Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer

073009 Buffy Summers (30-04-2009)
from: Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series / size: ± 27,5 cm

parts (1,61 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,43 MB PDF file)

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Clock Town Schnauzer by AvangerBTK

25-04-2009: When AvangerBTK found my paper models, he sent me a message saying he would send me a picture of the first one he would make.

And here it is! It’s the Clock Town Schnauzer from the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

It took him about 2 hours to make, with regular printer paper. It turned out great I think, the picture almost makes me want to give it a dog biscuit… ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

King of Red Lions by Josh Darrah

24-04-2009: Josh finally finished preparing his scratch built sea base for release, and here it is: King of Red Lions sea base (2,20 MB ZIP file)

22-11-2007: My King of Red Lions is a challenging model to build but Josh Darrah not only did an excellent job, he took it even further!

He reinforced the mast with a chopstick and a rolled up cardstock sheet acts as a sleeve so he can take the mast off when he needs to, made his own ocean base for King to rest on, and he Photoshopped Chokipeta’s WW Link from the Japanese magazine Dengeki Cube a couple years back to how he wanted it: picture 2 | picture 3 | picture 4 | picture 5

He’s proud of the results, and I say: he should be. ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Super Smash Bros. Melee Link by Travis A.

06-04-2009: With lots of small parts, my Super Smash Bros. Melee Link is definately one of the more difficult paper models on my website.

Travis did a terrific job building him! He tells me some parts were tough, but “nonetheless enjoyable.” ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Cloud Strife by Jenny Pulsipher

05-04-2009: Jenny made “29 models or so”, including these two: my Cloud Strife model, and Kaizo’s Sephiroth model.

It’s obvious that Sephiroth is trying to ignore Cloud of course, because he knows he’s in for a beating when he crosses Cloud… ;o)

But perhaps he’s just intimidated by Jenny’s building skills on Cloud. ;o) It’s not a very difficult model overall I think, except perhaps for the hair which can be confusing, but Jenny did an excellent job on that as you can see here!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Advance Wars Black Hole MD Tank

072035 Black Hole MD Tank (05-04-2009)
from: Advance Wars video game series / size: ± 6 cm x 3,5 cm x 6 cm

parts (448 kB ZIP file)
instructions (386 kB PDF file)

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American McGee’s Alice by Austin Taylor

31-03-2009: Austin Taylor had a look at my little “hall of fame” here and was surprised that nobody had sent in a picture of their American McGee’s Alice yet!

So he decided he would be the first. ;o) While he only started papercrafting a few months ago, I think he did a terrific job!

There are two more pictures at Austin’s own weblog here, so be sure to check it out!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!