Paper Mario 3D

100013 Paper Mario 3D (24-12-2010)
from: Mario video game series / size: ± 19 cm

parts (2,00 MB PDF file)
instructions (1,69 MB PDF file)

Google Photos


    • A Paper Luigi to go with my Paper Mario is definitely on my to do-list, but because I have so many other ideas as well, I can’t promise you when exactly I’ll make one, sorry…!

    • Sometimes people are a little afraid when making a paper model that after a year or so, the glue will let go and the paper model they worked on so hard will fall apart, so they use extra strong super glue (I’ve even heard people using one of those “hot glue”-guns!)

      You do have to be very careful when using those types of glue! Usually they will have warnings against getting the glue on your skin, not just because you’ll get your fingers stuck together, but some strong glues are also irritating to your skin.

      Normally, you can use much less agressive glue for papercraft: most kid’s glues are suited for paper, I use TESA All-purpose glue (90 grams bottle) but a lot of people use white PVA glue like Elmers or Aleene’s Tacky Glue in North-America, but it depends on which country you live in which brands you can easily get of course.

      Regular carpenter’s/wood glue also works very well according to many people, and like most simple hobby/kid’s glues, it’s not very aggressive but will still ensure a good bond for many years! ;o)

    • It’s not a very difficult model I think; if you want to try it, don’t be scared. If you take your time I’m sure you can do it, and even parts that you don’t get right away, are not so difficult with the instructions and some trial and error if necessary (try it without glue first, so you can easily try folding the parts a different way if it turns out it doesn’t work that way).

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