Advance Wars Yellow Comet Megatank

105045 Yellow Comet Megatank (06-08-2011)
from: Advance Wars video game series / size: ± 10 cm x 7,5 cm x 11 cm

parts (1,60 MB ZIP file)
instructions (1,47 MB PDF file)

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3 thoughts on “Advance Wars Yellow Comet Megatank

  1. Ninjatoes, I regret to inform you that for your instructions on the Megatank, there is no step 3. The instructions go from step 2 to step 4. (I’m pretty sure King Arthur also has this “skipping 3” problem lol) Can you fit this?

    1. Whoops, you’re right: part 3 was missing in the PDF file…!

      I did make a step 3, though (it shows how to attach the sides of the hull) so now I’ve added it to the instructions.

      If your browser loads the old PDF file, then try deleting your temporary internet files and clearing your internet cache; close all your browser windows, then open a new browser window and try again.

      Thanks for telling me, have fun building!

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