One Piece “Going Merry”

007002 One Piece “Going Merry” (06-08-2004)
from: One Piece anime series /  size: ± 14 cm x 5,5 cm x 13,5 cm

parts (878 kB ZIP file)
instructions (1,04 MB ZIP file)

Repaint by chiohunpp (?):
parts + instructions (3,00 MB ZIP file)

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52 thoughts on “One Piece “Going Merry”

  1. ’twas cool. Its kinda hard to look in the internet for this one piece paper craft. There are some links given in the youtube but those are Chinese and Japanese version that I couldn’t understand. Thanks to you…
    Do you have a papercraft version of thousand sunny as well…?
    Many thanks to you…

    1. Hi there! I’m happy to hear you found my papercraft then! ;o) I haven’t made a Thousand Sunny version yet, but somebody did use my Going Merry to make a Mini Merry, you can see it here:

      Paper-Replika did make a Thousand Sunny before, it’s a lot bigger though and you can see it here:

      There’s also an offical version from Toei Animation here: it’s an old website and the images don’t all work anymore, but if you move your mouse pointer around near the bottom you will hover over the download links for the manual.pdf and the sunny1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.pdf parts.

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