Cylon Raider by That’s PS!

13-06-2012: Paul from That’s PS! Nerdcrafting and more loves to make well… all kinds of nerdy crafts. ;o)

When he wanted to make a Battlestar Galactica themed craft, he came across my papercraft Cylon Raider and decided to try out it.

Thinking all the parts were already made and he only had to cut them out and glue them together, it took him a lot longer than he expected…! (13 hours…” ;o)

In fact, his first try was “not a success” at all… But he didn’t give up, and the second time around he used the things he learned from his first attempt to avoid any more big problems.

And as you can see, all his hard work paid off! His papercraft Cylon Raider looks great and I’m sure it will get a nice place amongst all of Paul’s other nerdy things! ;o)

For more pictures and the the full story (and even a video review) on Paul’s Cylon Raider build, you can go to his That’s PS! Nerdcrafting and more weblog here: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


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