King of Red Lions by Hank Hill

19-03-2009: With not only a 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System, but also a 1991 Super Nintendo *and* even a 1986 Twin Famicom (!) as a constant distraction, one wonders how Hank Hill found the 30-50 hours to build to build my King of Red Lions papercraft model!

But somehow he did, and not only that, but because the sail turned out too heavy for the mast after making it out of the same, thicker paper, he decided to scrap and rebuild them!

And while he was at it, he also devised a way of making them removable, with a bamboo skewer inside the mast! And as you can see in this and these two other pictures: picture 2 | picture 3, the sail (and the rest of King) looks great now! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


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