LEGO Pirate Captain Redbeard by Bruno

14-04-2011: Bruno’s newest papercraft model is my Captain Redbeard and he made this great collage of all the seperate parts!

Here’s what he looks like when all the parts are put together: picture

And if you want to see how that works, just check out Bruno’s YouTube video: link !

If you want to see more of Bruno’s builds (including many paper models made by other people!) then be sure to pay a visit to his Deviantart gallery: link

16-12-2010: Bruno Cambria from Brazil built all these paper models in 26 days during his vacation: picture

He wanted to make my Twilight Princess models, but to be sure he could do it, he practiced on the simpler ones you can see in the foreground.

Here are some close-up pictures of his Twilight Princess models:

  • Midna, sitting on a small box.
  • wolf Link; the original earrings are *very* small and difficult to make, so Bruno made his own: picture. He also coloured the eyes a brighter blue.
  • Zora armor Link; Bruno cut little triangles from the bottom of his armor like he saw in Toni Müller’s build. It looks really great I think! ;o)

If you can’t get enough of Bruno’s papercraft models, you can also watch a video of his Zora armor Link build on his YouTube channel!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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