American McGee’s Alice by Alda

21-04-2011: Alda came across pictures of my papercraft model of American McGee’s Alice some weeks ago, and he decided he wanted to build one himself too.

Which he now did, obviously. ;o)

It only the second paper model he built so far, and he did a very good job I think! Here’s a picture of the back: picture 2

There’s something different about Alda’s build, though, that might not be very obvious from these first pictures…

Maybe these two pictures of Alice together with some (fittingly stylish black ;o) playing cards will help you figure out what it is: picture 3 | picture 4

You still have no idea…?

Well, I’ll just tell you then: instead of printing the parts on regular A4 sized paper, Alda printed her on A3 sized sheets, making the final model over 40 cm big! ;o)

This way, all the parts got a little bit bigger, so it was a little bit easier for Alda to build Alice, but he still found it very challenging to make, especially the fingers and the boots!

But luckily, he didn’t give up, and now he has his very own paper Alice! ;o)

And what’s more, after building Alice, he feels confident now that he can build any paper model he wants, and I think so too! ;o)

Here are some final close-ups of Alda’s upsized Alice: picture 5 | picture 6

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


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