Star Trek Deep Space Nine

006005 Deep Space Nine (29-03-2004)
from: Star Trek Deep Space Nine television series /  size: ± 18 cm x 12,5 cm

parts (1,34 MB ZIP file)

Google Photos



    • My finished version has an outer diameter of about 18 cm, and I think I used the schematics from “Gilso Star Trek Schematics” as reference when I made the papercraft model, which list the diameter of the “real” Deep Space Nine space station as 1451.82 meters:

      So that would be a scale of 1:8066

      There are a few notes though…!

      First of all, on the templates I mention a scale of 1:5000 – but I don’t know how I got that scale anymore…? Star Trek is know for it’s confusing ship sizes (in one episode, a Klingon spaceship is bigger than the Enterprise and in the next episode, it’s the other way around…) but I also might just have messed up somewhere when I made the paper model… ;o)

      Also, I make the JPG templates for my hand drawn papercraft models by scanning the drawings, and then editing them in PhotoShop, en then printing them from an image viewing program (Microsoft Photo Editor back then). Somewhere during that all, the templates came out at a strange size (not ISO A4 what I usually try). So when I printed them, the printer scaled them to 89% (if I can believe my remarks on the templates…): so the 18 cm I mentioned, is already scaled…!

      If you print them at 100%, your model will be slightly larger so the scale will be different…!

      And of course: I drew everything by hand, so it is not an exact scaled down replica really…!

      Well, I think my explanation probably just confused you more I’m afraid…?

      But in the end, I can’t give you “the right” scale I think, but I can tell you that my papercraft DS9 is “quite small”: about 18-25 cm perhaps, depending on your printer margins etc. I hope that’s enough for you…!

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