now. Oh yeah, I tried what you said in the instructions but that’s not working for me… Please help :(

    • Did you follow the same method I used? So now you have one piece with the head, the front legs and the front portion of his body and one piece with the hind legs and the tail?

      It can be very difficult to glue the hind legs to the front of the body, because you can’t reach inside anymore! :o(

      You can replace any glueing tabs that accidentally teared off by simply cutting a piece of scrap paper to the right size and glue it to the inside of the model where the glueing tab would be.

      The trick with parts like this, is to try and let the tension in the paper do the work for you: if you fold the glueing tabs outwards a bit (instead of inwards what you would expect you have to do) and then put the parts together, they will press themselves against the inside of the opposite part.

      The more tension there is in the paper (like with thicker paper), the better this will work, because the glueing tabs will press harder against the inside of the parts.

      It is still very difficult, though! What I did on this step (after applying glue to the glueing tabs, bending them outwards and putting the parts together), was to *gently* press the body of wolf Link between my fingers. If you *gently* press on the top and bottom of the body, you will see that the sides will be pushed outwards, causing the glueing tabs there to be pressed against the parts even better. Once the sides are glued together properly, you can *gently* squeeze the body from the sides, to cause the glueing tabs on the top and bottom to be pressed against the insides of the parts.

      Keep working around all sides of the body until all the glueing tabs are glued to the inside of the body properly. This method takes a lot of time and gentle handling, though! If the glue dries out before you get the glueing tabs to stick properly, take a scrap piece of paper, put an extra amount of glue on the tip of it, and carefully push it between the glueing tabs and the parts. That way you can carefully apply extra glue.

      Alternatively, you can try *gently* taking off the tail again, so you have a small hole on the backside. Then, taking a thin, metal rod (like a nitting needle or really anthing that fits through the small hole) you can use it to push against the glueing tabs from the inside, while applying counter pressure with your hand from the outside. *Don’t* push as hard as you can of course, or you might slip and accidentally push your tool through wold Link’s belly…! :o(

      The best thing is to apply glue to all glueing tabs and put the parts together the best you can, and then only work on one glueing tab at a time until it’s glued on properly, and then do the next one until you did them all. Then you can glue the tail back on, using an extra amount of glue.

      If the small hole isn’t big enough, you can also try making a bigger hole by cutting out one of the “squares” on the parts, but that’s a very scary option of course…! If you do want to try it, make the cut as clean as you can, and put some scrap pieces of paper on the backside of the edges, sticking out underneath the hole kinda like glueing tabs so you have something to glue back on the piece you cut out.

      Another method might be to try and create a stiff “reinforcement rib” inside wolf Link’s belly. Trace the outline of the open end(s) of the parts, and cut that shape out of a stiff, sturdy piece of cardboard. Keep trimming it until it fits perfectly (try if it fits *without * glue first!) and then glue it inside the open end of wolf Link and wait until the glue has dried.

      This will help keep the body it shape, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Glue it a centimeter or so inside the body, and trim the glueing tabs to just under a centimeter long, so they won’t hit the reinforcement you made.

      Maybe you would only have to do it on one side, but you can also try doing it on both sides; the openings should be exactly the same shape of course (since they should fit together) only mirrored! If you’re really careful, you can try glueing the reinforcement ribs right on the edges of the opening, and then glue the hind legs and front body together using those two flat surfaces, without glueing tabs. But *don’t* cut off all the glueing tabs before you are sure you want to use this method and know you can get it to work.

      I’m afraid I’m not sure which method will work best for you of course… Maybe you can come up with a completely different and better method! I hope you can get it to work somehow, though; the best tip I can give you, is to still really take your time even if you already worked on it and tried to get it to work for so long, and carefully work around the edge where the two parts meet one by one until you got every glueing tab to stick to the inside of the part properly.

      Good luck, and I hope you can finish the last step of wolf Link soon so you can give him a proud place in your room!

      • Thanks. I don’t know which method to use but the problem is that I use normal printing paper not the thicker type cause I can’t be stuffed to go buy some. I probably should though. I’ll do what you said with the missing tab and right now I’m thinking the best way to do it would be taking out the tail but how would I put the tail back on? Cause if I take it off there really wouldn’t be any way to put it back on. Or I might use the reinforcement technique.
        I’ve only been doing papercraft for nearly 2 years and I must say wolf link is one of the hardest yet.

