Clocktown Schnauzer by Zach Mears

17-10-2009: With a brother like Aaron Mears, it’s not hard to imagine how Zach also got hooked on papercraft! ;o)

This time, he’s sending in his own build: no, that’s not some random dog that walked in front of the camera when Zach was trying to take a picture of the car; that’s Zach’s Clocktown Schnauzer!

Although the picture is a bit blurry, you can still see he did a pretty good job! And from the sounds of it, Zach is only just getting started… ;o)

19-12-2009: in a stroke of what I can only describe as madness, Zach attempted to build the evil Red Hollow Cylinder model… (picture)

I can only hope that The Cylinder will have some mercy on him now that it’s almost Christmas…

Thank you for downloading and building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


3 thoughts on “Clocktown Schnauzer by Zach Mears

    1. Sure, if he wants me to post his picture of the Red Hollow Cylinder, just have him send me the picture again.

      But I will keep his Schnauzer as the main picture of course, because the Red Hollow Cylinder isn’t on my site. ;o)

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