The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

026002 Majora’s Mask (July 11, 2006)
from: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask video game / size: ± 9,5 cm x 8,5 cm

parts with fold lines (410 kB PDF file)
parts without fold lines (390 kB PDF file)
instructions (322 kB PDF file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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  1. cecildabomb1117

    you should do a download for this witj each peaic individual so I can make it a real mask. I want to make full costumes😢😢😢

    • The papercraft Majora’s Mask I made was only meant to be a small scale model, but it could be scaled up of course (with a program like Photoshop or Gimp, you can open a PDF file and edit and scale it just like an ordinary image file).

      The model uses the actual textures from the N64 game though, which are basically just 32×32 pixels raster images, so you can imagine that much of it would go blurry if you scale it a lot bigger…

      Someone did use my papercraft Majora’s Mask once to make a bigger version, editing the textures to try and keep them crisper, you can get the result here:

  2. 3 days day 3 1 hour remaning NOOOOOOO!

  3. You shouldn’t have done that…

  4. dude im going to make this and do thwe majoras moon curse do you think itll work?

    • I would certainly hope not! ;o) The paper mask is pretty small though, so I don’t think it’ll have enough power anyway (plus there are no evil spirits living it, as far as I know…?)

  5. Did you design the model using Pepakura? If so, could you publish the pepakura file here? That would be very appreciated!

    • Although I did make this model using Pepakura Designer, I didn’t make one, proper Pepakura *.pdo file that would let you build this model, sorry…

      After testbuilding my models, I always make lots of small changes, and then I copy all the separate, fixed parts together into one image file, so I can make the last, final fixes to the textures or parts themselves and add part numbers and sometimes some other directions in Photoshop.

      Those image files get made into PDF files, and they’re really the only files that have all the fixed and correct parts and instructions for my paper models. You can open them with a PDF reader (like Adobe Reader, but most computers already have one installed.

      Normally, when you click a PDF link, the file will open in your browser window, and you can save or print the file from there, but if that doesn’t work, you can also right-click the links and choose “Save as…” to save the file to your computer first, and open and print it from there (although it’s not really necessary to print the instructions: you can save a lot of paper and ink if you just open them on your computer if you need them! ;o)

      I hope this helps, have fun building!

      • Thanks for the reply. My final goal was not only to make a full scale replica of Majora’s Mask in papercraft, but in a real sculpture as well. For the papercraft, I’d probably just use the supplied PDFs you made and scaled them (I think I did that once, but I lost the files – anyway someone else did it on the web too). Basically I was interesting in the .pdo because I thought it would be a fun idea to have the 3D model displayed on the computer, and being able to manipulate, in order to have a better view for when I’ll be sculpting it. I think I’ll just make the actually papercraft and use it as a model, which was my first idea.

        Also, I was wondering, did you build the papercraft model from scratch? Or did you extract the 3D data from the original game?

        • I know that somebody once scaled my small papercraft Majora’s Mask bigger using a vectorization tool, but I’m not quite sure if it’s really life-sized: link

          So you might need to make it even bigger, but even though the parts won’t fit on one regular sheet of paper anymore, don’t worry about that, because you can just glue the parts that got cut up back together of course! ;o)

          It’s not really a very difficult shape though: kinda like a big heart with the two halves bulging up and some spikes. And since the game is still so popular there are lots of pictures and screenshots and other sculptures to be found online! ;o)

          I did use the actual game model as a starting point, and although most game models don’t really make very good paper models, this one isn’t a very complex model of course, so I only had to change it a little bit. ;o)

  6. is this lifesized?

    • No, this only a small, one page version.

      Somebody did enlarge it though, I think through a vectorization program. The result is here: link

      I think it is still a little small to be life-sized, but it *is* a lot bigger already. Maybe if you can print it on a bigger printer, it will become lifesized?

  7. For the pattern on the mask parts, is there a way to alter the colors?
    for example the purple could you possibly change it to any other color?

    • With a bit of work, that would be possible yes.

      The template for the paper model is really just an image file, even though I made it into a PDF file. With a program like Photoshop or Gimp (kinda like a free, lite version of Photoshop) you can open the PDF file as an image, and then do all the things you can do with regular images too. ;o)

      Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change colours in Gimp: link (although the Color to Alpha option is now in the Color menu, I think, not under Filters)

      In Photoshop, you can use the Replace Color option under Image > Adjustments.

      But the purple and the other colours aren’t really one, solid colour of course, but a range of purples and other colours, so you’d have to play with it a bit to get a good effect.

  8. This is a great papercraft and I’m a fan of your work. Just one question…. Can you assemble the papercrafts with normal paper that isn’t thick, or would it tear easily? I want to make a papercraft for my friend’s christmas present and I want to get it done earlier. Also, I need to know all the things I would need to assemble this….