        • If you’re really careful, you can gently “pry” the tail off of wolf Link’s backside by putting a blunt knife or other tool between the tail and the body, and gently wriggling it until the glue lets go.

          You have to be really careful of course, especially if you’re using thin paper, and depending how well you glued it on! If you try to do too much at once, you might damage more than you want to!

          With the right colours, you can fix small damage if the ink accidentally cracks off, and you can print a new tail if you damage it too much, but I’m sure you want to avoid that, so be very patient and careful…!

          There is a white part on wolf Link’s backside where you glued on the tail, if you want to make a hole there to stick a thin metal rod or nitting needle through as a tool, make the hole a little bit smaller than the white part.

          You will have to work almost blind with this technique, because you won’t be able to see the tool you use inside wolf Link’s body of course!

          Feel with your fingers on the outside where the tool is, and work with the tool to press against the inside of the glueing tabs, while providing counter pressure from the outside.

          Don’t press too hard, and take your time on each glueing tab until you did them all. If the glue dries out before you did them all, put some glue on the edge of a scrap piece of paper, and push it between the glueing tabs and the parts to put on some new glue.

          Then, when you glued on all the glueing tabs the best you can, you can glue the tail back on, and it will cover up the hole so you won’t see it anymore.

          Wolf Link definately is one of the most challenging models I made, but you sound really determined so I hope you can finish yours! ;o)

          • Thanks. I hope it works, I’m sure it will though. Thanks for all the advice. I’m going to work on it this weekend. Also I’m wondering which model I should do next, I’ve made link and I’m looking for something challenging but maybe not as challenging as wolf link. ;) thanks! ^_^

            • I’m just happy you were able to understand my ramblings, I always find it very difficult to explain papercraft things in words, and I’m afraid I can’t always take pictures for people that are having trouble…

              If you’re careful enough and take all the time you need, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish the last step on wolf Link! Wolf Link, Super Smash Bros. Melee Link, and the head of the King of Red Lions are probably the three most challenging models I made so far, most of the others are much easier.

              There also a lot of other papercraft models on other sites of course;lots of Zelda models, but also a lot of others. On sites like Paperkraft.net, Papercraft Museum and Nintendo Papercraft you can find a large collection of papercraft models to choose from, but there are many more to be found online of course, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to your liking!

              And with the experience you already have, I’m sure you will be able to tell whether it’s a very difficult model or not by looking at the templates!

              Good luck on wolf Link and on your future projects, have fun building!

              • Yaay! I did it. :D it looks alright but there are a few gaps but you cant really notice. I just need to glue the tail back on and then I’m done! Thanks for all the help. :)

                • I’m so happy you were able to finish your wolf Link! And I think you can be really proud of it: it’s one of the hardest models I made so far, and if you wouldn’t have told me about the trouble you’ve had, I don’t think I would’ve noticed! ;o)

                  I received the pictures you sent me, and I’ve added them to the hall of fame: link

                  I hope you like it, have fun building!

  203. Dude you are awesome! thx for sharing the models :)

  204. can anyone tell me any links to a starfox assult arwing thx!!!!!

    • I’m afraid one might not exist yet, so there’s no link to give you, unfortunately… Have a look at this thread: link

      • (this is the same person who needed a link to a starfox assult arwing) for the future, tell me a link to a starfox assult arwing thx

        • Although I can’t possible keep everyone up to date personally I’m afraid, if I make a Starfox Assault Arwing myself, I will upload it on my papercraft webpage here of course, and I will make an announcement about it on my “papercraft works-in-progress”- weblog here: link

          You can always check which paper models I’ve released so far on my “Master model list” (link) If you press the Ctrl+F keys on your keyboard, you should get a search box where you can type in Starfox for example, so you can see if I made any Starfox models already.

          If somebody else makes one, I might share the news on my Twitter account (or click here for thumbnails of the paper models I shared on Twitter) but only if other sites haven’t already shared the news.

          Sites like Paperkraft.net and, for Starfox models, Nintendo Papercraft will undoubtedly also tell the news if a new Starfox Assault Arwing has been released by somebody. They’re two great sites to keep track of new paper models being released, but there are many more of course.

        • A more detailed Super Smash Bros. Brawl Star Fox Arwing has been released today on the Nintendo Papercraft website (link), but still no Star Fox Assault Arwing version as far as I know I’m afraid…