The Legend of Zelda adult Link

128020 The Legend of Zelda adult Link (10-11-2012)
from: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time video game / size: ± 24 cm

parts (2,16 MB PDF file)
instructions (1,90 MB PDF file)

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40 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda adult Link

    1. It’s very difficult to explain how to assemble a papercraft in words, but I hope I can explain it a bit to you…

      Parts 51 and 52 are the hilt of the Master Sword: part 51 is the top piece, that goes “horizontal” and part 52 is the bottom part that makes the sides/bottom.

      So maybe it’s easiest if you assemble part 52 first; it has quite a few folds, so make sure you score and fold them all and don’t forget any! Check with the PDF file because it’s difficult to see on the printed versions sometimes. Almost all of them are mountain folds, only the one in the middle is a valley fold.

      Once you folded part 52, look closely at the arrows on the template. If you follow them correctly, the part will find the correct shape as the bottom part of the hilt: it’s a symmetrical piece, with the valley fold in the middle, and two “wings” with an open top on either side.

      Besides the pictures in the instructions, I think it will also help if you look closely at the pictures from the finished papercraft, so you can see what the sword and the hilt will look like when they’re finished:

      I’m sorry that I can’t help you better than this, I hope that you can figure it with a few tries: try folding the part and shaping it without glue first so you can see if it looks like it does in the pictures and the two parts fit together, so you know it’s correct. I hope this helps!

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