Zelda models by Floriaski

29-05-2012: After building her first papercraft model only a little while ago, Floriaski already built 2 new ones!

Or rather, you could say she built 3 new ones, because as you can see, one of them is Link riding Epona, which is actually two models in one I guess. ;o)

The other new model that Floriaski built, is Majora’s Mask itself: picture

It’s a small and relatively simple model, but a lot of people seem to like building it. Or maybe the voices they start hearing after they’ve stared into the mask’s eyes too long tell them they have to build it…?

If you can pull yourself away from the mesmerizing stare of Majora’s Mask long enough, you can find the bigger pictures and more artwork in Floriaski’s DeviantArt gallery: link

23-05-2012: Floriaski really likes the Zelda series, so one day, she decided to built my young Link papercraft model: picture

It’s the first papercraft model she ever made, so she used the version with fold lines to make it a little easier for herself.

I think she did a great job, and maybe she will build more paper models now? ;o) But only if she can find the time of course, because she also likes to draw a lot!

If you want to see Floriaski’s drawings, you should definately check out her DeviantArt gallery: link

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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