Fierce Deity Link by Andrew

24-02-2009: Andrew is just “your average person who loves papercraft”. It took him a whole to build this Oni Link, but I think that is just because he wanted to make it the best he could, because it looks really good!

He had a little trouble with the balance, but moving the sword around solved that problem he says.  I’m not sure if that applies for this picture, though, my own build would tumble over if I would put the sword in that position! ;o)

Andrew’s DeviantArt gallery shows some of the other models he built: link. He has started building Kurt Zisa and with the head, he’s already past the hardest part! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


7 thoughts on “Fierce Deity Link by Andrew

    1. Fierce Deity Link isn’t really a very difficult model at all; if you take your time and use the instructions when you need them, I’m sure you will able to build it without much problems. ;o)

      Many people do have trouble with the balance though, because of the *huge* sword… So you could anticipate on that and put some weight in the shoes before you close them off (or you could just glue him to a simple stand once he’s done ;o)

      Good luck and have fun building!

  1. dude i like oni link alot and ya know this is the best oni link ever created
    in the history of the Deity’s lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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