American McGee’s Alice by JustTerry

08-01-2011: After Midna and ZaL, JustTerry built American McGee’s Alice as his next model!

He did a fine job I think, and he even made a nice display stand for her!

He had some trouble glueing on her feet, which made Alice to lean too far backwards, causing her to fall over…

But JustTerry solved that very simple by glueing several small pieces of cardstock underneath Alice’s already high heels to correct the balance: picture

After colouring them black like Alice’s boots, you can hardly see them!

03-01-2011: JustTerry has been papercrafting for a few weeks now, and he’s really enjoying it! ;o)

The Zora armor Link and Midna you see in this picture, were printed on regular paper with a black and white laser printer, but he also built a second Midna printed in colour on thicker, cardstock paper: picture

On that build, he also used the edge-colouring technique to get rid of the white edges from the paper, and he even coloured the backside of the parts that would normally be left white as well, like the helmet, hands and the hair!

JustTerry’s builds look pretty good I think, and all that with just regular old School Glue: picture ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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