    • You can really use any paper you like, but generally, the thicker the paper you use, the stronger the final model.

      My Majora’s Mask isn’t very big, though, and as long as you handle it with a bit of care, it shouldn’t tear apart so easily, even when built with regular printer paper. The best way to find out is to try it, of course! ;o)

      The things you need are the parts of course, glue (any regular glue like Elmer’s glue, Uhu or even wood glue will do, but most people don’t like to use glue sticks for papercraft).

      You’ll need a sharp knife (any hobby knife will do) and preferably a rubber cutting mat or some other cutting surface to protect your desk. ;o)

      Those are the bare essentials, but you can use any other tool you like of course. Take your time to fold and shape the parts before glueing them together to get the best results.

      Some people like to colour the white edges of the paper with pencils or markers to get rid of the white lines of the paper, but the thinner the paper you use, the smaller/less obvious the white lines will be.

      Yamaha has a nice papercraft tutorial for beginners here: link

      With those tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to build Majora’s Mask for your friend! Take your time and have fun building!

  9. hello I would like to know how to make the papercraft mask majora

    and close the file because I need a tutorial

    • I’m not sure I understand your question, but if you are looking for the parts to make your own Majora’s Mask, you can download them underneath the picture: they are in Portable Document Format (PDF) so you need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer (most computers already have one installed, but if yours don’t, Adode Reader is a free one that’s widely used).

      If you have a PDF reader installed, the PDF files should open directly in your browser window if you click the links, but you can also right-click and save the links to save the PDF files to your computer so you can also open them offline.

      There are two links for the parts: with and without lines. The version *with* lines shows all the fold lines, so it’s important to know where to fold the parts.

      You can build that version, or the version *without* lines so you don’t have black fold lines showing on the finished paper model; if you build the lineless version, you can check with the version *with* lines to see where to fold, as demonstrated on this YouTube video (I used a simpler model for the demonstration, but the principle is the same).

      There is also a link to a PDF file with step-by-step instructions, in the form of pictures and texts in case you get stuck. You don’t really have to print it, and if you view it on your computer instead, you can zoom in and change the brightness a bit if the pictures are too dark.

      If you’re having trouble opening the PDF files, try clearing your temporary internet files and internet cache, then close all your browser windows, and then re-start your internet browser and try again. You can also try downloading / saving the PDF files to your computer first and then open them offline.

      I hope this helps, good luck and have fun building!

  10. make a life sized majara’s mask!

    • To make the Majora’s Mask model bigger, you could try printing it at a bigger scale, possibly on a large format printer / plotter if you can.

      Or you could open the PDF files in a program like Gimp or Photoshop and enlarge the parts as regular images before printing.

      If you want to make it life-sized and still print it on regular sized paper, most parts won’t the sheets anymore, but you can simply let them be cut off and then glue / tape them together again when you build it.

      There is a bigger sized version of my Majora’s Mask model here, but I don’t know if it’s really life-sized…?

  11. Nice model! I would start to build it now, but im outta colored ink :(

    • That’s too bad! But don’t worry, it will still be here once you’ve gotten some new ink. Majora’s Mask will look much better with fresh, full colours! ;o)

  12. Hi, I know this is old, but I have a little question.

    In one Skull Kid image ( the “mouth” part of the mask looks like it should be mountain fold. Is there a way to do that with this piece as it is or would I need to do some changes besides reversing the folds involved? I’ve tried this but it doesn’t look good.

    I don’t know if I’ve managed to explain it, but if you could take a look at it and see if there’s a way to “fix” it. Don’t get me wrong, I love how it looks this way, but I wonder if you could help me with the alternative way.

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for all these pieces of art ^_^

    • I can see what you mean, I think it will need more work than just reversing the folds, but maybe not a whole lot:

      I think if you first try to build just one half of the mask, you can see there are kind of “three sections” along the middle of the mask (the top, the part between the eyes, and the bottom).

      Keep the top folded down like it is now, but try reversing the folds on the bottom (the middle will also raise up).

      Then, you will have to see if it needs trimming: try to look at the half of the mask you made this way from straight above, and imagine a straight line going from the top to bottom. Trim/cut off the parts that stick out from that line.

      Do this a second time (mirrored, of course ;o) and because you now have a straight center line, you can glue the two halves together.

      I think you might loose a little bit of the mask, but if you are careful, it might work. Try to cut off as little as possible, and test it first until you are happy with the results, before you try it for real.

      Good luck and have fun!

      • Marta RoVi

        Hi! Sorry for answering so late, I probably missed the notification by mail. Thanks a lot for the tips, I will give it a try. I am trying to make a hard paper model to strengthen it with many layers and then finish it with clay so it is alright if the paper model is not completely acurate. Let’s see what turns out of this hehe.

