Homer Simpson

079010 Homer Simpson (09-08-2009)
from: the Simpsons cartoon series / size: ± 23,5 cm

parts (1,06 MB PDF file)
instructions (1,07 MB PDF file)

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    • Maybe it was a temporary glitch on WordPress, it often helps to clear your internet cache and deleting your temporary internet files, then closing the browser and restarting it.

      And sometimes there’s nothing else to do but wait until they fix the problem, unfortunately… ;o)

  1. NOOOOOOOO !!!!! Google can’t find all of your links about the parts and the instructions for all your papercraft !!!! I don’t know if it’s such for everyone ???

    • All of the parts and instructions for my own paper models can be found right here on my website, in one of the categories at the top of the frontpage: link

      But I simply did not make any papercraft donut yet.

  2. Hum, I’m French and I didn”t understand all of your comments but I want to know the instructions for real this donut, please. And I wanted say do you know the instructions (them)

    • If you go to this link: http://exporttoworld.plugimi.com/index.php?/objectsexported/donut/ you will see a picture of the parts for a papercraft donut.

      If you click that picture, you can download a PDF file that you can print to make it yourself.

      I don’t think there are any step by step instructions, but if you look at the parts, you have to glue the two ends together on most of them to make “rings”.

      Then it will be a bit of puzzle to glue all the “rings” together, but by putting them next to eachother, you can find out which ones fit together.

      Also, you can use the picture of the finished donut to see if your donut looks like the example.

      I hope this helps, if you can’t understand, you can use Google’s language tools to translate English text into French: http://www.google.com/language_tools

      It won’t be a perfect translation, but maybe it can help you understand you some things you couldn’t at first.

    • Do you mean the website “Export to World” that made a bunch of paper models from the online real life simulation “Second Life”?

      I don’t know them personally, but if it’s their donut you’re talking about, then you can download a PDF template of it from their website here: link

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