Zelda models by alikakadri

16-01-2009: of course alikakadri just *had* to build my Schnauzer as well, but somewhere she made a mistake and somehow it ended it up in a sitting position, looking up at the ceiling: picture

She thought others might like to build a sitting Schnauzer as, so she tried to re-create what went wrong: picture 1 | picture 2picture 3

19-09-2008: by now, alikakadri has built almost all my Zelda models! ;o) Here’s Midna on a Rubik’s Cube, Midna Riding wolf Link (nice job painting wolf Link’s “beard”! ;o), Fierce Deity Link (repainted from another papercraft model) and here’s a group shot.

07-09-2008: alikakadri’s latest build is of Epona & Link, and she did a great job painting them again I think! ;o)

28-08-2008: Super Smash Bros. Melee Link is probably the most difficult model I made, and for alikakadri, it was even more difficult!

She could only access the internet at the public library and print a few pages in black and white, so printing the 100+ pictures of my instructions wasn’t really an option, so she decided she would try it without them!

I already added a lot of guides on the template, and it was a big help for her, but I can imagine it must still have been very difficult! But she did a great job building it, and she even painted it by hand to give the black and white prints these nice colours!

A really great job! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


2 thoughts on “Zelda models by alikakadri

  1. Yes, most of the models Alikadra built she painted, because she could only print black & white and they look really nice. I think the Schnauzer is the only one she didn’t paint.

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