Nintendo NES Zapper

029004 Nintendo NES Zapper (October 20, 2006)
light gun for the Nintendo Entertainment System / size: ± 27,5 cm x 14,5 cm

grey version with fold lines (798 kB ZIP file)
grey version without fold lines (732 kB ZIP file)

orange version with fold lines (869 kB ZIP file)
orange version without fold lines (796 kB ZIP file)

instructions (974 kB ZIP file)

some extra help on the gun barrel: 1

Google Photos

About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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  1. Thank you Ninjatoes Papercraft.

  2. for some reason it always shows up as an image (so i cant print it) plz help!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The parts and instructions for this model are compressed into ZIP-files: after you have downloaded them, you need to unpack them using a ZIP-tool. Most computers already have one installed, but if yours don’t, you can download one for free from the internet, like 7-Zip (but there are many others).

      Once you have a file archiver (ZIP-tool) installed, you can unpack the parts and instructions by doubleclicking them, like how you would open a regular file.

      The parts and instructions themselves are ordinary Jpeg image files, that you can open and print with just about any image viewer on your computer (just make sure they are printed at the same scale, but that shouldn’t be a problem: most image viewer automatically adjust the scale to fit on the page).

      If you are having trouble downloading the ZIP-files, try clearing the internet cache and temporary internet files, then close all the browser windows, and then re-start your browser and try again. Right-click on the download links and select “Save as…” to save the files to your computer.

      I hope this helps, let me know if it doesn’t; good luck and have fun building!

  3. oh thx i ot it now :)

  4. no, i mean i already download a winrar program but it keeps on saying,”file is damage or unknown” I think i cant view a jpg file

    • Does it say that when you are trying to open the ZIP-files, or when you try to open the Jpeg files inside?

      If it says that when you are trying to open the ZIP-files, then something went wrong when you downloaded the file.

      Try downloading it again, and check (right-click on the ZIP-file and select “properties” to see if the filesize corresponds with the one on my website (the ZIP-file for the instructions should be 974 kB for example).

      If that’s all okay, then make sure the un-ZIP tool is working properly (make sure it unpacks everything properly).

      If that’s okay as well, make sure you have a program that can open and print Jpeg files (they are just simple image files). Most computers already have, but if you don’t you can find many free ones on the internet that can, like

  5. HELP I cant view the model parts OR my pictures in my computer! please help!

    • I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but for this particular paper model, I compressed the actual templates in ZIP-files, so that they would be neatly packed together and save webspace on my webhost, so you need to unpack these first before you can view the actual templates.

      Firt, you need to download the ZIP-files to your computer by clicking the download links.

      Next, you will need a seperate tool to unpack the ZIP-files to get to the templates inside. Many downloads on the internet come packed in ZIP-archives, so there are many tools to unpack them. A simple, free one can be downloaded from

      After you have installed the un-ZIP tool of your choice, you should be able to doubleclick the ZIP-files and the tool will create a new folder where the contents of the ZIP-files will be unpacked.

      The actual files are plain JPEG image files, so after you have unpacked the ZIP-files, you can use your standard image viewer to view and print them.

      If you are having trouble with the image viewer on your computer, you could try to re-install it and see if that helps…

      I hope this helps, have fun building!

  6. Austin House

    Is there perhaps a .pdo file I could take a look at?

    • No, I only release my models as PDF files (or Jpeg files) after I fixed everything I wanted to fix, in Photoshop as well, and fancied up the templates the way I wanted; I don’t release them as Pepakura PDO files, sorry…

      Are you having problems with a specific part?

      • Oh, nothing like that! I haven’t even started building, really. I just wanted to get a look at a 3D representation before getting going, is all. (I haven’t made any models that required curving before, so this is probably the most ambitious model I’ve yet to attempt). By the by, I discovered something. You know that gel glue from Elmer’s? The blue stuff? Well, turns out it works AMAZING for these things! Because it’s so thick to begin with, it almost instantly sticks. Have you tried it?

        • Ah I see; I’m sorry, but I can’t give you the PDO file anymore…

          It’s not a very difficult model I think, although fitting the screw inside the gunbarrel behind the sensor can be a bit fiddly if you’re not very experienced. But if you take your time and don’t get frustrated I’m sure you can do it!

          As for the curving; it’s a lot easier than you probably think! ;o) With any parts, folded parts as well but especially curved parts, it’s important to pre-shape them I think (I made a small video tutorial about pre-shaping curved parts once: link)

          If you roll the gunbarrel and the other curved pieces around a round stick/dowel first, the tension in the paper will be gone and it will be much easier to glue the ends together.

          I must say I never tried Elmer’s glue (the white PVA version nor the blue gel gel version you mention). I’m from the Netherlands, and Elmer’s glue isn’t very popular here. Most (if not all…) hobbyists (and offices, schools, etc…) over here use the TESA hobbyglue I always use and that you can see in my instructions sometimes.

  7. AWESOME! I just spent 8 hours on this, thanks a million! Not perfect, I messed up a little on quality, but its still amazing and my friends are very jealous ;)

    Major Gratz!

  8. thanks a lot

  9. The link is fixed, have fun building!

  10. for some reason i cannot get the instructions

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