Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora

094004 Sora (31-05-2010)
from: Kingdom Hearts 2 video game / size: ± 23 cm

parts (2,10 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,36 MB PDF file)

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  1. Heyyo!
    I’m making this model of Sora for my friend’s birthday, no problemo until I start on the fingers. No matter how I try, I can’t fit his forefinger on his hand, there is always an exposed tab however I position it. I made sure I didn’t overcut or glue wrongly, same problem with both hands. I can’t clearly see how you did it in the guide, could you help me with this problem?

    • Glueing together the hands and fingers is definitely a tricky part, so don’t feel bad if you’re having trouble with it!

      When looking at the hand to the stage of step 43 in the instructions, you can recognzie “thumb” part of the hand, and then there is the opening where the four other fingers should be glued.

      I think maybe the problem is, that it can be difficult to give the opening the right shape, which you can do by pressing and shaping the hand itself:

      The opening where you should glue the fingers should be more or less rectangular, with 4 small glueing tabs along the top edge and 4 small glueing tabs along the bottom edge (for each of the 4 fingers) and then 1 small glueing tab on the right side of the rectangular opening, and one small glueing tab on the opposite side.

      If you make that hole into a rectanglue, you should be able to do just like I did in the step-by-step instruction: glue the fingers on one at a time, by “hooking” the fingers over the small glueing tabs on the top and bottom edge of the opening on the hand (and one side on the finger next to it as shown in the instructions with the little white arrows).

      It can be difficult to build the small parts like the fingers exactly right, and to shape the “rectangular hole” on the hand exactly right, so gently try pushing and pinching the hand if you find that the hole is a little bit too big to make it smaller.

      It is a tricky part, so take your time and do your best, but don’t worry if it isn’t absolutely perfect: as you can see in the instructions I think, I coloured the glueing tabs a little bit myself, so if the fit isn’t perfect, it is much less noticable.

      I hope these tips will help you a bit, and that you will be able to make Sora’s hands! ;o)

      • Thanks a lot! :D I’ll give it another go.
        Thanks for this model, NT!! It’s awesome!! Are you still making papercraft… um… templates? models? What’s the word? Aargh ya get what I mean

        • Oh yes, papercraft is only a hobby of mine so I can’t work on it all the time, but I’m always thinking about new models, but not always from the same series of course. ;o)

          Just the other day I released Yuffie: and I’m already thinking about new ones.

          I usually post my updates and “works in progress” on my papercraft weblog here: and you can also find lots of other paper models from other people there: ;o)

          • Oh I see coooll imma give her a go :D er by the way her caption thingy appears to be 146007 Lulu…? Or is she a younger Lulu? Never actually played FF heheh
            I’ve decided to just colour in the white parts, and it actually looks quite great! Thanks for the help NT!! x^D

            • Ah, I copied the post format from Lulu’s release, and I forgot to change the name… (as far as I know, Lulu and Yuffie are no relation ;o) Thanks for letting me know, I’ve corrected it now!

              I’m happy to hear you found a way to overcome the problems with Sora’s fingers, I hope you’ll have fun building the rest of the parts! Take your time and do them one by one (especially the hair) and I’m sure you’ll be able to finish your papercraft Sora! ;o)

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