Pokémon #319 Sharpedo

091011 Pokémon #319 Sharpedo (05-03-2010)
from: Pokémon cartoon / video game series / size: ± 14 cm

parts (815 kB PDF file)
instructions (791 kB PDF file)

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  1. Hiya, I have a question. Is it possible to change the size of the parts template, cause i was thinking about making it a bit smaller scale of the Sharpedo, so it’ll look good with my Lego Minifigures, and it’ll be easier 2 bring to school and give it as a gift? Nonetheless, it is a really nice papercraft. (Still have it in my room) Thank You. :)

    • Hi there, I’m glad you like my paper Sharpedo. ;o) It can be made smaller of course: at the size the parts are now, when I print it with Adobe Reader (97%, because of printing margins) it the finished Sharpedo is 14cm tall, 12cm wide (so those two measurements are including the fins) and about 11cm long (from nose to the back).

      So if you want it smaller, you can do it in two ways I think:
      1: The easiest and fastest way is to change the scale in your printer’s dialog box. Because you want it smaller, it will still fit on the page of course (when making it bigger that’s sometimes a problem and you should use method 2).

      2: You can open the sheets with the parts in an image editor software, and scale the parts before printing. You can then also rearrange the parts a bit on the sheets (especially useful if you want to enlarge it, because then not all the parts will fit on the page…)

      You can open PDFs directly with Photoshop or Gimp (kind of a free Photoshop) for example. Or you can convert the PDFs to plain BMP image files with an online tool like Zamzar because bmp files can be opened with many more different image editors that you are more familiar with perhaps.

      The scale you can calculate of course (especially if you have the full sized one yourself, you can just take measuremens and work it how much smaller it needs to be). Just make sure you scale all the parts the same amount! ;o)

      I hope this helps, good luck and have fun!

  2. Wait, but if they make it would it be scale to my Sharpedo as in it would be the same difference of size in the game?

    • I’m not sure what scale the PaperPoké team uses, but you’re right: chances are it’s not the same as I used.

      You can change the scale of the templates, though: PDF files can be opened and scaled just like a regular image file in a program like Photoshop or Gimp (which is a freeware program) and the PaperPoké team usually include a Pepakura *.pdo-file that (if it isn’t locked!) you can open with Pepakura Designer.

      With the shareware (unregistered version) of Pepakura Designer you can’t save any edits to the *.pdo file, but if the file isn’t locked, you can change the printing scale or size (in the 2D Settings menu) and print it before you close the program.

    • I do plan on making other Pokémon in the future, but I don’t know which ones yet; maybe Carvanha, but I can’t promise, sorry…

      I don’t think the PaperPoké team has made Carvanha yet, but it’s on their illustrated list so I think they will in the future! ;o)

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