Moomba doll by Uzay2000

11-10-2009: If you’re thinking: “that Moomba doll looks a bit small…?” then you’re right, because it is! Uzay resized it to just under 9 cm tall (originally it’s about 20 cm tall). The tiny papercraft Nintendo DS Lite by Sonicscape Jun proves it! ;o)

25-09-2009: Uzay20o0 built another one of my models, the NES Zapper: don’t let the “holes” in the wall fool you though, because although my paper NES Zapper is life sized and the trigger moves, it doesn’t really shoot anything (just like the real thing! ;o)

31-08-2009: And here’s another good build by Uzay2000: Zora armor Link (with the Sword of the Phoenix in the background ;o)

24-08-2009: This time, Uzay2000 built the Sword of the Phoenix!

17-08-2009: Uzay2000 built this papercraft model of Homer Simpson in just two days!

16-07-2009: Final Fantasy X Auron, another splendid build by Uzay2000!

04-07-2009: This is probably my hardest papercraft model to date I think: Super Smash Bros. Melee adult Link!

Uzay2000 was having printer troubles, but he still wanted to build it; he said it was very difficult, so it took him about a week to finish; which is actually pretty fast! ;o) (but he didn’t build the sword arm until a month later ;o)

24-05-2010: Uzay2000 doesn’t only build Zelda models; of course he built Auron, but he also built Cloud, from my Kingdom Hearts version!

20-05-2009: I think Uzay2000 is a bit of a Zelda fan, because now he also also built Fierce Deity Link from Majora’s Mask!

This time, he split up the work building the legs on the first day, the body the second day, and the head and sword on the third day, so he wouldn’t get bored! ;o)

09-05-2009: Building young Link took Uzay2000 almost a week, but I think he can be really proud of the result!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


3 thoughts on “Moomba doll by Uzay2000

  1. ha,ha,ha! I get his theory of splitting up the work on Oni Link.
    Legs on the first day, the body the second day, and the head and sword on the third day.

    He wanted to finish it before the moon hits! :)

    1. I think it’s a good idea to just take a break when you’re feeling tired or bored and continue the next day (or next week, or whenever ;o)

      If you force yourself to go on, it probably won’t turn out as nice as you’d like…

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