Oni Link by vert092

07-06-2009: This time, I received a whole lot of pictures from vert092, and a lot of them weren’t even from one of my models! ;o)

You recognize my Oni Link of course, but vert092 also built Icthus7’s Sheik model and he tells me it’s about the same scale as my Oni Link. And here is a picture of Sheik admiring Oni Link’s double helix sword! ;o)

Two other models vert092 built are Ike (made by RedYoshi over here) and Lyn (made by Haywan Chiu from PaperCraft Museum) from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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  1. This is quite very irregular but I wanted to ask you… do you happen to have the papercraft for that Sheik? Sadly, Icthus7 has had enough of the mail requests and that Sheik it’s nowhere to be found! :(

    • Did you really try e-mailing Icthus7 and did he tell you he won’t send you the model, or did you just read somewhere that he “has had enough of the mail requests”…?

      Because Icthus7 made the model only available to those who e-mailed him for it, that’s the only way you should really get it I’m afraid…

      (but in all honesty, realistically speaking, it’s probably already floating around somewhere on the world wide web…)

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