Advance Wars Yellow Comet Rockets

114050 Yellow Comet Rockets (10-01-2012)
from: Advance Wars video game series / size: ± 6,5 cm x 3 cm x 5,5 cm (soldier ± 4,5 cm)

parts (941 kB ZIP file)
instructions (1,01 MB PDF file)

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4 thoughts on “Advance Wars Yellow Comet Rockets

    1. Yes, although they’re warmachines, they look very cute! I find them a lot of fun to make. ;o)

      I was a bit disappointed too because of the new visual style of the last Advance Wars Days of Ruin game and that there haven’t been any new games since, but of course you can still play the old games, they have so many different missions and features, I still haven’t played everything! ;o)

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