Zora armor Link v2 by Toni Müller

12-12-2009: I intentionally made Zora armor Link and Hero outfit Link the same scale, so people could “mix and match” the sword and shield.

And that’s exactly what Toni did!

But he didn’t stop there; he also cut a hole in the face of Zora armor Link and replaced part of the face with that of Hero outfit Link, so that the black mask isn’t covering his mouth anymore!

And if you look carefully, you can also see that Toni added a little extra detail by cutting out little triangles from the top and bottom of the armor, to make it look even more “scale-like” like it does in the game.

With the edge colouring and these extra details, I think Toni can be really proud of the way his paper model turned out!

He also made a small slide show this time, so be sure to check it out on his YouTube channel!

06-11-2009: Here’s a new picture from Toni Müller! This time it’s young Link from Majora’s Mask!

22-07-2009: Toni Müller built this Zora armor Link in about 15 hours and although he said there were some parts that confused him a bit, I would never had guessed if he hadn’t told me, because that build already looked great as well!

Though being pulled from his comfy virtual world into the real world may sound exciting for an adventurer like Link, but it does require some adjusting…

Here, Toni tried to explain Link that rupees are no good in the real world and that you need coins!

Link looked a bit baffled, and although I don’t know the current exchange rate between rupees and Euros, it’s enough to make ZaL’s head explode! (amongst other things…)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


4 thoughts on “Zora armor Link v2 by Toni Müller

    1. I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but Zora armor Link can be downloaded from this link, and Twilight Princess Link from this link.

      To get the same result for the face as Toni, you need to cut an oval shaped hole in Zora armor Link’s face, and then cut the face of Twilight Princess Link in that exact shape, so you can glue it on.

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