Zelda models by AseraRose

11-05-2012: AseraRose hadn’t been able to do much papercrafting because of school and work, but now she finally finished a new one: Super Smash Bros. Melee Link!

I think it’s the most challenging model I made so far because it has so many tiny parts, but AseraRose found it “relatively easy” and only the fingers were “a bit finicky”! ;o)

I guess building all those other Zelda models gave her lots of experience to build this one: Aserarose says building the hands on her other Link made it a lot easier to make Melee Link’s hands too!

In fact, the most difficult parts she found were the guard and pommel on the Master Sword, but all in all, she enjoyed building Super smash Bros Melee Link and the base for him to stand on, and I think she can be really proud of the result!

13-07-2010: AseraRose sent me a couple of pictures of the papercraft Zelda models that she built.

She found the head and hair of wolf Link pretty difficult to make because the parts kept coming apart, but she solved that by taping the glueing tabs inside the body.

And to prevent Midna’s head falling off, she stuck a toothpick down her neck (it’s a good thing paper models feel no pain I guess… ;o)

But AseraRose built more models! From Twilight Princess, she also made Zora armor Link, and from Majora’s Mask, she built Fierce Deity Link.

And last but not least, she also made Link’s nemesis, Ganondorf, from Ocarina of Time. Here’s a picture of these three models together.

AseraRose is already thinking about building another model, so maybe we’ll see more of her builds in the future!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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