Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora by Kupo

01-07-2010: building this Sora was a lot more time consuming for Kupo than building chibi Sora (second picture from the bottom in this post) but judging from the pictures, it was worth it! ;o)

22-05-2010: Kupo has been really busy papercrafting all kinds of models since last time, besides building American McGee’s Alice, he also expanded his Blue Moon army with a Stealth Fighter and APC: picture

And that’s only a fraction of the new models that he built! You can see many more of them of them on his own weblog here, including some close-ups of Alice, and some papercraft projects of his own; be sure to check it out! ;o)

08-02-2010: When you’re done gazing at the two robots and Kupo’s hand-made Pokéball in this picture, what do you think of his Neotank build? I think it looks pretty good!

He even made a video showing how the legs move with the mechanism inside: link

Kupo also built several of my Zelda models (picture 1 | picture 2) and as you can see, he likes building all kind of models from other people as well, so check out his weblog (and works-in-progress-blog) to see all his other builds!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora by Kupo

  1. Did you notice that the neotank was also “double hand-coloured”?
    I’m kind of tight on ink, so I’m trying to save as much as possible.
    Since you coloured the AW models with marker, which have a lot less variety of colours, it wouldn’t look to different from the original model.;)

    1. Yeah I noticed! The simple colours of the AW models is part of the reason why I like them so much, it’s almost like playing a cartoon. ;o) And yeah, it makes them perfect for hand colouring with a marker!

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