Zelda models and more by Azeral

19-08-2012: In this new picture that Azeral sent me, you can recognize some of my Legend of Zelda models, and some other papercraft models as well!

Of course you can recognize Fierce Deity Link, and not one but two Twilight Princess Zora armor Links (according to Azeral, one of them is a little old and needs a stick:  ZaL 1ZaL 2 ;o)

His friends at school were very impressed with the paper models he built, so he likes to keep building them!

There are lots of other papercraft websites on the internet nowadays of course, and as you can see in the group picture, Azeral also built the boxing robot Noisy Boy from the Real Steel movie and a paper toy of Soul Eater Evans from the Soul Eater anime: Noisy Boy | Soul Eater Evans

I think Azarel did a great job on his paper models so far, and he’s already planning on building new models! ;o)

23-10-2011: Azeral sent me this picture of Twilight Princess’ Zora armor Link fighting a mechanical chick! (an evil cucco bomb perhaps…?)

ZaL isn’t the only paper model that Azeral built, though!

In this picture, you can see his Fierce Deity Link, and here is ZaL‘s brother! (and isn’t that Midna‘s helmet in the background in this picture…? ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!



  1. Gosh ! It’s been so long I haven’t been on this website ! I didn’t even remember what pseudo I chose to be called I found out by randomly clicking on it ! Wow, 4 years since I done these, a huuuuge thanks for making my childhood (well, not quite finished) amazing !

    • Hi again! ;o) It’s nice to hear you have such fond memories of your paper models, I’m happy to hear you found your entry again in the “hall of fame”, have fun!

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