Star Trek Deep Space Nine

006005 Deep Space Nine (March 29, 2004)
from: Star Trek Deep Space Nine television series /  size: ± 18 cm x 12,5 cm

parts (3,64 MB PDF file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. Do you have instructions for this DS9 model? I love this and can’t wait to make it and I’m so glad you created it, thank you!

    • Deep Space Nine was one of the first papercrafts I made for my website, and I’m afraid I don’t have any real instructions, sorry…

      – I tried to draw a few schematics for some of the trickiest parts, they are on the templates with the parts.
      – All the glueing flaps are numbered with the numbers of the parts they should glue to.
      – Use the pictures (most are old and not very good I’m afraid) for reference to see what the papercraft and the parts should look like when assembled: pictures

      Deep Space Nine is very ‘symmetrical’, with the three pylons being all the same, so once you figured out one section, assemble the parts for the other sections the same way.

      Don’t forget to print the first page three times (and you don’t really need the last two pages except if you want to have a nice logo to display it). I’m sorry I can’t give you better instructions, I hope you can still work it out…!

  2. About what scale is this model?

    • My finished version has an outer diameter of about 18 cm, and I think I used the schematics from “Gilso Star Trek Schematics” as reference when I made the papercraft model, which list the diameter of the “real” Deep Space Nine space station as 1451.82 meters:

      So that would be a scale of 1:8066

      There are a few notes though…!

      First of all, on the templates I mention a scale of 1:5000 – but I don’t know how I got that scale anymore…? Star Trek is know for it’s confusing ship sizes (in one episode, a Klingon spaceship is bigger than the Enterprise and in the next episode, it’s the other way around…) but I also might just have messed up somewhere when I made the paper model… ;o)

      Also, I make the JPG templates for my hand drawn papercraft models by scanning the drawings, and then editing them in PhotoShop, en then printing them from an image viewing program (Microsoft Photo Editor back then). Somewhere during that all, the templates came out at a strange size (not ISO A4 what I usually try). So when I printed them, the printer scaled them to 89% (if I can believe my remarks on the templates…): so the 18 cm I mentioned, is already scaled…!

      If you print them at 100%, your model will be slightly larger so the scale will be different…!

      And of course: I drew everything by hand, so it is not an exact scaled down replica really…!

      Well, I think my explanation probably just confused you more I’m afraid…?

      But in the end, I can’t give you “the right” scale I think, but I can tell you that my papercraft DS9 is “quite small”: about 18-25 cm perhaps, depending on your printer margins etc. I hope that’s enough for you…!

  3. It’s really great! I can’t wait to come back home and to try to print the “parts”))
    Thank you very much for this paper model)))

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my papercraft DS9! ;o) It has a lot of small parts, so make sure you score, fold and pre-shape everything properly, and it will much easier to assemble.

      Have fun building!

  4. I have finally end my DS9 paper model. It is so great but small. :)
    I like to send you some photo but I cant find yours e-mail.

    • Yeah, many people are surprised when they see how small my DS9 model actually is. ;o)

      It makes it a bit challenging, but I hope you enjoyed making it! If you want me to put your picture in the hall of fame, my e-mail adress is

  5. That`s paper model is beautiful, but I have problem with it. Without step-by-step instructions it is a really hard to do this model, I ask you if you could send me maybe more photos with better quality I`ll by able to finish it.

    PS. Don’t look at my grammar I write from Poland :)

    • For my DS9 model, I drew several small schematics for the hardest parts that may help you, so don’t throw away all the “scrap paper” after cutting out the parts! ;o)

      If you look at the glueing tabs, you will notice they’re all marked with numbers: those numbers are the numbers of the parts that you have to glue those glueing tabs to.

      Make sure you valley fold (. . . . lines) and mountain fold (- – – – lines) all the fold lines properly, it will help you pre-shape the parts and that way, it’s much easier to assemble the model.

      If you are not sure about how to fold a certain part, you can pre-shape and “assemble” it without glue first, and try to see if it fits that way. If it doesn’t, it’s often easy enough to see what part you need to fold differently. ;o)

      A lot of the model is symmetrical, so if you can build 1/3, you can also build the other 2/3 of course. ;o)

      Because my build is already finished, I can’t really take step-by-step pictures anymore aof course, and I’m afraid I don’t really have the time to make a completely new build…

      Even with pictures of what the parts look like finished, you will still need to figure out how to make them look way yourself of course, but if you can tell me (by e-mail please, it’s much easier for me: ) which parts are really stopping you from being able to continue, I’ll see what I can do.

  6. instruction

    • Most of my Star Trek models don’t have step-by-step instructions like my other models.

      All the glueing tabs are numbered according to the corresponding part to glue onto it, and for some specific parts, I made small “schematics”.

      Other than that, pay attention to which fold lines are valley folds and which ones are mountain folds. Look up pictures of Deep Space Nine or use the ones I made from the finished model to figure out how to fold the parts and glue them together.

      Take your time and have fun building, and I’m sure you can do it! ;o)

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