wolf Link by Ancaleon

05-07-2012: Wolf Link is one of the most challenging papercraft models I made so far, especially the head.

Not only can wolf Link’s “hair” be quite confusing if you don’t take your time, but some of the parts (like the teeth) are *really* small!

Ancaleon totally agrees (in her words, “the teeth were INSANE!”)

Nonetheless, she persevered, and in three weeks time, she built her own papercraft wolf Link, and it looks great! (even the teeth ;o)

She used 176 gsm paper, but she’s kinda sorry she used a laser printer to print the templates, because some of the ink rubbed off at the creases, which she then had to touch up with a marker.

But all in all, she’s satisfied with the result, and who wouldn’t be? ;o)

If you want to see a bigger picture of Ancaleon’s papercraft wolf Link, or want to see her wonderful Pokémon drawings, head over quickly to her DeviantArt account here: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!