young Link by Teris

18-04-2010: Teris tells me he only started papercrafting a few days ago, which is amazing when you look at the young Link that he made as his first paper model!

Here you can see another picture of Teris’ young Link with his shield and sword.

I guess if you really like the Legend of Zelda games, it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of papercrafting experience or not, you can do a great job building a paper Link anyway!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


3 thoughts on “young Link by Teris

  1. Pero yo quiero las instrucciones y donde te vienen las sejillas o como se llamen.podrias ponerlo Para que lo pueda armar?

    1. The parts and instructions for Link can be found here: Link

      There’s a version with fold lines and one without; if you want to build that one, you can use the templates with fold lines as reference so you know where to fold, but you don’t have to print both, of course. ;o)

      Have fun building!

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