Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II

088001 Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark II (23-01-2010)
from: Battlestar Galactica re-imagined television series / size: ± 26 cm x 15,5 cm 9 cm

parts (1,57 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,31 MB PDF file)

Repaints by blake7:
Caprica Police Viper Mk.II parts (1,00 Mb ZIP file)
mirror host (Papermodelers, members only)
mirror host (Zealot, members only)

NASA Viper Mk.II parts (1,69 Mb ZIP file)

US Navy VFA-103 “Jolly Roger” Viper Mk.II parts (0,99 MB ZIP file)

monotone D-Day Viper Mk.II parts (1,00 MB ZIP file)

Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II scale 1:24 parts (1,54 MB ZIP file)

“Dukes of Hazzard” General Lee Viper Mk.II parts (1,53 MB ZIP file)

World War I “Red Baron” Viper Mk.II parts (1,23 MB ZIP-file)

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  1. darn the paper i used stars to fray a bit…. well fa trick up my sleeves will fix that hehe… althoughcutting open the fuselage access panels near the nose was challengin.. will scratch build the internal bits… wait and see! c”,)

    • For this model, I do recommend using thicker paper, because of the tab/slit method I used (and just for overall strength, of course ;o)

      I hope you can fix it the way you plan, and that the scratchbuilding will work out too!

      Good luck and have fun!

  2. had fun? more than that!!! i brought it to the office and helped me relax myself on customer calls… i mean really.

    i got another officemate to watch the miniseries DVD even! score one fer ya! and BSG!! got most of the nose done and shaped accurately since the cross section isnt exactly plain oval… a bit dirty but that was exactly my goal! dirt filled, banged bad but still making french toast fresh out of the launch tube!

    • Yeah, the official nose and top engine are a bit more like the classic Colonial Vipers, but it just looked so good a bit curvier… ;o)

      Good luck on your project, I’m guessing you already have experience altering paper kits so I’m sure your Viper will turn out spectacular! (and will maybe even convert more of your colleagues to become Battlestar Galactica fans! ;o)

      Have fun!

      • the curvier the better, after the raider, i expect the 2 versions of the viper mk7 will just as awesome the former.

        so say we all. if ever, would there be a chance of having mk2 brand new textures? for capturing the mk2s of adama or kara’s revived mk 2… not that is much to do for those but simply have the suggested cut lines to avoid cutting elswhere…
        one GF, one coworker.

        that is “The Plan”…

        then on weekends, at least 3-4 episode on the office LCD TV..

        Frak will then be the normal word, the pantry room renamed rec rooms, then pc’s would have cut corners..

        who knows….

  3. i had the slight difficulty when i built the nose without any tabs, the viper was so new that i actually lost track of were to cut!! hopefully a small change can be made where a light gray cutlines can be included so people who wants to build tab free would have some guides..

    anyways this is the most accurate viper, not to diss the other designer and upgrade makers, by far IMHO you have taken great pains in researching the structure of the hull.

    wait when i post photo comparisons of a plastic model and your model….

    • Thank you for the compliments!

      For me, it’s easier because I know exactly how I made it of course, but I can know it can be a bit difficult sometimes to see where the part stops and where the glueing tabs begins, especially on printed versions.

      Sometimes I colour the glueing tabs a light grey to make it clearer, I think I will do that more often on white(ish) models. ;o)

      I hope you still had fun building it, it sounds like you put in a lot of effort to make it look extra good! ;o)

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