Tomb Raider II 40 Fathoms Lara vignette

142011 40 Fathoms Lara vignette (26-05-2013)
from: Tomb Raider 2 video game / size: ± 9 cm x 9 cm x 26,5 cm (Lara ± 18,5 cm)

40 fathoms Lara parts (1,73 MB PDF file)
40 fathoms Lara instructions (1,24 MB PDF file)

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    • I can’t promise you when or which ones exactly, but I’m a big Tomb Raider fan so I will definitely make more papercraft models of Lara in the future! ;o)

  1. Oh my god! This isn’t real! – How could be?
    This is sooo amazing!!! I’m so obsessed with your papercrafts! Oh my god!!!

    • Haha thank you for the compliments, I’m happy to hear you like my papercraft works!
      Don’t get too obsessed though of course, papercraft is a very time consuming hobby, and there are lots of other fun things to do too! ;o)

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