God of Frost wolf Link by Misaki

20-11-2011: Do you recognize this paper model? It’s wolf Link of course, from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Or is it? Misaki (a.k.a. littlesquirrel on DeviantArt) has repainted it (quite literally, with acrylic paint ;o) to make it into the God of Frost.

The shades of white and blue with the golden accents look really great I think, and give the God of Frost a very appropriate, chilly look!

It’s an amazing piece of work, not just building the papercraft model, but also the new paintjob!

Misaki uploaded a bigger version of the picture to here DeviantArt gallery, so if you’re a DeviantArt member yourself, be sure to give her some feedback on her work: link

Thank you for building (and repainting ;o) a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


2 thoughts on “God of Frost wolf Link by Misaki

  1. WOOOW!!!!!!!! This is just… INCREDIBLE!!! I like natural Wolf Link, so THIS…
    Certainly, I love your webpage: all the designs, all the pictures… (and sorry if the comment is bad-written, but I am not English, I am Spanish :P)

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