Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656

063007 U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 (July 29, 2008)
from: Star Trek Voyager television series / size: ± 33,5 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm

parts (3,35 MB PDF file)
instructions (900 kB ZIP file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. Is it posible to order the star trek print paper modles by mail

    • The paper models I make are always free, because they are just fan-works and definitely *not* commercial! ;o)

      The pages to print for this papercraft model can be downloaded from the links in the post underneath the picture: the parts are in PDF format (you will need a PDF Reader to open them, most computers already have one, otherwise you can download the free Adobe Reader here: link or you can search for another free one of course) and the instructions are simple pictures in a ZIP file (you will need a free “un-zipping” tool, again most computers already have one, or you can find many free ones online like 7-Zip here: link)

      That way, you can print the parts yourself for free (preferably on some thicker paper so the paper model will become stronger than when you would use regular printer paper).

      If you don’t have a printer yourself, maybe you can ask a friend if they can print the sheets for you, or maybe you can ask if it’s okay to print them at work/school? Sometimes libraries also have printers for people that don’t have one at home, and usually you can ask if you can use thicker paper to print your paper model?

      Alternatively, there are also many “print/copyshops” nowadays, where you can send your file to print by e-mail (or take it to them on a USB stick or other storage device) and they will print it for you (usually you can choose from different kinds of paper too, depending on the shop of course).

      Maybe you can find one near where you live (sometimes they also offer to send you the printed sheets by mail if you can send them the file to print by e-mail but can’t get to their shop personally to pick it up).

      I hope this explains things a bit, you don’t need to “order” the paper models from my webpage! ;o)

  2. The Colors look nothing like the picture! I am new at this! Can I get a pre colored one?

    • I drew the parts for my papercraft USS Voyager model by hand, and coloured them with aquarel (water colours).

      The picture is the model I built using the same parts you can download here from my papercraft webpage, so that’s what it looks like when printed on my printer (I used the normal print settings), but it can look a little bit different on other printers of course…

      In my Picasa Webalbums you can see another picture of what the colours look like after I printed them:

      If you’re not sure about it, maybe you can try printing one test sheet first (*not!* the first page of course, that’s only a cover!) to see if you like the colours on your printer?

  3. can’t dl the instructions

    • Both the file itself and the link seem to be working properly, so you should be able to download and open it properly; if you still can’t, try clearing your temporary internet files and internet cache first, then close all your browser windows, then re-start your browser and try again.

      Note that the instructions come in the form of a ZIP-file, not a PDF-file like the parts! To open a ZIP-file, you first have to download it to your computer, and then you need a tool like 7-Zip (there are many other ZIP-tools though, and maybe your computer already has one installed) to unpack the files inside the ZIP-file.

      The actual instructions themselves are in *.jpg format, which really any image program should be able to open.

      If you still can’t download or open the files, send me an e-mail, and I’ll try to help you further.

  4. I just finished making this USS Voyager! It was difficult, but very cool! Thanks for posting this. :)

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