Majora’s Mask young Link by Joseph Rosenbaum

06-05-2009: Since Young Link from Majora’s Mask, Joseph is already working on my papercraft version of Cloud, using the edge coloring technique I explained earlier in one of my YouTube video tutorials.

And he seems a pretty quick builder too, since he already finished Cloud’s legs as you can see here: picture

I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said “I just started papercrafting again” ! ;o)

04-05-2009: Joseph Rosenbaum actually built Link some time ago already, but he just started papercrafting again and he decided to sent me the picture now.

You can see the model he was working on behind Link, it’s the Tron light cycle from Jan Rükr’s ALIENS Papercraft site (in the bonus model section). Here’s a full picture: picture

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


6 thoughts on “Majora’s Mask young Link by Joseph Rosenbaum

    1. I have divided the models into sections, the Zelda models are in the Zelda section of course. ;o)

      You can go there by clicking the Zelda logo on the homepage (or just by clicking here ;o)

      Beneath each picture are the download links, to be able to view and print PDF files, you will need a PDF reader (like Adobe Reader) and to extract the files inside a ZIP-file, you will need a file archiver like 7-ZIP (both free).

      Don’t forget to click “<< Older Entries" at the top and bottom of the page to see the older models! ;o)

      I hope this helps, have fun building!

  1. He did a good job, and he’s brave for doing Jan’s stuff. I’ve done some difficult models, but I can’t even handle his work (Not from a lack of trying, got a half-built Terran Cannon with stand)

  2. Cloud is coming along very well! Im finished with the Torso and arms, so all thats left is the Hair, and sword. (not exactly easy work tho!) im a little confused on the hair but ill get it done one way or another. really enjoying the build and it is definitely coming out to be my best yet. ill send you some pictures soon. (the edge coloring technique is working phenominally!)

    1. Yeah, the edge coloring technique really helps get rid of the white edges if you don’t like them.

      The hair can be confusing with all the spikes, I recommend building them one at a time and dry-fitting them (without glue) first to see if you got it right, before glueing them on.

      Have fun building!

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