        Thanks again, regards ^_^

        • Well with clay you can create a very smooth finish of course, but if you want to use the paper model as a base, you will have to reinforce it *a lot* I think! ;o)

          I hope it will work out the way you want, good luck and have fun!

  13. this is awesome! I just finished this and the clocktown schauzer! great models!

  14. Can you make a real lfe size mask? its too small

    • Somebody once took my model and made it bigger, but I’m not sure if it’s really life-size. You can find it here: link

      Other than that, you can take my model and (have it) print(ed) on larger paper, or open the PDF files in Photoshop or Gimp and enlarge it before printing.

      Good luck and have fun!

  15. is real size?

    • No, this paper model is just a small version; you could scale it up of course to make it life-sized, but I’m afraid I don’t know the real size of Majora’s Mask, so I can’t tell you what factor, though, sorry…!

  16. Not to ask the obvious question, but I’m having trouble downloading, can you help?

    • There are two kinds of downlaods on my website, ZIP-files and PDF-files.

      For the PDF-files, you need to have a PDF Reader installed on your computer. Then when you click one of the PDF links, the file should open directly in your browser (after which you can save the PDF file, or you can do that directly by right-clicking the links, and choosing “Save as…” so you can also open the PDF files offline.

      The ZIP-files should start downloading automatically when you click them, once you have saved them on your computer, you have to open them with a file archiver. Then you will be able to unzip the jpeg files inside (which you can open with any image program).

      Of course, that’s what happens normally… I haven’t found any broken links, so what you could try if it still doesn’t work, is removing your temporary internet files and clearing your internet cache, to make sure that your browser isn’t opening a stored, temporary offline version of my site that somehow got corrupted.

      I hope this works, good luck and have fun building!

  17. kan je dit als echt masker gebruiken?
    sorry als mijn engels is bad

    • can this really a mask? sorry if my english is bad

    • De versie hier heeft een zwarte achterkant en een witte verstevigingsrib die je eventueel zou kunnen weglaten, maar hij is wel erg klein (kleiner dan je hand).

      Je zou hem dus op groot formaat moeten afdrukken, of de onderdelen via een computerprogramma moeten vergroten. Dat heeft iemand al eens eerder geprobeerd, en het resultaat kun je hier zien.

      Hij is misschien nog niet zo groot als in het spel, maar al wel een heel stuk groter dan de versie hier. ;o)

  18. I’m trying to upscale this one in hope I can wear it. So far I’ve cut the design in photoshop and upscaled each piecce by 400%. I believe this should be fine, if not, then 500% would have been ok. Except, you would need longer paper (I use letter) or cut some pieces in half and add tabs for them.

    Or to save me some trouble.. can you easily make it ‘actual size’? If that’s not too hard..

    • Ok, nvm that, I just read the other comments. HOWEVER! My version will be real full-sized, not 7in like in the link.

      I’d like to have better graphics done because I simply upscaled the provided graphics (in lack of better). If some artist already remade the mask design I’d appreciate a link!

      • For my small scale version, I just used the textures from the game. But you’re right, the bigger you scale them, the blurrier they will get…

        I think the one in the link was made using an automatic vectorizing tool, but like most automated tools, it’s not perfect, and gives the Mask “Wind Waker” textures as some people call it. ;o)

        To make it life sized, it will need to be *a lot* bigger (it’s only about 2.5 inch tall right now (not counting the spikes). If you redraw the design on the parts, do it as big as you can until you work out the correct scale: usually it’s not a problem to scale things like these *smaller*, only bigger. ;o)

        Good luck and have fun!

  19. nice papercraft i cant wait to add it to my papercraft collection ;)

  20. This is the best one!!

    • Thanks, it was one of my first that I made using the computer (after a couple of Tomb Raider ones). It turned out quite nice and I still like it myself as well! ;o)

  21. can you make a full sized one

    • More (all?) masks from Majora’s Mask are on my ever-expanding to do-list, and I was thinking of making them life-sized (depending on much sheets and ink each of the masks would cost, I didn’t work my ideas fully out yet).

      I happen to know that several people enlarged my Majora’s Mask model, there’s one at but I’m not really sure if that one is really “life-sized”, or just “bigger”…

      If I decide to make my own masks life-sized, I’ll try to work out some plausible life-size dimensions.

      • That would be great. Now that you’re done with ZaL, think about making these. The boss remains would be a good start. (life size of course)

        • Well, I think I’ll make a non-Zelda model next, after Cremia’s wagon and ZaL, which took me such a long time… ;o)

          When I make the Boss Remains, I’ll pack them with the Bosses themselves I think. ;o)

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