Young and Fierce Deity Link by Vik Alex Sal

15-02-2011: A picture of Link taken with a Nintendo DSi, how fitting! ;o)

But there’s more to Vik’s papercraft Link than meets the eye! (no, he doesn’t transform or anything… ;o)

If you look closely, you can see that the textures were all coloured by hand; Vik didn’t have a working printer at the time, so he traced the parts directly from his computer screen onto a piece of paper!

That’s some dedication! It must have taken him a lot of time to trace all the parts so precise that they would still fit together, and he did a great job colouring the model too! (the colours really kinda look like the original N64 textures ;o)

Vik did the same with Fierce Deity Link: here’s a picture of the finished model, and here are two pictures before he coloured it: picture 1 | picture 2

For Banjo the bear (from Navi’s Papercraft Archive) though, he went to a friend’s house and printed it there: picture

I am sure it was a lot faster that way! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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