Advance Wars Green Earth Neotank

048024 Green Earth Neotank (09-03-2008)
from: Advance Wars video game series / size: ± 6,5 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm

parts (352 kB ZIP file)
instructions (530 kB PDF file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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  1. I built this one and i noticed that you missed the machinegun of the neotanks but nevertheless its incredible that you make these models by hand.

    • Thanks, it’s fun to do these 3D paper models by hand based on the 2D game sprites, although some times I do take some artistic liberty. ;o)

      If you really miss the machine gun though, you could try to add it using the parts for the MD Tank for example, or just making your own from some scratch paper and magic markers. ;o)

      Have fun!

      • Well, I did a machinegun really and put it on the front right “shoulder” but the color is a little bit different. Anyways it looks great and if I could take it a photo I would upload it.

        • Yeah, it’s difficult to match the exact same colour from a printed image…

          But I’m glad to hear that you like the extra part you made! ;o) If you do manage to take a picture some time, I’d love to see it!

          Have fun!

  2. Retro reviewer

    is testors hobby glue the same thing as tesa hobby glue

    • No, I don’t think it is. To be honest, I only know Testor glues from plastic model kits, but of course they may also have a glue for paper and cardstock. But Tesa and Testor are two very different companies.

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