Kingdom Hearts secret Boss Kurt Zisa

070001 Kurt Zisa (31-01-2009)
from: Kingdom Hearts video game / size: ± 16 cm x 31 cm x 28 cm

parts (4,39 MB PDF file)
instructions (3,08 MB PDF file)

some extra help aligning Kurt Zisa’s legs: 1

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    • I would really like to make some papercraft Sonic models in the future, but because I have so many other ideas too, I can’t promise you when I’ll finally get around to it, sorry…

      There’s a nice 3D diorama and Tornado plane here, and some simple models from Chao Laboratory here, but no Sonic, though…

      There were two Sonic and Shadow models available through a print service in Japan some years back (link) but that service has been discontinued unfortunately…

      But you can still find them online on lots of papercraft websites now, for example if you search for “Sonic+Shadow papercraft” on Google. ;o)

      • ho that’s ok i just wuddit too know. but that werd awesome um do like sonic and mario i like both. i love your paper craft’s aww ther awesome. well see ye!

    • There are many more models from Kingdom Hearts that I’d like to paperfy, but of course since I can’t work on it 24/7, it will be some time until I get around to making all of them…! ;o)

    • No, sorry; there is no one Pepakura *.pdo file which has all the correct parts, only the *.pdf file has all the final, fixed parts, so you will have to do with the step by step instructions (and your own wits of course, which is far more important ;o)

      Always pre-shape the parts before you try to glue them on, and if you’re not sure about a part, try to see if it fits without glue first, and if it doesn’t work the way you thought, have a look at the instructions and try folding/pre-shaping the part a different way.

      I hope you can use these tips if you hit any problems, good luck and have fun building!

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