Sora by Carlos Gomez

04-06-2010: only a few days after I released it, Carlos already sends me a picture of Sora!

08-04-2009: Carlos strikes again! This time not with a Zelda model, but with his favourite character from his favourite RPG, Cloud Strife! You can see the picture here: picture 2

18-09-2007: the first picture that Carlos “Charly” Gomez (“MasteR”) from Mexicali (Baja California) in Mexico sent me, shows you what a big Legend of Zelda fan he is!

He built not one, not two, but all of my Zelda models, which include some of the most challenging ones I have to offer.

It took him something like three months, but from what I can see, it was definately worth the effort!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


2 thoughts on “Sora by Carlos Gomez

  1. I think he missed fierce deity link. Either that or it’s not in the picture.
    But that’s still quite a good effort!

    1. As you can see, the picture is from almost 2 years back, those were all the Zelda models I had back then.

      Since then, I made Link & Epona, Midna, Fierce Deity Link and Ganondorf, so those are missing from the picture.

      I don’t know if he made those as well yet…? ;o)

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