Final Fantasy X Rikku

036001 Rikku (28-08-2007)
from: Final Fantasy X video game / size: ± 24 cm

parts (1,50 MB PDF file)
instructions (1,54 MB ZIP file)

Google Photos


  1. Oh gosh °_° Is there a chance that you do Vincent Valentine and Cid Highwind in Dirge of Cerberus-quality maybe? Your work is so stunning!

    • I’m a big Final Fantasy fan so I’m definately planning on making more FF characters in the future!

      Papercraft is just a hobby of mine, though, and I have a lot of other ideas too of course, so I can’t promise you when I will finally get around to making Cid and Vincent…!

      Saneperson made the overworld and battle models of FF7 Vincent, and Kaizo once made FF7 Cid, but I’m sure you already found those? ;o)

      • Thank you for your kind response! Yes, I found Sanesperson’s Vincent and Kaizo’s Cid and now I am actually pretty adiccted to Papercraft, that’s why I’m asking xD Will try your KH-Cloud and Auron next. But you know, especially for Cid: It’s so sad that he hasn’t even his own actionfigure so far, and he’s one of my most favorite characters, so it would be pretty awesome to have the opportunity to build him that way. Thank you very much, I will be stalking you from now on :) Many greetings from Germany <3

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