Orange Star units by hexagono MotD

13-04-2010: It took hexagono about 7-8 hours to build the Artillery unit and spotter to go with his Orange Star MD Tank.

Now you can really see the rotating heads of the soldiers in action! I guess the only question is, why exactly *are* they looking at the artillery gunner…? ;o)

06-03-2010:  hexagono built my Orange Star MD Tank about 5 hours, so it could guard his laptop; nobody will even think about stealing it now! ;o)

The heads of the soldiers can turn, because he glued a small pin of rolled up paper inside the head, instead of glueing it straight to the body:

Here’s a picture of how hexagono did it: picture

Pretty smart I think! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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