Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife

071002 Cloud Strife (28-03-2009)
from: Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII video games / size: ± 31 cm

parts (2,90 MB PDF file)
instructions (3,45 MB PDF file)

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34 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife

  1. Ninja, I have a question. In Pepakura, what is the mm height of this model? I printed it on the thinner card-stock, (and made him) as opposed to the thick kind, but If i knew what his H was, I’d be able to figure out how tall some of these other models i’ve been finding, but haven’t wanted to make (due to their size and page count) really are. I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

    1. I always export and then copy+paste the unfolded parts into Photoshop, and as a result of that, the height in Pepakura Designer of my Cloud isn’t the same as the final, built height.

      I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly anymore what height Cloud was in Pepakura Designer, but the final, built height is about 310 mm (measured from the bottom of his feet to the top of the tallest spike of hair).

      For models that you print directly from Pepakura Designer however, the indicated height should be the same as the built height (as long as you print the sheets at 100%).

      Pepakura Designer also measures from the absolute bottom to the absolute top of the model, so be aware that some models are “exploded” (sometimes the bodyparts like the legs and head are moved apart from the body to make the parts easier to see) and the gaps will make the indicated height inaccurate!

  2. Haha I really liked the games, so I hope to make many many more paper models from the Kingdom Hearts series. My KH to do-list almost reads as a “who is who?” from the KH-universe. If only I could manipulate time… ;o)

  3. or how bout Ansem or kiari or Roxas or older kiari or Pluto or
    a keyblade or leon or a heartless or yuffie or axel or a nobody
    thanks ^^

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