The Animated Series Batman

116014 The Animated Series Batman (05-02-2012)
from: Batman The Animated Series cartoon / size: ± 25,5 cm

parts (1,22 MB PDF file)
instructions (1,75 MB PDF file)

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  1. Hi. What filter size would you recommend for the paper? And what should the weight be in lbs?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “filter size”, unless you mean thickness…? When papercrafters talk about “paper weight”, they usually mean the thickness (the heavier the paper, the thicker it is).

      I always use 200 gsm paper (gsm = grams per square meter), but many other papercrafters use paper of 120 or 160 gsm, or just regular printer paper (which is 75-80 gsm, but it won’t make for a very strong papercraft…!)

      Because of the differences in measuring the paper weight between the USA and other countries, it’s a bit difficult to say exactly which lbs equals which gsm, but I think:

      120 gsm ≈ 32 lbs
      160 gsm ≈ 43 lbs
      200 gsm ≈ 54 lbs

      I hope this helps, have fun building!

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