Kingdom Hearts & Zelda models by Joshua

30-10-2011: This time, Joshua sent me a group picture of all the papercraft models he built so far! From left to right they are:

For some of the models, he used a technique called “edge-colouring” to get rid of the white lines you get from the thickness of the paper.

It’s a little bit of extra work of course, but as you can see on his paper model of Cloud, the result is great: picture

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

25-10-2011: It took Joshua 15 hours to build his papercraft Kingdom Hearts Sora, and I think he did a really good job: picture

It isn’t the first papercraft model that Joshua built: before Sora, he also built Link and Epona (so that’s actually two models ;o) and now he’s building Oogie Boogie, from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas (and Kingdom Hearts).

I think maybe it’s for Halloween? ;o) But I’m sure it’s also because he likes the Kingdom Hearts game (because it really is a great game! ;o)

Thank you for building this Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


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