Cloud by Sotong Kring

14-10-2012: Sotong Kring just keeps building and building, it seems! ;o) Here’s a new paper model built by him already: Cloud Strife!

From this angle, you can really see how huge the Buster Sword is: you wouldn’t want to run into that if you were Cloud’s enemy…

Another great build by Sotong Kring!

13-10-2012: A few days ago, Sotong Kring sent me a picture of the paper Mario he built, but now he showed me two new pictures of models he also built!

One of them is Underworld Lara, and Sotong Kring took a beautiful picture of her: picture

Lara seems to have made it out of the shark infested waters, and is now making her way through the jungle in search of some ancient temple ruins

And the other one is a T-Rex dinosaur, who seems to have already met Lara (seeing as it is already feets up: picture ;o)

Two more great builds by Sotong Kring!

10-10-2012: Sotong Kring tells me he’s a fan of my blog, because he can find many papercraft models through it.

And as you can see, one of the paper models he found, was my very own papercraft Mario: picture ;o)

I think Sotong’s paper Mario looks really wonderful, and from the looks of it, Mario himself is pretty happy with the job Sotong did too! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


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