Super Smash Bros. Melee Link

031006 Super Smash Bros. Melee Link (12-06-2007)
from: Super Smash Bros. Melee video game / size: ± 19,5 cm

parts with fold lines (3,16 MB PDF file)
parts without fold lines (3,06 MB PDF file)
display stand (4,54 MB ZIP file)
instructions (3,34 MB ZIP file)

some extra help on Melee Link’s boot: 1

Google Photos


  1. Hey there … it has been a while since I’ve done any papercraft models and I thought this was the perfect one to get back into it, I have previously dont your going merry (which looks awesome) and Auron … I am having a little trouble with this model … I have the legs and skirt built and I am onto the Toso, The only problem is the start of the arms … parts 58-59 ie. the shoulders arent as big as they seem in your pictures (looks as if a piece is missing?) and the parts that go inside the shoulders (62 and 63) dont seem to fit … I have been doing this model for about 6 hours and I love how it is looking :) Any help would be great

    • I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying your papercraft “Melee Link” so far, it’s possibly the most challenging and difficult paper models I made so far with so many tiny parts…!

      Part 58 glues into a ring, but part 59 doesn’t go all the way around! The side that you can’t see in the pictures in the instructions is open, and goes over the “shoulder hole” of the torso.

      Part 62 doesn’t glue to the open bottom of the arm, but further up inside the arm where it’s narrower (kind of along the edge between parts 58 and 59; the same for the other arm of course).

      They’re tricky parts to get in exactly the right place, so take your time and don’t worry if it’s not 100% perfect; these pieces just serve as a place to glue on the arms later on, so the most important thing is to make sure that the angle is so that the arms won’t be in an awkward position, and any imperfections in glueing parts 62 and 63 inside the shoulders won’t really be visible aftwards. ;o)

      It’s very difficult to try and explain how to assemble a papercraft model in words, so I hope you understand my description and get it to work on your papercraft Melee Link; have fun building!

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